How To Get Free Touch Screen Government Phones

USA government is very considerate to the needy, disabled and low income residents. I mean in 1985, the government saw it necessary to establish a program known as lifeline that provides free or discounted communication products and services to everyone regardless of social status.

Free touch screen Government phones are part and puzzle of communication products that lifeline offers to eligible beneficiaries. Lifeline is in collaboration with different cell phone companies to provide these free advanced touch screen phones that do not only enhance better communication but also keep users up- to- date with recent activities or upcoming opportunities.

Who Qualifies For Free Touch Screen Phones?

Free government smart phones or better still touch screen phones sound so good to be true. Fortunately, this is not a hoax deal but rather true. However, lifeline has strict rules and regulations to acquire these phones. As a result, not everyone qualifies to acquire them. Below is the criteria used by lifeline to determine eligibility.

1. Qualification Through Total House Holds Income

To acquire free touch screen government phones, lifeline evaluates total income of everyone living in your household. These incomes may be salaries, dividends, rental income, all form of lottery, inheritance, gifts and spousal support among others. To qualify for free touch screen phones, your total household income should be equal to or below 135% of the federal government level.

2. Qualification Through Disability

Also known as able differently, disabled users are prioritized when it comes to getting free touch screen phones from the government. Nevertheless, not all disabled qualifies. To benefit, you should be have no monthly income or disability allowance.

3. Qualification Through Age

Age is also a determinant factor to acquire free government touch screen phones. Are you aged 65 and above with no monthly income, no pension or elderly benefits? Then you qualify to get free government touch screen phones.

4. Qualification Through Federal Government Programs

This is the easiest and most used criteria to determine eligibility to free government touch screen phones. To touch briefly on these programs, they are set to help the needy and financial strained citizens acquire basic help like food, shelter,medication or heath maintain ace from the government. To benefit from it, you must present documents to prove that you are financially strained. Therefore, members of these programs automatically qualify for free government touch screen phones and services.

Some of these programs are; food stamps, Medicaid, supplemental security income program, veterans pension and survivor benefits and tribal head start among others.

What Do You Need To Qualify?

In the list above, we have explained those eligible to acquire free cell phones from the government. Nevertheless, the process is not as easy as stating you need a phone and get it immediately. What I mean is, lifeline requires you to present documents of eligibility before applying for your phone. To apply, you need the following;

  1. Birth certificate. To acquire free government touch screen phone as a senior, lifeline requires you to present this certificate as a way to prove your actual age.
  2. Social security number or national identification photo to prove that you are a legal American citizen.
  3. Correct home address information. This enables lifeline investigators know where you live, your household and total income from the entire household. This information is also crucial for delivery of your phone.
  4. Federal government programs certificate of participation.
  5. State agency letter to confirm that you qualify and have been receiving government federal benefits.
  6. Bank account details or pay slips of you and that of the entire household to prove that your total income is below poverty guideline.
  7. Previous year tax return income documents.

Process To Get Free Touch Screen Government Phones

Step 1. Select The Carrier Of Your Choice

This is the initial stage of acquiring free government touch screen phones.  There are several providers that partner with a lifeline to provide these phones. Note that, every provider has rules, regulations, and application processes that differ from the other. These providers also operate differently with states. Therefore, it is important to research thoroughly about a carrier to ensure it operates effectively in your state.

Step 2. Fill An Application Form

After choosing your carrier, fill and submit your phones application form. All you need to do is;

  • Visit your carrier’s official site.
  • Fill an application form with correct and valid information.
  • Attach verifying documents: unemployment statement document, bank account or payment information and retirement statement of benefits among other.
  • Submit your form and wait for approval.

NB: You can fill and submit these forms from your carrier’s official site, visit its physical offices or send mail messages.

Step 3. Receive Your Phone

This is the final but the most crucial stage to acquire a free government touch screen phone. After submitting your application, your specific carrier evaluates your request, proves eligibility then approves your request. After approval, they will deliver your phone through the residential address presented in your application.

10 Best Companies That Offer Free Government Touch Screen Phones

1. Qlink Wireless

Qlink is one of the best cell phone carriers that collaborate with the government to enable low-income consumers, less privileged, disabled and financially strained seniors to enjoy advanced features of touch screen phones at discounted or zero cost. This great company does not only provide free touch screen phones but also provides free plans to use along with these phones.

