Google Fuchsia

Now Google is going to bring the new operating system, even though they did not give any information officially, but they said that they were building a new operating system and it’s named is Fuchsia. Moreover, most importantly it’s going to be a combination of the two kernels. So let us know, about the completely new operating system.

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The Purpose Of Naming Fuchsia

Google Fuchsia

Before giving the name of reason, you will know what is the Fuchsia? Fuchsia is actually a color, which is composed of pink + violet color. But what is the relationship with the operating system? Yes, have, because they are two of the kernel the operating system is going to build. Moreover, Google on their source site mentioned it this way: “Pink + violet = Fuchsia (new operating system).” So finally it is understood that, for the two kernel to use the given name.

What Kind Of Kernel, It Has Been Used?

Fuchsia operating system kernel Has been used as magenta (Magenta) and LK (L)little (K)ernel. Now Let us know magenta and LK, this two things, what actually? L is a small kernel (Little Kernel = LK) is used for smaller works, ‍and also it works is to be coordinated with other apps. Moreover, as the boot loader works very well. The file size is only 20-30 KB. This is an open-source software, which can be found from here:

Now Learn about the magenta, magenta is basically a kernel object, on the iPhone 5.0 as a binary complement, in some places, it was used. For The user interface and modern design, it is famous. For this reason, it has more than 1 GB on the file size. So to say, it is a first-class user mode kernel.  Moreover, magenta for such the system is designed so that hugely of RAM are required (multiple Gigabytes of RAM).

The Reason Behind The Use Of Magenta And LK

The main reason behind the use of magenta and LK is the starting of a new era. Because of the before, two kernels will not be used at the same time in the same device. Moreover, users want a fast the devices, stylish user interface, good design, and safety. Because of these, Google is planning two kernels together. LK has been used basically, keeping the device for fast and if more task does not hang the devices. But without it, have also a big problem, for therefore FreeRTos, Temasek-like good quality interface with the kernel without using, this kernel has used. The matter is, all of the kernels on the task and RAM limited, but in ”L”, it is not included all of the Unlimited.

The main purpose of the use of magenta, users offered a very modern interface and designs. Moreover, it is open source kernel. Magenta has been made thinking about the modern and fast mobile, tabs, computer, so using magenta, Google is trying to present something new. The most important thing is, Magenta to use, your device must be used little more RAM. So we can say that thinking about all the modern super-fast computing and modern designs in two kernels has been used at the same time.

The Programming Language Has Been Used Fuchsia

Fuchsia Programming Language

Fuchsia basically what kind of programming language being used, Google still has not said anything about it. However, it is understood that Google is going to create a new history. Because their source site for Fuchsia lot of code language name said. JSON, logging, SSL, Google’s Go programming language, clang, LLVM, Moreover, the latest version 7 of the UNIX will use. If they do it, then goes without saying, it’s going to be a very important landmark for developers. Google says that it will connect with the Flutter. (Flutter is iOS and Android developers on the project, the project developers high performance, helping to create efficient mobile apps, Even from a single database). So it could say that the developer may be somewhat happy.

Fuchsia Can Be An Alternative To Android And Linux

Fuchsia alternative android and linux

Fuchsia with Android, now can not be compared. Because we have to understand, it’s a project, Moreover, nothing more. Google said their concern. Moreover, there is nothing to be expected, because Google is the best way to start working on it, it goes without saying. But they already showed hopes, if it is successful, it would surpass Android, are expected. Now, just watch to see Google in the future, what’s gift, can give. Finally, it is said that Google has taken the project, which is not just a project, it is an art it is the operating system of Art. Perhaps after the 1990 creation of the history of Linux will be able to create a new history of Google. What could be the future of Fuchsia?