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Battery Charge

New Technology Cell Phone Battery Charge Only a Few Seconds

Smartphones a lot of work. As a result, it is used a lot of time. Due to the use of more charges ran out quickly. Users often wear the difficulties. To save the trouble,...
iPhone Battery

Apple Has Announced To Changed The iPhone Battery All Over The World

Defective iPhone 6s device to change the battery the US tech giant Apple has announced. The company has acknowledged that without any apparent reason some of the devices are stopped. The problem caused the...
Google Photo Scan App

Google Bring To The Market Photo Scan App For Android And iOS User

For Android phones and iPhone a photo scan app brought Google. Now you keep the record of the old photo print, you can use this app. Google Play Store and Apple App Store, the...
Framaroot APK

Download Latest Version Of Framaroot APK For All Android Devices

Framaroot is one kind of free APK for root any kind of android devices. Here the iTgust think about smartphone user who follows our latest technology news platform iTgust. Recently we made a survey...
Chat SIM

Come To The Market Chat SIM Without Internet Chatting Facilities

Without the Internet, chatting facilities are coming, Chat SIM. Any chatting app can be used free. Coming, chatting SIM. This Chatting SIM does not take any internet. Use a number from anywhere in the...
New iPhone

Unbelievable: Apple iPhone Will Crash By 5 Second Video

Reddit users discovered a bug in Apple iOS software on Tuesday which makes iPhone freeze after playing a short, corrupted MP4 file.The devices will crash after 10 seconds when watching the video by the...
Android vs IOS

Android vs iOS : Google Android OS Lost To Apple iOS Device iPhone

Android or iOS, which smartphone is better? Many types of opinions, can be found. Some say iOS, someone Android. Recently, Google Android OS lost to Apple iOS devices, iPhone and iPad, recently conducted a...
WhatsApp facilities

WhatsApp facilities – Now user able to watch videos without download

As like as WhatsApp user we know that; a few days ago WhatsApp added a new feature of their platform that is video calling. After added the feature the WhatsApp get more good reply...
iPhone Siri

Unbelievable: Apple iPhone Siri Saved A One Year Old Child In Australia

Last year, Americans a young girl saved from death after, the Apple voice assistant iPhone Siri who saved the life of a child in Australia. Stacey Gleeson just one year after child suddenly was...
Upcomming Nokia Phones

2017 Nokia Phones Back To The Market With Android Phone

Once again returning to the smartphone market, the popular mobile phone company Nokia. 2017 will be back with Android phones, the most popular mobile phone brand Nokia. Recently Nokia said, last Tuesday on investor’s...