Top 10 Best Free Wifi Hotspot App For Android Without Rooting

If you think, it could be difficult and quite challenging to manage each device separately by paying for the Internet, then in order to save money, you need to look for alternatives where the Internet can be shared between your cellphone and other devices. In this case, the WiFi hotspot will be your great option as well as a great saver to distribute the internet.

Although, it is logical to say that most smartphones have featured hotspots. However, according to regular users, the feature has some limitations that cannot meet enough needs and standard requirements of the user. Luckily, the Wi-Fi hotspot mobile applications always available and they have proven themselves rich to the users.

You can find now specific apps for download that allow your device to be a WiFi hotspot without a root. Some apps are free, others can be paid for, but they work effectively with Wi-Fi tethering. You can also enjoy a free WiFi hotspot without a data plan. In this article, I have listed the 10 best free Wi-Fi hotspot apps for android without rooting. So, read this article to know all the details as well as to find free Wi-Fi apps anywhere.

Top 10 Best Free Wifi Hotspot App For Android Without Rooting

Free Wifi Hotspot App For Android Without Rooting

1. PdaNet+

PdaNet+ is one of the highest-rated free Wi-Fi hotspot apps for android without rooting because this app lets you share your smartphone internet with other devices without the need for a rooted phone. PdaNet+ brings a new “WiFi Direct Hotspot” feature that effective on all Android phones allowing you to connect to tablets and computers by installing client applications or setup proxies depending on the device. 

In the case of this app, via USB mode you can connect other devices. Bluetooth is now obsolete which is why it may sometimes be disabled, instead of this; WiFi Direct Hotspot should be used.

  • You will get a WiFi direct hotspot.
  • No route requirements here.
  • It has a time limit feature of usage.
  • Does not connect with TVs and game devices.
  • It sometimes gets disconnected after the update

2. FoxFi

FoxFi is another one of the best free wifi hotspots app for android where no root is required. It lets you create hotspots for your phone and share Internet connections via Bluetooth, PDA Net, and other means. No additional tether plans are required for this application and this is the highlighted feature of this application. This versatile app is simple and convenient to install and use which also works quickly.

  • Using many options including USB, PdaNet, and others, you can share the internet connection.
  • Very easy to install and use.
  • Almost every android phones are compatible with this app.
  • This requires a paid version after a while.
  • To access other features one needs to download the PdaNet application.
  • The speed of the connection may reduce through multiple sharing.

3. One-Click Wifi tether no root

This application enables easy and fast WiFi Tethering Hotspot AP in 1 single click. The app is compatible with most Android phones with the latest KitKat 4.4 devices. It allows you to get an internet connection on Windows, Mac, phones, tablets, and more devices. One-Click Wifi tether no root is another brilliant free hotspot app for Android where does not require root access.

  • You will get access in just a single click.
  • It performs well with multiple devices.
  • This is easy to use and you will get a fast connection.
  • It does not work after making updates.
  • It shows lots of ads and pop-ups that can be annoying.

4. Easy Tether Lite -No root

EasyTether lets you distribute Internet connection from smartphones to other devices including computers, tablets, or router. It allows you to connect through USB and does offer a simple setup process. Get free wifi hotspot application without a special tethering plan and it does not need root requirements. This application has a smooth and simple interface that makes the connection process smooth.

  • Without rooting get a free wifi hotspot for Android.
  • Setup is easy.
  • You will get both Bluetooth and USB tethering with this app.
  • This app has access limitations to some sites.
  • This application is not compatible with gaming consoles.
  • It can crash and disconnect.

5. NetShare – no-root-tethering

This application makes a WiFi hotspot for sharing cellular data or as a WiFi repeater its simply extends your existing WiFi connection. The user does not need a tethering plan or tether fees.  Android 6 and above compatible with this application. You will get perfectly hidden and undetectable tethering here. This app is easy to use. Even you don’t have to enter a new connection all the time.

  • Hidden and undetectable tethering is a positive side of this app.
  • It does not need a tethering plan and fee.
  • Its functions are straightforward.
  • A connecting error may occur.
  • Problem with PlayStation network.

6. ClockworkMod Tether-no root

The ClockworkMod Tether lets you distribute the internet connection with other devices. Without rooting, you can tether your phone and you don’t require a separate tethering plan. Tether will compatible with any carrier and phone. This app supports Windows, phones, tablets, etc. It’s easy to use and connect because it becomes active with just a simple touch of a button.

  • One of the positive sides is it is compatible with a variety of devices.
  • No root is required to run the application.
  • It does not need a separate tethering plan.
  • Setup and use are convenient.
  • It does not compatible with many android phones.
  • After taking updates sometimes it does not perform well.

7. SecureTether WiFi – Free  & no root mobile hotspot

Distribute your mobile internet to your computer or Android tablet through SecureTether WiFi as it is one of the best free wifi hotspots app without a root. Unlike most other apps, it provides a full Internet connection, not a proxy. You don’t need to root phones or tablets and also there is no fee for a tethering plan from a mobile carrier. In order to use this application, no custom software has to be installed on your computer. 

  • Your computer will be protected from hackers as this app is a built-in strong firewall.
  • To detect spy-ware, SecureTether WiFi monitors all incoming and outgoing internet connections.
  • The app is simple to use.
  • SecureTether WiFi is free, secure, and quick wifi hotspots.
  • It does not work with PlayStation.
  • After a while, it does not work well.

8. MyFi WiFi Hotspot – no root

MyFi WiFi Hotspot is another efficient free hotspot application where you don’t need to root the phone. It allows you to rename the network. You will get WPA Security to get maximum protection for your device. It is compatible with Verizon Wireless (Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Motorola Droid X, Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One X, etc.) and AT&T (Samsung Galaxy S3).

  • No root is required to use this application.
  • No time limits restrictions.
  • It is simple to use.
  • It does not support Samsung devices running android 4.3.

9. Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot App

This hotspot application improves the user’s mobile computing experience, this is because its function is very simple and quick to use. To use this application, the configuration is required before running the application. This application allows you to rename your phone’s Wi-Fi network for a secure WiFi network, while it acts as a portable hotspot. In order to provide great performance, this app uses inbuilt hotspots that are available on mobile phones.

  • Rename facility is a great advantage.
  • It provides user protection.
  • You can set up it simply and get fast access.
  • After usage a while, an error message may appear.
  • After turning it off, sometimes it turns on itself.

10. WiFi Hotspot Master

In order to get a great mobile computing experience just turn on WiFi Hotspot Master, it has recognized itself as a powerful mobile hotspot. This application arranges network broadcasts on other mobiles and lets you launch WiFi Hotspot with just one click. It brings lightweight data storage and you can monitor who is connected to your mobile hotspot network all the time. 

It speeds up your internet to browse faster and shows real-time download and upload speeds of the data plan of your phones. It’s fairly free and simple to use and you can make your own personal hotspot through this app.

  • You will get the history of recent hotspot settings.
  • It allows you to monitor who is on your hotspot network.
  • Get real-time fast internet speed through this app.
  • This allows other apps to get full access.
  • Lots of Ad popups can be irritating sometimes.


So on my behalf, these are the 10 best free WiFi hotspot apps without rooting. There are also many free Wifi hotpot apps that you can find on the internet. Anyway, I have given all the details here along with positive and negative aspects, so before you select the app, see which one is suitable for you. Therefore, this is all about from my side, thank you very much.