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The most widely discussed in the United States, “Thanks, Giving Day” tonight, US news media on CNN has been promoting porn videos, claiming that one user posted on the microblogging site Twitter. But this claim has denied the news media. Technology Site Cnet, according to screenshots posted on Twitter from one person, such information is available. The man said his tweet, around 10pm on that day, he preached CNN show “Anthony Bourdain’ sitting see.

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But suddenly the channel he saw porn. The channel is about 30 minutes ‘hardcore’ porn was broadcast that claimed her. The tweets were published in the news media. The person posting Tweet, in the Boston area, and there the cable management company is RCN. They said, “What has been or what could be, there is hesitation about it.

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The company says, “We are investigating this incident, in Boston in the evening our CNN network, there is no evidence of being damaged.” When asked to explain the incident to CNN spokesman “Barbara Levin” said, “in the media, although publish different news, RCN ensure that, in the Boston area, CNN broadcast that night was normal.”

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Currently, his Twitter account has made “Private”, “@Solikearose” this username. For this reason, to get the message of hate, he said. Although the request, the man did not answer, according to the Senate.

Earlier, Indonesia in the street on electronic billboards porn video promotion event happened.