Additionally, this carrier provides top-up plans for additional data at a very cheap discounted monthly price. Moreover, it gives ordinary phone users a chance to upgrade their phones to modern advanced touch screen phones at a very cheap and affordable price.

Qlink offers free 1000 call minutes, unlimited text messages, and 1 GB monthly data for free. However, these plans differ from state to state. It provides services in states like Georgia, Minnesota, Nevada, Ohio, Texas, South Carolina, Vermont, Washington, Indiana, Arizona, and many more.

2. Safelink Wireless

Safelink is another great free cell phone screen phone provider that has partnered with lifeline over a long duration to provide free touch screen phones to eligible users. The company is not only ranked as the best, biggest and oldest cell phone company but has gained millions of populations with its services covering over 50 states.

Firstly, Safelink offers free advanced phones that give consumers the privilege to enjoy advanced features as well as keep you up to date with arising activities and opportunities around the world.

It also provides free SIM cards, free text messages, call minutes and monthly data plans that vary depending on your residential state. Its services covers states like Arizona, Georgia, Colorado, Nevada, Missouri, Rhode island Maine, Maryland, Indiana, new jersey, Louisiana among others.

3. Assurance Wireless

Do you live in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, New Mexico, Idaho, Mississippi, Columbia or Massachusetts? Assurance wireless is the best free government touch screen company to consider. Operating under sprint mobile carrier, the provider offers free touch screen phones along with amazing deals of free call minutes, free internet data and free text messages.

Not to forget, it provides these deals on the condition that you have total household income equal or below 135% federal guideline.

4. Access Wireless

Access Wireless is another great company that is in partnership with lifeline to provide free touch screen phones to all eligible residents of 10 or more states. This great company provides multiple brands of touch screen phones that mostly comes with 3.5 inch screen display.

More to that, It provides free plans for low income user that comes with free 540 MBS, 250 call minutes and unlimited text message in states like New York, Maryland, Missouri, Mississippi, Utah, Ohio, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan.

California residents are lucky to have special free plans that provides unlimited text messages, unlimited calls and 2 GB data that is more than four multiple times  from other states.

5. Life Wireless

This great carrier also provides free touch screen government phones that come with different features. Initially, this amazing company provided free landline services to its consumers. Due to technology improvements, it advanced its services to free touch screen phones and covers states like Illinois, Georgia, Minnesota, Maryland, Missouri, Puerto rico, Rhode island and Arkansas.

Along with free phones, it also provides unlimited text messages, 1000 call minutes and 1 GB monthly data for free.

6. TruConnect

It also qualifies to be among the best cell phone companies that provides free touch screen phones to states like California, Texas, Nevada, Missouri, Kansas and Kentucky. These states also receive 1000 call minutes, 2 GB data, unlimited text messages and unlimited international calls to Canada and Mexico.

Similar to access wireless, TruConnect has special services to California residents whereby its provides free touch screen phones, unlimited text/ talk minutes, 2 GB monthly data and unlimited international calls to Canada and Mexico.

7. Assist Wireless

Assist Wireless is another great company that provides free government touch screens along with free deals of 1000 call minutes, 500 texts, and 50 MBS data every month. Its services cover residents of Maryland, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Missouri and Arkansas.

This great company also has upgrade programs that allow consumers to upgrade their older phones to more advanced touch screen phones at a little fee. Additionally, it has cheap discounted top up plans allowing both pre payment and post payment.

8. Reach Out Wireless

Reach out wireless is also one of the best mobile phone providers with free government touch screen phones along with free call minutes, texts and monthly data for convenient communication.

This great company also allows users to upgrade older phone to more advanced phone at a little upgrade fee.

9. TAG Mobile

With TAG mobile, you can get free government Smartphone along with free calls, texts and data at zero cost if you are a low income resident of Arkansas or Louisiana State. Its phone services has caller ID, call features, blocking and voice mail services. It also provides discounted add on plans that allows users to acquire sufficient data, texts and call minutes at a low affordable fee.

