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India Is the Next iPhone Assembling Place

India Is the Next iPhone Assembling Place

The Bangalore of the India will become next iPhone assembling place the news publish by India. This is not secret yesterday the technology minister of Priyanka Khargay said the news.Apple iPhone will be assembling in...
Chat SIM

Come To The Market Chat SIM Without Internet Chatting Facilities

Without the Internet, chatting facilities are coming, Chat SIM. Any chatting app can be used free. Coming, chatting SIM. This Chatting SIM does not take any internet. Use a number from anywhere in the...
Google Phone

The Google Phone Control Your Home

Google has been building phones connected to the pixel control devices. Now, the devices can be controlled using the phone's voice assistant. Last year Google search engine made the “Google Home” control the smartphone...
Android vs IOS

Android vs iOS : Google Android OS Lost To Apple iOS Device iPhone

Android or iOS, which smartphone is better? Many types of opinions, can be found. Some say iOS, someone Android. Recently, Google Android OS lost to Apple iOS devices, iPhone and iPad, recently conducted a...
Appy Pie Android App Development tool

How To Android App Development Without Programming knowledge

To early morning I got an email from iTgust contact us page and someone asked me a question he wants to make an android app. But one more problem is he does not have...
Samsung Galaxy S7

Unbelievable! T-Mobile Give You Two Samsung Galaxy S7 In One Price

T-Mobile makes an offer for all android user; if you buy one Samsung galaxy S7 and get another one for free. This offer only for this weekend. Wednesday T-Mobile announced the offer buy one...
Computer Virus

Computer Virus: How To Remove Computer And Pen Drive Shortcut Virus

Those who are using the Windows operating system is often a common problem. Among the computer problems one of the problem is shortcut virus problem. Basically, pen drive, memory card, and the Internet is...
20MP Front Camera on Vivo V5 Smartphone

Top News – 20MP Front Camera on Vivo V5 Smartphone

We know that; the Vivo is Indian Smartphone Company. Recent the Vivo launches 20MP front Camera included Smartphone Vivo V5. The CEO of Vivo company Mr. Kent Cheng told a press conference November 15,...
32 Bit and 64 Bit

What is 32 Bit and 64 Bit Computer – iTgust

Friends, we are using the computer with 32 bit or 64 bit. But sorry to say most of the user does not understand what are 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems. Also what...
iphone 6 new Battery

Great News Apple Refurbishes iPhone With New Battery

The top company of apple now refurbish iPhone with a new battery. Last night apple takes the decisions for apple users. So, now the used iPhone available on some shop. You can buy the...