10 Best Buy Now Pay Later Phones No Credit Check

Over time, cell phones are becoming an extension of human bodies. They have replaced the need for computers, watches, cameras, alarms, game systems, and other essentials items. Getting one can prove difficult, especially if you have bad credit. Cell phone carriers would want to avoid clients who rack up huge bills and fail to make payments. This is why most cell phone companies perform credit checks to evaluate individuals’ financial responsibility and the possibility to make monthly payments before offering their services. But not everything is lost if you have bad credit as there are several buy now pay later phones no credit check available.

Buy now pay later phones, as the name suggests, involves acquiring a phone with a promise of making payments later. Carriers offering this service also require no money upfront or as monthly payments. You only need to find a contract plan from the carrier, make a cell phone choice, and the phone is yours. Deals from these companies include talk time, text, and data usage. There are several companies offering these deals, making it difficult to find the best. Getting what suits your needs requires extensive research and exemplary knowledge of the company’s cell phone plans. Before committing yourself into one, you should consider several factors.

Top 10 Buy Now Pay Later Phones Without Credit Check

1. Apple iPhone X

Apple iPhone X is undoubtedly one of the best smartphones with impressive features that suit the current market trends. It is the best buy now pay later iPhone manufactured by Apple Inc., probably the best phone manufacturers currently. This phone model eliminates the untidiness of USB charging cables, thanks to its wireless fast charging port. Photography enthusiasts will enjoy the picture and video quality of this phone.

The phone features the most advanced security, boasting of the latest security features, including the face ID. With such advanced security, you can be sure of adequate protection from access by unauthorized personnel.

Apple iPhone X Buy Now Pay Later Phone Without Credit Check
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Key Features

  • OLED and True Tone modern technology display
  • Facial recognition
  • 8 – inch diagonal screen
  • A11 Bionic chip Hexa-core processor
  • 12 Megapixel wide-angle camera
  • Waterproof and dust resistant
  • Fast charging

2. HTC U11 Life

The HTC U11 Life is another incredible product where high-end functionality meets affordability. The phone is easy to operate, light to carry around, and has a long battery life. The phone integrates with phone assistants, including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, adding to its endless possibilities. The phone’s design is a unique round shape with amazing color choices.

Like any other HTC phone, its performance is extraordinary, despite being available as a buy now pay later phone with no credit check. The expandable memory provides sufficient space for data storage. The 3GB RAM also makes it possible to run several applications simultaneously without lagging issues.

HTC U11 Life Buy Now Pay Later Phone Without Credit Check
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This model is an affordable phone, but with remarkable features often reserved for high-end smartphones. For instance, it is IP67 certified, making it dust resistant and waterproof.

Key Features

  • Edge sense squeeze
  • Amazon and Alexa compatibility
  • 16MP rear camera with phase detection autofocus
  • 32GB internal memory

3. One Plus 6

Little is known about this phone model but appears to be a robust high-end phone with exciting features. Its availability among the buy now pay later cell phones makes it one to die for due to its intriguing and extraordinary features only associated with premium phone models. To begin with, its high-resolution display screen makes it seamless for streaming videos and gaming.

If you like taking pictures to remember special moments, the phone’s impressive camera won’t let you down. You can be sure of high-quality pictures and videos. You can also snap photos and videos in different motions using its slow-motion camera feature. The camera works with a fingerprint sensor, making it easy for users to take photos just by touching the sensor with a recognized fingerprint. You can also use the phone for various functionalities effortlessly due to its swift and fast processor.

One Plus 6 Buy Now Pay Later Phone Without Credit Check
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One Plus 6 is a good investment that guarantees value for money if you need a reliable buy now pay later phone. Its fast operating system, long-lasting battery, and great camera provide the much needed quality.

Key Features

  • OLED and True Tone technology display
  • OxygenOS based on Android 8.1
  • 28-inch display screen
  • Dual rear camera with 4k resolution
  • Long-lasting battery

4. LG G2 D802 LTE

The LG G2 is another excellent buy now pay later phone available in the market. This model is a perfect choice for those who need a good phone with excellent performance but on a budget. The phone performance and operations are compatible with all phone carrier service providers. The affordable nature of the phone doesn’t compromise on its quality and reliability.

The LG, as a modest phone that can be bought now and paid later without a credit check, G2, offers incredible features that make it a good choice in the market. What stands out is the long-lasting ability that provides long-term solutions to everyone’s phone needs. The connectivity keys and ports are also stylishly designed, which makes it both comfortable and convenient to use. Its tender-curved edges give the phone a fantastic appearance.

LG G2 D802 LTE Buy Now Pay Later Phone Without Credit Check
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Key Features

  • 2” True HD, LCD capacitive multi-touchscreen
  • Android V4.2.2 Jelly Bean
  • 16GB internal storage
  • Quad-core 2.26 GHz processor

5. Blackberry Z10

The Blackberry Z10 should be another phone model that should cross your mind when looking for a good buy now pay later phone. This model offers a combination of simplicity with the utmost functionality. The phone’s features are attractive with a unique operating system that makes it function and last longer than high-end phones. It features a plastic frame with inner steel metal that is also used to make the volume and power keys. This makes the phone light and comfortable.

Since inception, Blackberry is widely known for its reliable products, and their confidence in mobile phones is undisputed. The various multi-touch gestures that the Blackberry Z10 comes with offers a memorable experience. It also comes installed with several applications.

Blackberry Z10 Buy Now Pay Later Phone Without Credit Check
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You will like the phone’s outstanding display resolution that gives an accurate graphic display and awesome viewing angle. It also comes with a replaceable, long-lasting battery, expandable memory, and an overall captivating look.