10. True Wireless

True Wireless also provides free government touch screen phones and services to several states in America. Their phone services vary from state to state. For instance, in Arkansas, Rhode Island and Maryland, true wireless provide free touch screen phones with 1000 call minutes, 2 GB data and 1000 texts.

Best Free Government Touch Screen Phones

1. Apple iPhone 7

This is another free government touch screen phone that can never disappoint. This particular gadget from apple stands in place among the best smartphones in the modern market. It runs on IOS 10.0.1 which can be upgraded to IOS 13.3. The gadget is also fitted with 22 MP and 7 MP rear and selfie cameras respectively.

It has a strong non removable LI-ION 1960 battery,  4.7 inch display with a screen resolution power of 750(1334) pixels. Its screen is unique, displays bright viewings and can support up to 16 M colors.

This amazing phone comes with three category storage; 32 GB internal storage/2 GB ram, 128 GB/ 2 GB RAM and 256  GB/ 2GB ram. It comes in six different colors offering wide selection: red, jet black, black, silver, gold, rose gold.

iPhone 7
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  • It runs on upgradable IOS.
  • Has strong high quality rear camera.
  • Has three categories of internal storage to choose.
  • It comes with a variety of colors.
  • It lacks micro SD slot.
  • Lacks 3.5 mm jack.


From the great LG company, this amazing phone also qualifies to be among the best free touch screen government phones. It comes with a strong 13 MP rear camera and single 5 MP front cameras. It runs on Android 8.1 and has a screen display size of 6.2 inches powered by a resolution power of 1080( 2160) pixels.

Additionally, it has an extendable micro SD slot and comes with an internal storage capacity of 32 GB and 3 GB RAM.  It guarantees tight security and privacy as it comes with fingerprint scanner. Its battery life is also guaranteed because it is inbuilt with a strong 3300 mAh li-ion battery.

LG Stylo 4
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  • It has high quality rear camera for quality images.
  • It has an extendable memory card slot.
  • It has a long life battery life.
  • It does not have an upgradable androids system

3. Samsung Galaxy S9

This is another best free touch screen smart phone that comes with a variety of reliable spectacular bunch of features. Firstly, it has a wide 6.2 inch screen display that allows a clear view. Its screen has a strong resolution power of 1440(2960) pixels.

It runs on android 8.0 which can be upgraded to android 10.0. It is also fitted with a powerful non removable 3500 mAh li-ion battery that supports both fast and wireless charging. In addition, it comes with finger print, iris scanner for tight security and comes with a wide range of colors ; midnight black, coral blue, titanium grey, lilac purple, burgundy red, Polaris blue, sunrise gold and ice blue.

More to that, it is fitted with dual 12 mp back camera, dual 8 MP self camera and comes in three version; 64 GB, 6 GB ram, 128 GB, 6 GB ram, 256 GB, 6 GB RAM.

Samsung Galaxy S9
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  • Has an upgradeable android system.
  • Comes with a variety of colors.
  • Has a long battery life.
  • Has modern and sleek display with memory extendibility SD slot.
  • Has 3.5 mm jack.
  • Expensive to acquire.

4. LG Electronics K30

This is another great free touch screen phone that runs on android 7.1 nougat. It comes with super powerful back camera of 13 MP and a single self camera of 5 MP.

This modern device comprises of 5.3 inch display that is powered with screen resolution power of 720(1280) pixels. It also comes with micro SD slot, 32 GB internal memory storage and 2 GB RAM.

Moreover, it comes with both fingerprint scanner and an accelerometer for privacy. It is available in two colors; new aurora black and blue and fitted with powerful 2880 Mah BATTERY.

LG Electronics K30
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  • Affordable
  • High quality rear camera.
  • MicroSD extendable slot.
  • Its android system is not upgradable.

5. Apple iPhone 8

Apple is famously known to provide best phones in the market. For that reason, this great phone qualifies to be among the best free touch screen phones. This great device exhibits 4.7 inch display that is backed up by 750(1334) resolution pixels.  It has a ion – strengthen glass that has oleophobic coating screen protection.

