Computer Virus

Those who are using the Windows operating system is often a common problem. Among the computer problems one of the problem is shortcut virus problem. Basically, pen drive, memory card, and the Internet is to attack this virus. After being infected with the virus, the drive icon displays a shortcut. Shortcut computer virus is not a virus, it is a “VBS Script”. Suddenly saw computer is full of shortcut files. Without having to repeatedly delete, do not get rid. To permanently remove the Shortcut virus you need to follow a few steps.

Computer Virus

How To Remove Computer Virus From Unaffected Computers

  1. Go to RUN.
  2. wscript.exe written press ENTER.
  3. Stop script after specified number of seconds: with the 1 to APPLY.

Now anyone pen drive shortcut virus, your computer will not enter.

For The Infected Computer:

  1. Press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC key on the keyboard.
  2. Move to tab PROCESS.
  3. Select the wscript.exe file.
  4. Click End Process.
  5. Now go to your computer C: / drive.
  6. In the search box type Wscript and then search.
  7. WScript all the files press SHIFT + DELETE key.
  8. Which files are not deleted, those are skipped.
  9. Now go to RUN.
  10. Type wscript.exe press ENTER.
  11. Stop script after specified number of seconds: with the 1 to APPLY.

Now your computer shortcut virus free. Now anyone else pen drive shortcut virus on your computer will not enter.

For Affected Pen Drive:

  1. Connected your pen drive to the computer.
  2. Now Go to the cmd.
  3. Type your pen drive letter and then press Enter key. (Example: I:)
  4. Enter the following code correctly.
  5. Code: attrib -s -h / s / d *. *
  6. Press Enter key.
  7. Now look, keep your pen drive files, whether to re-showing?
  8. Now keep your important data, the pen drive needs to format.

Now your pen drive shortcut virus-free.