Facebook Groups app

“We’ve found that we can do more with and for the community by investing in the main Facebook app.” with this statement, the company proclaimed the decision to discontinue the Groups app though many senior executives including Mark Zuckerberg had been effusive for it. About two billion of like-minded people were connected and communicated outside of the main News Feed with this stand alone Groups app. It is surprising for the people to see the Facebook authority remove it from the App Store and Google Play last week.

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Now, the question is that why FB authority did this? A number of reasons are behind this. Amid the popularity of Groups in Facebook with 700 million monthly active users, this app was first launched in 2014 for the next effusive target. But at in a pinnacle of glory, this app was not as successful as Messenger and most of the user took it as an optional and never had to download it in the first place. But it worldwide in both app store, it had 15 million downloads and it was interesting that in last July it had 250,00 downloads in the App Store.

Despite this, Facebook decided not to invest into the Group and stopped regular updates before the fall of 2016. Its reviews from the App Store was overwhelmingly negative and frequent crashed and bug problem diminished its popularity day by day. “I really want to be able to just have this app to keep up with friends and not have to actually go on Facebook. But the app is currently pretty terrible and it drives me crazy,” one reviewer wrote.

Negative feedback from the users ends actually accelerate Facebook authority decided to kill us an app that helps people use social network without using the mother app. From mother app and website, the company earns the bulk of its revenue, so the company will be encouraging people to get there than a standalone app.