How To Change Routing Number On Cash App

When it comes to online money transfer, Cash App is one of the apps that does not disappoint. From allowing you to send and receive money to enabling you to make various payments out there, there are many ways that this app has revolutionized the way we do our daily transactions. For you to enjoy seamless transactions when using Cash App, there is a need for you to know the routing number as well as the account number. After all, these are some of the details that you need to give the other person who intends to send money to you using Cash App and so forth. Sometimes, you may intend to change your routing number in case you want to move from one state to another. In this article, we shall take a closer look at how you can change the routing number on Cash App and other related facets.

What Is A Routing Number?

Simply put, a routing number refers to a 9-digit number that helps to identify a specific credit union or bank. Unlike other numbers, this one is unique. This means that no bank or financial institution can have a routing number that resembles that of another bank or credit union.

However, one bank can have many routing numbers depending on its location. Since Cash App works like a financial institution, it has a routing number. The first 4 digits represent the Federal Reserve routing symbol.

The next 4 digits usually help to identify the Cash App institution. Finally, the 9th number serves as the check digit. With this digit in place, it will be very easy to verify the genuineness of the Cash App’s routing number.

If you are dealing with an ordinary bank account, you will be able to find the routing number of the account at the bottom of the check. Typically, the first group of digits represents the routing number. The other set of digits represents the account number. Finally, the other numbers to the right serve as the check number.

Why Is The Routing Number Significant In Cash App?

Like we mentioned above, this number helps you to deposit and even withdraw your check directly. Besides this, the number can help identify where you opened your Cash App account. Technically, it shows the location of the financial institution where you opened your account.

It is important to note that different states have different routing numbers. This means that people who live in Virginia will have a different routing number from those residing in New York or Alabama.

Apart from this, if someone wants to send some money to your Cash App account, he or she will require to have the routing number as well as the account number of your Cash App account so that he or she can send money successfully. This goes a long way in ensuring that money is not sent to the wrong recipient.

You also need to have the routing number for you set up the bill payments. This applies to utility bills such as water, electricity, rent, and even internet. All you need to do is to set up the bill payment automatically with the routing number so that you do have to start the process each and every month.

Finally, having a routing number help you to get tax refunds and stimulus check from the IRS. In addition, this number plays a pivotal role in enabling you to get unemployment benefits from the US government as well as other federal agencies and departments.

How Can You Find Your Cash App Routing Number

The process of finding your Cash App routing number is generally easy and straightforward. Here are the steps that can help you get started:

  • First and foremost, sign into the Cash App from your tablet, smartphone, or even computer.
  • At your far right, you will see the ‘My Cash’ tab. Click it.
  • After that, tap the cash option that you will see on your screen and then scroll down. Here, you will be able to see the ‘Get Account Number’ tab. Click it.
  • Once you are done, choose the ‘Enable Account’ option that you will see on your screen.
  • By doing that, you will see the routing number and the account number of your Cash App account.
  • Note this number down and share it with your preferred person.

The good news is that you do not have to follow this process all the time, anytime you want to know the routing number of your Cash App account. All you need to do is to write this number somewhere and keep these details safe. Better still, you can save this number in your phone contacts and have access to it anytime you please.

In case you want to enable direct deposit, you should tap the ‘Banking’ tab on your Cash App’s home screen and then choose the ‘Deposits & Transfers’ option. After that, choose the ‘Copy Details’ option and then provide your Cash App routing and account number. By doing so, you will have enabled the direct deposit process, and thus money can electronically be transferred from someone’s Cash App account to yours or vice versa.

How Can I Change My Routing Number On Cash App?

If you want to change your Cash App routing number from 041 to 073, there is no other way to get started other than creating a new Cash App account. After all, it is not possible to change the routing number of your current Cash app account without creating a new one.

To create a new account, you will need to sign up with a different email. Also, you may have to provide a new phone number. By doing so, a new, unique routing number will reflect and thus be the new one that you will be using for all your transactions.

Better still, you can go ahead and open your Cash App account and then click the ’Personal section.’ After that, locate the ‘Address section’ and then change it so that it matches your current state.

Once you are done, you can now check and see if the routing number will change. Ideally, it should match with that one of your current state. In case you encounter some difficulties during this process, you are at liberty to contact the customer care team of this app and let them help you out.

Remember that you can change your Cash App routing number by either creating a new Cash App account or by moving from one state to another. Since routing numbers usually correspond to both your locality and your account, these factors need to change in case you want to obtain a new routing number.

For instance, Lincoln Saving bank is a financial institution that works with Cash App. It has 22 routing numbers. When it comes to the number of branches, this institute has 17 branches in the US.

It is imperative to note that the branch that is assigned to you will always correspond to the locality you live in. Should you move to a new state, you will need to create a new Cash App account, and conversely, your routing number will change.

If you are worried that you may have too many Cash App accounts, worry no more as there I no limit as to the number of accounts one can have. You can even choose to deactivate old accounts. In fact, accounts that have not been in use for many months may end up being deactivated.

As a result, you may be prompted to activate it. It is imperative to note that Cash App activates old accounts within 48 to 72 hours. For every account you choose to create, always ensure that you use a different phone number and email address. This is because a single email or phone number cannot work on two or more accounts.

What Is The New Cash App Routing Number?

Currently, Cash App has a new routing number that all Cash App users need to know. This number is 073923033. The other routing number is 073905527. These are the routing numbers that are routing numbers for Lincoln Savings Bank.

By knowing the new routing number, you will be able to speed up direct deposits. In case if you are using the old routing number, this process may take longer than expected. Finally, if you submitted the tax returns, you cannot change the routing number and account number of your Cash App.

What Is The Difference Between A Routing Number And An Account Number?

First and foremost, the routing number is usually used to identify the credit union or bank that holds your account. On the other hand, an account number helps to identify your specific account among the many accounts held by a certain financial institution. Besides this, a routing number always has 9 digits, while account numbers may have 8 to 12 digits or letters.

Final Words

The routing number typically serves as the address to your Cash App account. Although you may want to change it from time to time, the process is not as easy as it sounds. You wither need to create a new Cash App account or relocate to a different region or state. As you purpose to create a new account, ensure that you use a new phone number and email ID. By doing so, you will enjoy seamless transactions as far as direct deposits and check withdrawal services are concerned.