Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Again, the picture has been removed, the world’s biggest social media company Facebook in big trouble. Like the previous once again, the company decided to come apologized.

According to CNN, over 35 years, in different parts of the mouth with burns-wounds, has been living in the Swedish fire-fighting crews “Lasse Gustavson “. The perform the duty of a fire company, he was wounded. Facebook posted a photo to his 60th birthday. And it caught the eye of observer’s Facebook. The image When removed, the storm of criticism. At one point, apologized “This by mistake was removed,” says Facebook. The company says, “We’ve resolved this issue, and who had posted it, we informed him and apologize.”

Firefighter Lasse Gustavson

8 November “Lasse Gustavson” birthday, his friend “Björn Natthiko Lindeblad” was posted this photo. The image of the post within one hour without any explanation, The image is removed,  at first, it was ‘wrong’ as for think. She posted the image again, very soon, it goes two hundred like. The image is removed again without any explanation, he sent a complaint to Facebook.

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The alleged post-giver said, “Burns wound, some of the survival in Swedish communicated with me, and said, with a serious burn wound in the man’s image, sexuality or racist content As of the act, Facebook is a common practice. “

“What a hateful policy,” he commented. He posted the image third time with the explanation. This time within three days, more than 30 thousand times is shared the image, it is the “public protested” as he was called.

He said, “I was surprised, I did not think, it’s will spread so much.” Facebook appreciate the apology, but why the image was removed, FB did not explain what the reason, he said he was strange.