5 Best Free Cell Phone No Deposit No Activation Fee

Cell phones are slowly becoming part and parcel of everyone’s daily lives. At the very least, every person needs a phone to call, send text messages or browse the internet. Cell phones play a big role in connecting with friends, family and outside environment. However, some citizens may not afford to purchase and maintaining cell phones and phone plans. This is why free government phones were introduced. The government, together with mobile phone carriers, provide free cell phone no deposit no activation fee for the disadvantaged in the community.

This makes it possible for those who can’t afford cell phones to live like other US citizens. With the current digital age, cell phones are becoming an important aspect of daily human life, not only for communication but also for other functions such as weather reading, news updates, taking photos, listening to podcasts, and many other functions. Even with widespread use, most people still don’t understand how free government phones work. The guide below outlines the important aspects and the essential prerequisites to qualify for free cell phone no deposit activation fee.

Top 5 Best Free Cell Phones Without Deposit And Fee Activation

1. Moto E5 Cruise/Play

This is an entry-level free government phone that comes with amazing features. The phone doesn’t offer much, but its strong delivery on every smartphone basics makes it a good choice, especially for seniors. It comes with front and rear camera, fingerprint scanner, Android 8.0, and a quad-core processor for fast operational speeds.

Moto E5 Cruise/Play - free cell phone no deposit no activation fee
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Key Features

  • 2-inch display
  • 16GB internal memory, 2GB RAM
  • 8MP and 5MP camera
  • Android 8.0 Oreo
  • Up to one-day battery

2. Samsung Galaxy J2 Pure

The Samsung Galaxy J2 Pure is a seemingly new phone released in 2019 with several intriguing features. The device is powered by Exynos 7 Quad 7570 chipset with 2GB RAM and sufficient 16GB internal storage. Like other Samsung phones, its camera is equipped with an autofocus feature that fine-tunes the camera for clear-shot pictures. The phone supports 3G and 4G connectivity among other advanced connectivity options.

Samsung Galaxy J2 Pure - free cell phone no deposit no activation fee
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Key Features

  • 5-inch display screen
  • 8MP rear and 5MP front camera
  • Up to 16 hours battery
  • Android 8. 1 Oreo
  • 16GB internal memory, 2GB RAM

3. Alcatel Tetra

Alcatel Tetra has been on the market for more than one year, with many people still opting for it. It is a mid-range smartphone with average features. The phone runs on a 2050mAh battery that delivers more than 10 hours of talk time. It also comes with 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage that can be expanded to 128GB. This free government device operates using Android 8.1 with a MediaTek processor. The camera is slightly of poor quality, but appropriate for the price.

 Alcatel Tetra - free cell phone no deposit no activation fee
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Key Features

  • 5-inch screen size
  • 5MP rear, 2MP front camera
  • Battery life up to 12 hours
  • Android 8. 1 Oreo
  • 16GB internal memory, 2GB RAM

4. ZTE Maven 3

The ZTE Maven 3 is a powerful smartphone with 4G connectivity. It runs on Android Nougat with an excellent display for a free cell phone. The phone comes with both front and back cameras, though with average quality pictures and videos. The phone operates on a quad-core processor, making it easy to achieve fast connectivity and performance. The 8GB internal memory can be extended to 32GB if you need more storage space for your photos and videos.

ZTE Maven 3- free cell phone no deposit no activation fee
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Key Features

  • 5-inch screen size
  • 5MP rear, 2MP front camera
  • Battery life up to 18 hours
  • 1GB RAM, 8GB internal memory
  • Android 7.0 Nougat

5. Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung is best known for its quality camera since inception. Modern cell phone models feature improved camera functionalities. Perhaps its highlight being the dual camera feature that enables users to take both front and back images and videos simultaneously. Like other Samsung devices of this class, it features a 13MP camera that ascertains quality pictures. The phone’s eraser shot function enables users to edit their photos from the phone with ease. Other amazing features include the air gesture functionality that enables users to accept calls by waving over the screen.