Key Features

  • 8MP camera
  • 2-inch multi-touch screen
  • Upgradable Blackberry 10 OS

6. Samsung Galaxy J7 Neo

The Samsung Galaxy J7 Neo is an unlocked cell phone meaning that you won’t have to commit to one carrier. The phone is compatible with GSM networks, including AT&T, T-Mobile, and any other network around the world. This mid-range smartphone comes with stunning design, exceptional camera quality, and other features.

The phone perfectly suits seniors, middle-aged people, and youth. Despite its plastic body, you will like the unique design, weighing 1171g. the AMOLED capacitive touchscreen is probably what will first attract you to the phone. This gives a higher definition display with easily activated pixels.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Neo Buy Now Pay Later Phone Without Credit Check
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Key Features

  • Fast 4G LTE
  • 6 GHz processor
  • 16 GB expandable internal storage
  • 13MP rear camera with face detection, LED flash and geo-tagging

7. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S8+ is among the recent Samsung sequel phones with a lot of cool features that are not available with the S8 model. The original S8 and S8+ have slight differences in terms of memory capacity and screen to body ratio. This model weighs approximately 173 grams and has corning Gorilla Glass 5 at the back and front. Like other modern phones, it comes with an AMOLED display screen.

Samsung Galaxy S8+ runs on Android 7.0 Nougat but can be upgraded to Android Oreo. It has an internal storage of 32GB that can be expanded to 128GB. If that is not enough for you, you can leverage the memory card slot for external use. Photo and video quality are exceptional. It is certainly a good buy now pay later phone model for those looking to spend more.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Buy Now Pay Later Phone Without Credit Check
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Key Features

  • Iris scanner
  • Qualcomm chipset
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Infinity display

8. Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Apple, as mentioned before, is well known for its high-performance devices and among the top tech giants globally. The Apple iPhone 7+ is yet another available buy now pay later smartphone for Apple product enthusiasts who need efficient features that fit their lifestyles. Like other Apple products, water and dust are not a threat to this phone. It comes with a 5.5” display with high-resolutions. This brings forth an enjoyable streaming and gaming experience.

The Apple iPhone 7+ runs on iOS 10.0.1 that can be upgraded to iOS 13.2. It comes with a proficient Apple A10 fusion processor that makes it possible to run activities of the phone with an unmatched proficiency. You will also like the excellent photo and video quality.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Buy Now Pay Later Phone Without Credit Check
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Key Features

  • 2900mAh long-lasting battery
  • Enhanced security with front-mounted fingerprint sensor
  • Efficient Apple A10 Fusion processor
  • 32GB internal memory and 3GB RAM

9. Boost Mobile Moto G6

The Boost Mobile Moto G6 is a Motorola product, a company long known for its excellent flip smartphones. This model has excellent features that bring forth a smooth experience for those who need a simple buy now pay later smartphone. Unlike other phone models mentioned above, you will get to enjoy the cheapest Boost Mobile phone plans with almost everything unlimited.

Boost Mobile Moto G6 features a 4000mAh battery that lasts up to 36hours with a single charge. With this, you can stream various favorite shows and enjoy a smooth gaming experience without interrupting charging needs. You also get to enjoy the 5.7” display that comes with Corning Gorilla Glass.

Boost Mobile Moto G6 Buy Now Pay Later Phone Without Credit Check
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Key Features

  • Long battery life – up to 36 hours
  • 16GB internal storage
  • 13MP rear camera with LED flash
  • Immersive full vision display

10. LG Stylo 4

LG is a well-known mobile phone company known for its high-quality smartphones. Like the manufacturers slogan, “Life’s Good,” the LG Stylo 4 model offers exclusive features aimed at making life easier. This phone is a good buy now pay later option to Boost existing customers. It runs on Android 8.0 Oreo with great apps from its play store.

The phone comes with 450 Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset with an octa-core 1.8GHz processor for fast and efficient running. LG Stylo 4 has a 32GB internal storage with 2GB RAM. It also offers a 6.1” display for unparalleled entertainment.

LG Stylo 4 Buy Now Pay Later Phone Without Credit Check
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Key Features

  • Enhanced security feature with a fingerprint sensor
  • 32GB internal storage
  • Long-lasting battery
  • High-quality camera

What To Look For When Choosing Buy Now Pay Later Phones No Credit Card Check

Before settling on one model from the various buy now pay later bad credit phones available, you should consider the following factors:

  • The durability of the phone : Before choosing a phone for long-term use, it is important to know if the phone has a long lifespan. With the features and specs of a phone easily detailed, you won’t find a hard time getting such a phone. Since you are looking for a buy now pay later phones no credit check, you could be on a tight budget. Your goal should be to find a phone that lasts longer and offers great value for money.
  • Price : You should as well consider how much the phone costs before choosing it. You shouldn’t go for a phone that goes beyond your means. Since these phones require no or small down payment, make sure that you can comfortably make the required monthly installments with ease. Also, make sure that you choose the right plan that suits your phone needs and affordable.
  • Phone Plan : Going for the buy now pay later phones no credit check may not come with free texts, calls, and browsing data. Enjoying these requires additional fees to sign up for a phone plan that suits individual needs.  Most carriers have different phone plans that can be tailored to suit unique user needs. Even if the company offers to pay later phones with no credit check, you will still incur the cost of using the phone plans.

The Bottom Line

Finding a good buy now pay later phone shouldn’t be a tough hassle. Once you have confidently identified a preferred service provider, choosing the phone model from the ones provided by the carrier becomes easy. All carriers have a wide variety of both simple and sophisticated smartphones. Phone plans can be pricey, and finding the right package that meets your needs is crucial. Also, note that some carriers offer to buy now pay later phones with no credit check and initial deposit require while others require that you make a down payment.