It runs on upgradeable IOS 11 that can be promotes to IOS 13.3 and comes in two versions memory space; 64 GB, 2 GB RAM version and 256 GB, 2 GBRAM version. It is powered with single 12 MP back camera, 7 MP single front camera, fingerprint security scanner and a strong non removable li- ion 1821 Mah fast -charging battery. It is available in four colors; silver, red, gold, space.

iPhone 8
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  • Has an upgradeable IOS system.
  • Has large memory capacity.
  • Has high quality rear camera.
  • It is expensive to acquire.
  • Has no extendable SD slot.

6. Samsung Galaxy A10

This amazing touch screen phone boasts of modern and stylish features. Released about a year ago, this gadget weighs 168 grams making it easily portable. It has 6.2 inch screen display that can supports up to 16 M colors.

It is available in black, red, gold and blue colors and also fitted with non removable 3400 MAH battery. It has two memory space version; 32 GB, 2 RAM 32GB, 4 GB RAM version.  In addition, it runs on android 9.0 pie and has been fitted with 13 MP rear and 5 MP Selfie camera.

Samsung Galaxy A10
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  • Long battery life.
  • Cheap to acquire.
  • Has extendable macro SD slot.
  • Runs on non upgradable android system.

7. BLU Advance  L5

This simple touch screen phone is equipped with a variety of features. It has 4 inch display size and a screen resolution power of 480(800) pixels. It also has an internal memory of 16 GB and 512 MB ram as well as micro SD slot for memory expansion.

It has single 5 MP rear camera and single VGA selfie camera, supports dual SIM and runs on android OS 4.2 jellybean. It is also fitted with a removable 1600 MAH battery and comes with two colors to choose from; black and white.

Blu Advance L5
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  • It is cheap to acquire.
  • It has 3.5 mm jack.
  • It has an extendable SD card slot.
  • It has a very small RAM and internal memory storage.
  • It has weak battery life.
  • Its camera is not of the highest quality.

8. ZTE Prestige Phone

This is another great free government touch screen available in the market today. It boast of 5.0 inch screen display of 480(854) pixels resolution power, 5 MP rear camera, 8 GB internal memory capacity and 1 GB RAM. Fortunately, it is designed with micro SD slot for memory expandability. It is also fitted with 2300 MAH battery and operates on android 5.1 lollipop.

ZTE Prestige - free touch screen government phones
  • It is cheap and easy to acquire.
  • Has 3.5 mm jack.
  • Has an extendable micro SD slot.
  • It has easy features to use.
  • Its cameras are not the best quality.
  • Has non upgradeable android system.
  • It has very small RAM.

9. Kyocera Hydro Reach Smart Phone

This particular smartphone is fitted with 5 MP back camera, single 2 MP selfie camera, non removable 2160 Mah battery and operates on android. It is also light in weight for portability, fitted with 1.1 GHz processor, has micro SD slot, 8 GB internal storage capacity as well as 1 GB RAM.  It has a screen display size of 5 inches and flexible acrylic lens power of 540(960) pixels.

Kyocera Hydro - free touch screen government phones
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  • It is cheap to acquire.
  • Has extendable memory card slot.
  • Has a relative big screen display.
  • Low speed processor.
  • Poor quality cameras.

10. Alcatel Dawn

This free government touch screen runs on android 6.0 and has been fitted with a removable 1780 mah battery, 5 MP rear camera, VGA front camera, micro SD slot and has an internal memory space of 8 GB and I GB RAM.

It also features 4.5-inch display powered with a screen resolution power of 854 (480) pixels, ambient light sensors and only weighs 11.2 ounces.

Alcatel Dawn - free touch screen government phones
  • Cheap and affordable,
  • Extendable memory card slot.
  • Have 3.5 mm jack.
  • Have weak cameras.
  • Weak battery life.
  • Insufficient storage capacity.

Get Free Government Smart Phones When You Upgrade

Rather than free touch screen phones, Lifeline program also provides upgrade services that allow the user to upgrade his old phone to newer advanced phones.

However, the cost and process of upgrading your phone depending on your selected phone carriers. More often than not, upgrade fees for most carriers from 15 $ to 25 $. If you use old and non-modern phones and wish to upgrade to more advanced phones, visit your carrier’s official site, open the upgrade section then send an email, make a call or chat support online for further guidance.

What Is Lifeline Program?

As seen earlier, Lifeline is a federal communication program that was established in 1985 to make communication easier and affordable to financially strained consumers.

