Boost Mobile Pre-Owned Phones Types And Detail Guideline

It is incredible how mobile phones have become integral parts of our lives. Today, it is near impossible to live without these important technological devices. However, their cost is one factor that continues to bite.

Everyone may want to own a brand-new phone but their income not allows them. To stay afloat, you can get yourself a second-hand phone from a reliable dealer. Dealership phones are the best compared to buying from individuals. Besides being cheap, you are sure you aren’t buying a stolen property that can lead to prosecution.

In addition, a pre-owned phone from a company is tested and so you are guaranteed of functionality. And even if the phone fails after purchase, there are still limited warrants which allow you to return the phone and be replaced. So, you are confident of what you are buying- not a junk phone. One of the best dealer companies with pre-owned phones is the Boost mobile company. They offer different brands of phones at fairly cheap prices and also their terms and conditions are fair enough.

Types of Boost Mobile Pre-owned Phones

Currently, Boost has two major categories of second-hand phones at a cheap price. These are;

1. The Boost Mobile Certified pre-owned phones

Basically, this category involves exclusively pre-owned iPhone phones. The phones are inspected and remanufactured by Apple where need be. They have also restored to default settings and their operating system updated.

You can easily confuse certified pre-owned phones with brand new models. During the rebranding process, they are given new covers, batteries, and other accessories. Some of the accompanying peripherals include the charger, the Ear-Pods, etc.

The phones come with a one-year Apple warranty to cushion the buyer in case of failure. Anything happening to the phone within that period you can return it for replacement. The good thing with these phones is that you don’t have to sign for a special plan. The iPhones have access to all services available for new iPhones.

Characteristics of Boost mobile Certified Pre-owned Phones

These phones come with the following features.

  • New external shell
  • Operate on updated iOS
  • Comes with a brand-new battery
  • It has new accessories that include a charger and EarPods
  • Covered by a one-year Apple warranty
  • One week guarantee.
  • Retain your old phone feature.
  • Yearly off contracts.
  • Free shipping services.

2. Uncertified Boost Mobile Pre-owned Phones

These are slightly used phones that are not certified but have been tested and found to work perfectly. Even though they are not certified, they just work normally in accordance with their manufacturer standards and specifications. They come with a 90 day Boost limited replacement warranty. In terms of accessories, these phones come with an OEM charger but do include headphones. Unlike certified pre-owned phones which are exclusively i-Phones, pre-owned can be an android or iOS run phones.

A full factory resetting is performed to give the phones a new look as well as erase any personal data and settings. Boost ensures that the phones are okay both physically and internally. The inspection covers the screen, headphone jack, buttons, and battery charging.

However, they may have some minor visible wear and tear marks. For example, the phone may have scratches, the external body cracks but not screen dents, etc. The good thing is that you can rebrand your phone using external casing to make it look almost new.

Characteristics of Uncertified Boost Mobile Pre-owned Phones

  • The phones are tested but not remanufactured
  • They are both iPhone and Android-based
  • They can bear physical wear and tear marks
  • Covered by the Boost 90-day replacement warranty
Boost Mobile Pre-Owned Phones

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Pre-owned Phone


Even though Boost pre-owned phones are not expensive, it’s worth considering their cost versus features. There are phones that you can get at fairly low prices yet perform various tasks found only in the most expensive phones. In most cases, more expensive phones will be more powerful.

Physical appearance

Nobody wants to buy a phone that looks like junk. You should make sure at least the phone’s body or casing is not very much destroyed. If you want an almost brand-new looking phone, check out the certified models.


You need to differentiate the warranties that come with these types of phones and how long you need to ascertain the functionality of the phone. Boost pre-owned phones come with a 90 days customer satisfaction warranty. Within this time, your phone can be replaced if it malfunctions due to electrical or mechanical faults. However, there is no guarantee that the replacement will be of a similar model. The replacement can be of a different model, color, and even with different features. Worth noting also is the fact that the replacement warrant is not an insurance policy. This means if you lose your phone or damage it due to accidental knock-off, the company cannot compensate you.


Just as there are different types of new phones with different functionalities and price tags, it is the same with pre-owned phones. So, you need to look at the best brand with the best customer satisfaction reviews before clicking on that purchase button. You can read the normal reviews of the phone and then compare it with what you are looking for.

FAQ – Frequently Ask Questions

Are you supposed to sign up for any special plan after buying a pre-owned phone?

No. Pre-owned phones function just like normal phones accessing all the services.

Is there any additional cost for certified pre-owned phones?

Yes. You are required to pay a $10 reactivation fee for your certified pre-owned iPhones. However, this cost is catered for by the company, the amount will be deposited in your account within two weeks after activation.

How can I return my boost pre-owned Boost phone under the 90-day warranty?

To submit a claim for your phone whose warranty is still active, call the toll number 1-844-834-5579. The corresponded will guide you on the shipping return process to get your phone replacement. Before replacement, the phone must be subjected to thorough inspection in accordance with the warranty’s terms and conditions.

So, it is important to note that the Boost mobile stores do not service the warranty claims. Even if you walked to the shop where you got the phone, they can’t replace the phone.

How long does it take to receive the $10 reactivation fee?

It depends on where the activation is done. If at the store, the remission is done during activation. If you activate the phone online, it will take about two weeks.

Where can I buy Boost mobile pre-owned phones online?

These mobile phones are only available through the Boost online mobile shop. To buy one, visit


If you need a phone and you can’t afford a new one, Boost has got you sorted. Visit their online store for various brands of pre-owned mobile phones. The phones are cheap enough but their functionalities can be equivalent to some high-end devices.

All you need to do is look at all the available offers and compare with your needs, budget, and other factors. Then after purchase, make sure that you ascertain the functionalities and the features before the elapse of the warranty. If you notice any problem, just return it for replacement.