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Passenger got jailed for using Smartphone on a Plane

China has been jail a passenger for using a smartphone on the plane. January 6 to February 5 this year has sentenced three passengers. For any problems with the communication systems so that the...
Flash Drive

Using 3 Methods Remove Write Protection Of Any Flash Drive / Memory Cards

Today we are here with one more tip/tricks by which you can without much of a stretch remove write protection of any USB flash drive/memory cards. I know a several numbers of people are...
Google Phone

The Google Phone Control Your Home

Google has been building phones connected to the pixel control devices. Now, the devices can be controlled using the phone's voice assistant. Last year Google search engine made the “Google Home” control the smartphone...
Android Phones

Android Phones 5 Hidden Features | You May Never Have Heard

Now maximum people hand can be seen smartphones. Basic phones of the day are hardly the end. Smartphones, more sophisticated day by day, and became better and better. The most widely used operating system...
India Is the Next iPhone Assembling Place

India Is the Next iPhone Assembling Place

The Bangalore of the India will become next iPhone assembling place the news publish by India. This is not secret yesterday the technology minister of Priyanka Khargay said the news.Apple iPhone will be assembling in...
Sales Record By Apple iPhone

Sales Record By Apple iPhone

Apple already made sales record by Apple iphone the beginning of the year 2017. They already sold out 78.3 Million iPhone in this year and the company had revenue of $ 5438 million. Before...
32 Bit and 64 Bit

What is 32 Bit and 64 Bit Computer – iTgust

Friends, we are using the computer with 32 bit or 64 bit. But sorry to say most of the user does not understand what are 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems. Also what...
iPhone 7

Are You Know New iPhone 7 And 7 Plus Has Some Mistakes

In the world, Apple is the most popular mobile phone company. Every time Apple tried that, to give the user something new, similarly, some of the new features, Apple brings to market iPhone 7...
Appy Pie Android App Development tool

How To Android App Development Without Programming knowledge

To early morning I got an email from iTgust contact us page and someone asked me a question he wants to make an android app. But one more problem is he does not have...
Wifi internet

WiFi Internet: How To Increase WiFi Internet Speed Using 7 Effective Methods

If speed is not available like as your mind, then what is the benefit of WiFi? There may be several reasons behind the decrease in the speed of WiFi internet. However, some methods you...