iPhone 6s Battery Replacement
iPhone 6s Battery Replacement

Apple tries to find out the number of iPhone 6s who’s manufactured in September to October of 2015. Because a few number of iphone affected by battery damage. Who’s made by within the period? There are a few iphone 6s unexpected shutdown the problem find out by apple and make battery replacement their iphone 6s battery. If your Smartphone is qualified, you will get beck new battery for the iphone 6s.

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How To Find Your iPhone 6s Is Qualifies

iPhone 6s Battery Replacement
iPhone 6s Battery Replacement

This is a question how to find your iphone 6s is qualifies for battery replacement. Apple makes a good opportunity for every iphone 6s user this is support page. Apple iphone 6s user able to find out from Settings > General > About. Go to the page and put your iphone 6s serial number and find out your are qualifies or not. If you qualify for battery replacement what you need to do.

What should you need to get new battery replacement?

If you qualify for replacement your iphone 6s battery, you should go to Apple retail store or an Apple authorized service provider. Before your battery replacement, you need to –

# Keep back up your valuable data to iTunes or iCloud.

# Turn off to find my iphone.

# Erase data and settings from Settings > General> Reset> Erase all content and settings.

Now you can hand over the iphone 6s to your tested apple retail store and Apple authorized services provider and get back replacement your iphone 6s battery.