Samsung Galaxy S4 - free cell phone no deposit no activation fee
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Key Features

  • 5-inch screen display
  • Android V4.2.2 Jelly Bean
  • 13MP rear camera
  • Octa-core processor

Are These Cell Phones Really Free?

Using the word “free” often comes with doubts about the possibility of the service being a hoax. Such fear and lack of detailed information have left a lot of Americans confused about whether free government phones are surely free. This shouldn’t be an issue, taking into consideration that more than 15 million Americans are enrolled in these government services.

If you want to apply to the program, make sure that you meet all the qualification criteria. The program was initially referred to as the Lifeline Assistance Program, but later renamed free government cell phone service. This means that you will acquire a free cell phone and communicating with your family and friends without hassling. The program operates in almost 50 states starting from Washington and spreads to South American states like Puerto Rico. Most of these carriers recognized by the government operate at the regional and national levels. This makes it a no-brainer to get enrolled in their services.

Who Can Qualify for Free Cell Phone?

Not every US citizen can qualify for the free government cell phones with no deposit and activation fee. The Federal government has placed some strict regulations that guide the acquisition of free government phones. Note that these cell phones come with no contract cell phone plans and between 250 to 1000 unlimited minutes of voice calls and unlimited texts. If this could be made available, every US citizen could apply for the service, making it expensive for the government to maintain the services.

If you make the cut and qualify for the free cell phone no deposit no activation fee, you won’t incur any cost for the phone and services. In all cases, the cell phone companies providing the phones vet the applicants before approving their application. The regulations are set by the federal government and are quite similar in all states. You can be eligible for free government cell phones if you are a member of one of the following government assistance services;

Supplemental Security Income

Beneficiaries of this program include those who are disabled, orphans, and old aged – above 65 years who can’t take care of themselves sufficiently. The program serves approximately 8 million Americans. To proof membership, you should submit the SSI check stub. The check stub should outline the dates, beneficiary, and date of the issue very clearly.


Americans who come from low-income families are subscribers of Medicaid. This program gives medical assistance either as nursing homes or as personal assistance services to those who are enrolled in the program. To get a free government phone through Medicaid, you should provide valid documents of membership to prove.

Food Stamps Program

Also known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, it is a subsidiary of the Food and Nutrition Service, with key beneficiaries being families with a low-income generation who reside in the United States. The program covers more than forty million citizens taking home an average of $125 per month. To prove your membership, you should provide a certificate with the program name indicated. The details of the beneficiary, including the name, address, and date the certificate was issued, should be clearly stated.

Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance

This is a Federal government program run by the Bureau of Indian affairs. The program offers financial assistance, food, clothing, shelter, and utility expenses to Indian American families. Securing a free government phone through this program requires valid documentation as proof of membership to the program. Like any other documentation, your exact names and issue date shouldn’t be missing.

Public Housing Assistance

This program is under the Housing and Urban Development Department. Its main function is to subsidize rent for low-income families, and almost 5 million Americans benefit from the program. Families who need such assistance avail a monthly voucher under the Housing Choice Voucher Program to access up to $2000 per month. You can use two documents to prove membership to PHA. The first one is an award letter from the Public Housing Agency and a document that proves membership, which is the Public Housing Assistance Lease Agreement.

Other government assistance programs that can provide a leeway to get a free government phone include membership to the Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations, Tribal TANF, Veteran Pension and Survivors Benefit, and Tribal Head Start.

The Bottom Line

Free cell phones from the government have one main advantage – they are free. Despite being completely free, you may not get the latest model or a high-quality phone model. Free cell phones that require no deposit or no activation fee are often old models that cell phone carriers are trying to get rid of, less popular models, and those with minimal features. If you are accepted for the program, always be careful to find the best-prepaid cell phone plans. Most carriers offer plans that appear as if you are getting a free phone, but you will be paying off in the monthly installments given.