This program provides both wired and wireless communication services that are available throughout American states but to benefit, your total household income should not exceed 135% of poverty guideline. Lifeline also requires annual renewal of membership and limits one free government touch screen phone per household.

Lifeline Assistance Discounted Rates For Cell Phones

Cell phone service consumption rates differ from one user to another. Some consumers use a lot of data and call minutes than others. Therefore, free lifeline plans may not be enough for bulky cell phone services consumers. You might also find yourself in a situation where you need a more advanced touch screen phone that that provided by the government. Also, you might be a low income consumer but your residential state is not within lifeline phone services coverage.

What do you do in such situations? Lifeline had that in mind. As a result, it sealed deals with several cell phone providers to offer discounted rates on cell phone services. Lets expound further of lifeline discounted plans.

1. enTouch Discounted Rates

In partnership with lifeline, enTouch provides discounted prices on smart phones, data, calls and texts. These rates are as follows;

  • 20 $ discounted plan that enables you to acquire free smart phone, unlimited text messages, unlimited calls and 500 MBS monthly data.
  • 30 $ discounted plan with free touch screen phone, unlimited text, calls and 1 GB monthly data.
  • 50$ discounted plan with free phone, unlimited texts/call minutes, 4 GB data.

2. Tempo Communications

This is another great company that provides lifeline discounted rates on phones as follows;

  • 5 $ discounted rate with free touch screen phone, 250 call minutes, 200 MB data and unlimited text messages.
  • 10 discounted plan offering free government touch screen phones, 500 MB data, 500 call minutes and unlimited messages.

3. Assist Wireless

From this great provider, you can find affordable lifeline discounted rates on cell phones. It has;

  • 4 $ discounted plan that provides free government smart phone and 100 MB monthly data.
  • 12$ monthly discounted plan with free lifeline touch screen phone and 500 MBS data.
  • 15$ discounted plan with free phone and 1 GB monthly data.

4. SafetyNet Communications

SafetyNet also provides discounted lifeline rates as shown below;

  • 6 $ per month discounted plan with free touch screen phone, 1000 call minutes, unlimited text messages and 500 MBS data.
  • 10$ per month discounted rate with free touch screen phone, unlimited call minutes, texts and 500 MBS data.


What Is The Procedure Of Renewing For Free Government Phone Service?

Lifeline has set rules and regulations that require all users to renew their phone service every year to recertify their eligibility. Failure to that leads to service suspension. To renew;

  1. Your provider should send renewal notification few days prior to expiry period. This is mostly done through phone calls, email messages, text messages or a letter with full details.
  2. Respond to the notification. Lifeline gives out a span of 60 days to respond to notification
  3. Submit recertify information. After responding to feedback, lifeline requires you to submit relevant documents to enable them reprove your eligibility. You need documents like home address, bank account details, social security number and federal aid program membership certificate.

Who Has The Best Free Government Cell Phone?

There are several government cell phone providers as stated above. However, choosing the best among them is a personal decision.

According to my opinion, I would select Safelink wireless phones as the best. Why? As they say old is gold and experience is the best teacher. Safelink Wireless is the oldest cell phone provider with several years of experience in the market. Therefore, this company is expected to provide only the best.

Where Can I Get Free Government Phones?

Free government phones are found from various cell phone service providers through sending an application form. You can apply one through official site, visiting their physical address or through mail.

Do Government Phones Have Unlimited Texting?

Oh yes! Government phones come with plans that provide free unlimited text messages atg zero cost.

Can You Have Two Government Phones?

Having two free government phones from lifeline is not possible. This is because lifeline limits only one phone per household. Owning two government phones either as an individual or household Is illegal and termed as fraud. This will force lifeline to take back their phone and terminate their services with you.

Are Free Phones Really Free?

Free phones are really free. The government provides free phones to eligible lifeline beneficiaries at zero cost making them completely free.

Final Say

In this page, we have discussed free lifeline companies, discounted lifeline rates and brands of free lifeline touch screen phones. More to that, it is important to note that lifeline has strict rules that one must follow to avoid service termination. That is; make sure you renew your services annually, have only one phone per household, provide valid information during application and avoid keeping your phone dormant for more than 30 days.  It is also required to keep up to date with your carrier in case of any change: relocating from one address to another.