Facebook Fake News

Facebook has been conflicting to keep away fake stories from infiltrating its social sections & off people’s newsfeeds. But some student programmers has found a way to solve fake news just in 36 hours.

A group of four students’s gathered in a three-day hackathon event at Princeton University last week & came up with a Chrome browser extension which is mainly called FiB.

Facebook Fake News

The idea struck first in Nabanita De. She shared the idea with her teammates about a way to tackle fake information in Facebook. After 36 hour teamwork, they had come up with the solution. Its extension goes through different feeds & verifies the sources of news, images etc. The posts are tagged with a trusted view and users doesn’t verify whether it is fake or genuine. The Washington Post showed about the extension works by using advanced web scraping to find links, posts & images that are sent to AI.

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Nabanita De said there have been something close to 50,000 downloads and servers are crashing because they can’t handle so much. The group has left its code open and she hopes that who is working on Facebook for a long time will reach out from this problem.

Nabanita De said the team hasn’t been in touch with Facebook, but she should be up for better integration with the platform.