How to Connect Alexa to Samsung TV

Samsung is known to be a global leader when it comes to manufacturing electronic devices. When it comes to TVs, Samsung has outshined most of its competitors by introducing devices into the market with cutting-edge technology never seen before. By having a Samsung TV in your home, you are assured of high-quality video, audio, and lots of efficiencies. All it takes is to choose the best Samsung device that works with various AI technologies like Alexa.

Alexa Virtual assistance is an AI developed by Amazon labs that aims to provide efficiency and productivity for your home devices. Alexa works by voice commands whereby the user issues instructions to the echo smart speaker or any device compatible with Alexa. In return, Alexa processes the voice and gives a response or performs the required tasks.

Alexa is one of the dominant Virtual assistance in the US. It has maintained a market share of over 70% for the past year in the US and continues to thrive. From this article, we will unravel how to connect Samsung TVs compatible with Alexa. We will also review the best Samsung TVs compatible with Alexa and where to buy them. We shall also look at how Alexa works and so much more insights.

How does Alexa work?

Connect Alexa to Samsung tv

Alexa is virtual assistance based on AI. It works by receiving simple commands and performing tasks on the connected devices. Alexa is used in Millions of homes to help achieve simple tasks ensuring that people are productive in other high cognizance activities.

Some of the greatest competitors of Alexa are Siri and google assistance. However, Alexa stands out since it is integrated into a wide range of devices when compared to its competitors.

What is required to connect Samsung TV with Alexa?

For you to use Alexa on your Samsung TV:

  • The TV should be a Smart TV
  • You should have an Amazon Device like an Echo speaker in your home
  • SmartThings App by Samsung
  • The TV should have access to the internet or connected to the same network as Alexa.

Some modern TV may have built-in Alexa making it easier to connect with the device.

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Where to buy Samsung TVs compatible with Alexa?

Samsung TVs compatible with Alexa can be bought from various market places in the US. Some of the best options include:

a) Amazon

Amazon is the largest retailer and you can get a wide range of Samsung TVs compatible with Alexa. It also offers Alexa devices like echo at an affordable price compared to another platform. Customer and technical support is also efficient

b) Walmart

Walmart offers a reliable shipping process and other amazing perks. The Samsung TVs available in their store are original and most of them are compatible with Alexa.

c) Best buy

Best buy is a leading online retailer in the US offering the best prices for Samsung TVs compatible with Alexa. They work with some of the best shipping companies to ensure you get your goods on time.

d) eBay

eBay is one of the largest retailers in the US. It offers many benefits in that you can buy second hand Samsung TVs at affordable prices. They sell original Samsung TVs from several vendors. However, be careful when bidding for a device especially if it is below market value.

e) Wish

Wish is an uprising retailer that offers a wide range of products including Samsung TVs. The TVs are sold at affordable prices and they have a reliable and secure shipping process.

How to connect your Samsung TV with Alexa: a complete guide

Step 1: Download Samsung smart things App

The Samsung SmartTings App connects hardware and software by offering central control of all your home smart devices. The App can be downloaded on the Play store or Apple store or it may be pre-installed if you use a Samsung phone.

You can then link your Samsung TV to the App. It may ask you to create an account and add the device. You will then be asked to select the location for the TV or a specific room. You will then be asked to turn on the TV with the remote.

You will be prompted to enter a pin displayed on the TV and once it’s done, your TV will be registered to your Samsung account. You can now rename the TV or customize any features.

Step 2: Download Amazon Alexa App

This App can be downloaded on the Apple store or play store. The next step is to sign in/up for your Amazon Alexa account.

The next step is to navigate to the skills and games section of the App. There you will find the discover option. Click the search button and there you will find the Smart things App. You will then be redirected to the website to finish the linking process.

Once done, you will head back to the App and click discovers devices after which the devices connected will be displayed. You can then customize the set-up. Once you are done, click the middle round option on the Amazon Alexa App and give some simple instructions like “open Netflix on Samsung TV”.

If everything is ok, Samsung TV will respond to what you just said.

Step 3: Troubleshooting

If you have any issues or your device has failed to connect, re-try the process mentioned earlier. For some cases, the Samsung TV may be linked to Amazon Alexa but it may fail to perform some tasks. This is because some old Samsung TVs were only designed to perform basic tasks assigned dictated by Amazon Alexa.

If there are any further issues, feel free to get more information from the Samsung community or from Amazon.

What tasks can Alexa perform on a Samsung TV?

Some of the tasks Alexa can perform include:

1) Power- Alexa can turn the TV on and off if the user says “Alexa, turn off the Samsung TV”
2) Changing the input– Alexa can work by changing the input of playback or switching between devices like a DVR to a PlayStation. Simply say “Alexa, change the input to HDMI2”
3) Adjusting the volume– The volume of the TV can be changed on a continuous range or incremental steps. Simply use the phrase “Alexa turn the volume down/up on Samsung TV”.
4) Controlling the playback– By using Alexa, you can fast forward, rewind, and pause while watching anything on YouTube and selected Apps. Simply say “Alexa, fast forward/play/resume on Samsung TV”.

When saying the commands, make sure you have said the name of the TV in accordance to how you have named it on Alexa.

Which Samsung TVs are compatible with Alexa?

1) Samsung 65” Class QLED Q90T Series

This TV comes with Alexa- Built-in and you can give Alexa simple instructions to control your TV or home Appliances. It has an ultra viewing angle and supports Quantum HDR 16x for perfect color blending. The device uses a Quantum Processor 4K to easily transform everything you watch to 4K.

2) Samsung QLED 32Q50 Smart TV

This device offers a wide range of features. It supports Alexa if you have an Alexa device like the Echo smart speaker. The TV is wall mountable and supports various inputs like HDMI, DAO, and USB ports. The device comes with a wide range of color volume and other perks.

3) Samsung 32” LS03 series

If you are looking for a 32” Samsung TV that is compatible with Alexa, then this is the right choice. The device has a built-in Alexa and you can buy it alongside other accessories like a soundbar and much more. You can also add a customizable frame and also experience an Art store feature displayed on the TV.

4) Samsung 43” LS05 Series

If you are looking for a 43” Samsung TV compatible with Alexa, then this is the right option. It has a mobile-optimized screen allowing you to watch mobile content at good video quality. The screen also rotates between landscape and portrait modes. The Alexa- built-in feature allows you to control the TV hands-free. The 60W speakers ensure you get perfect sound quality.

5) Samsung 75” Q80T Series

The Samsung 75-Inch TV is the epitome of Samsung TVs compatible with Alexa. It offers features like 4K UHD, Dolby Atmos, and has Alex built-in. The TV features a perfect ultra-viewing angle with anti-glare capabilities and has Quantum HDR that provides a fine-tuned color. The TV also has Dolby Atmos to ensure you get the perfect sound quality. Q-Symphony feature lets you sync the Q-Series soundbar speakers for an immersive sound experience.

Bottom line

Alexa offers a seamless experience when it comes to controlling your home devices. When it comes to Samsung TVs, you can perform a wide range of tasks with Alexa. The services are also affordable compared to other AI technologies. To get started, purchase a Samsung TV compatible with Alexa.