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iPhone OLED Display

Next Year Apple Launch iPhone 8 With Curved OLED Display

On Monday the Wall Street Journal reported that next year could bring a new iPhone including a curved OLED screen. Apple’s Asia suppliers say the tech giant has ordered for maximum numbers of thin,...
iPhone 7 Features

iPhone 7: 2016 Best Smartphone iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Plus Features

The US company Apple coming to the market, their new phone iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. Which are  Lunch and order start 9 September? the new iPhone comes to a lot of changes, from...
Chat SIM

Come To The Market Chat SIM Without Internet Chatting Facilities

Without the Internet, chatting facilities are coming, Chat SIM. Any chatting app can be used free. Coming, chatting SIM. This Chatting SIM does not take any internet. Use a number from anywhere in the...
Samsung Galaxy A7 2017

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) Released In December With 16MP Selfie Camera

Market seizure 'mechanism' in order to keep hold of the top spot does not matter. This showed Samsung Galaxy 'A' series phones. In this series, the South Korean handset giant company is going to...
Google Phone

The Google Phone Control Your Home

Google has been building phones connected to the pixel control devices. Now, the devices can be controlled using the phone's voice assistant. Last year Google search engine made the “Google Home” control the smartphone...
Android vs IOS

Android vs iOS : Google Android OS Lost To Apple iOS Device iPhone

Android or iOS, which smartphone is better? Many types of opinions, can be found. Some say iOS, someone Android. Recently, Google Android OS lost to Apple iOS devices, iPhone and iPad, recently conducted a...
Apple App Quietly

Recently Apple Launch Support App “Quietly” For All iPhone & iPad Users

Recently Apple App Store has given almost every mobile software tools. You can remember, with the exception, curiously, an official Apple support for apps. That is up to now. Apple has created a new support...
3D Touch Technology

What is 3D Touch? What Is The Benefits Of 3D Touch Technology?

Friends, you may have heard about the touch screen, also heard multi-touch screen, but now the market is hot with Apple's 3D Touch. In today's post we will discuss the 3D touch and know...
Samsung Flip Phone

2017 Samsung Going To Release Samsung Flip Phone On Marketplace

After the huge conversation with Samsung foldable smartphone now the Samsung CEO make an opinion; they are going to release flip phone on the marketplace 2017. Recently the Samsung released half down Samsung Flip...
Smartphone Battery

How To Take Proper Care Of Your Smartphone Battery By Yourself

Smartphone battery of the type has changed a lot in the last few years. Battery technology has not changed much, although the method has been changed. Almost all of today's modern smartphones are built...