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Google Phone

The Google Phone Control Your Home

Google has been building phones connected to the pixel control devices. Now, the devices can be controlled using the phone's voice assistant. Last year Google search engine made the “Google Home”...
India Is the Next iPhone Assembling Place

India Is the Next iPhone Assembling Place

The Bangalore of the India will become next iPhone assembling place the news publish by India. This is not secret yesterday the technology minister of Priyanka Khargay said the news.Apple iPhone will...
Google Pixel 2

WoW! 2017 Google Release Their Own Smartphone Google Pixel 2

Just come on the market, the US search engine giant Google own smartphone pixel. In the meantime, the company has started rumors about the next smartphone Google Pixel 2. To be...
HTC Bolt Smartphone Review

New HTC Bolt Smartphone Review – ITGust

The page about HTC blot smartphone review. This is a new android smartphone for 2017. As far I know that their most effective has the disadvantage. Although, the HTC blot is...
Lava X19 Review

Lava X19 review – Lava New Phones

Lava X19 review – The world’s first Intel chip based Smartphone Lava International was established in 2003. Until 2017 the Lava is one of the top level cell phone companies of...
iPhone 6s Battery Replacement

Find Your iPhone 6s Serial Number To Eligible For Free Battery Replacement

Apple tries to find out the number of iPhone 6s who’s manufactured in September to October of 2015. Because a few number of iphone affected by battery damage. Who’s made by...
iPhone OLED Display

Next Year Apple Launch iPhone 8 With Curved OLED Display

On Monday the Wall Street Journal reported that next year could bring a new iPhone including a curved OLED screen. Apple’s Asia suppliers say the tech giant has ordered for maximum...
iPhone 6 touch disease

Apple Going to Fix iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Touch Disease Problems

Recently the world largest Smartphone company apple takes action to reflex iPhone 6 and 6 Plus touch screen. Before the promised apple got many emails from iPhone 6 plus user about...
Battery Charge

New Technology Cell Phone Battery Charge Only a Few Seconds

Smartphones a lot of work. As a result, it is used a lot of time. Due to the use of more charges ran out quickly. Users often wear the difficulties. To...
iPhone Battery

Apple Has Announced To Changed The iPhone Battery All Over The World

Defective iPhone 6s device to change the battery the US tech giant Apple has announced. The company has acknowledged that without any apparent reason some of the devices are stopped. The...


WoW! Instagram Launches Invisible Live Video Features For User

Instagram could come live video facility. Live video features for users have started to enable, Facebook photo-sharing app Instagram. In addition, the 'invisible video’...