Google Login Without Password

Google login without a password? Is it possible? Recently heard that Google is going to get a new system that will be freed forever from the password. Especially for any Google account. You must enter your e-mail address. Then a special temporary code will be sent to your mobile phone. Through which, you can log in to your account. for Google Accounts you do not have to remember any passwords differently.

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Google Login Without A Password, What Benefits Could Be?

Google Login without password benefits

We know that the passwords remember are very problem. So it is, a lot of trouble to remember passwords, On the other hand, the fear of losing the password and the password being stolen fear, always remained. I think the real purpose of the temporary code login, relief from password forever. Moreover, when the password is not included, then the passwords stolen from phishing or fake pages is possible to be released. You enter your user name and password at a fake website and they stole your information and they work with it later. Whereas here, the temporary code is being logged in, So they will not be able to login to your account in any way.

So, rather than using a password, to login without password in Google are more secure. However, I think that this method is not at all Foolproof. If anyone has the real idea, then with the man-in-the-middle attack, the temporary code may also login. And then I would say that rather than using a password, to log in with a temporary code are more secure.

I think it’s a really nice way. I know, for a long time people thought would get rid of the password. Moreover, many people do not know is how to create more secure passwords. Many of us remember for convenience, use a simple password. Which is especially creating computer programs can be broken by a few minutes. I think this one is one of the only solutions is to use two-factor authentication.

Google Login Without Password And The Difference Between Two Factor Authentications

Google Login Without Password

While a lot secure two-factor authentication, using the password remains. Two-factor authentication in the first user name and password is entered. Then, a temporary code sent to the mobile. But the New Testament does not need the password. This is only a unique code. Which will be sent to your mobile phone?

 Nowadays, we always use the mobile phone. Why this mobile phone will not only be used as a password. Anyway, I think all of your important accounts, Two-factor authentication should be used. Especially in your to Google Account and Facebook account. If someone steals your password and for any reason, they will not be able to login to your account.

Temporary Code Login Or Two-Factor Authentication, Which Is More Secure?

Two Factor Authentication

In response to this question, I would say that, yes indeed Two-factor authentication is more secure. Because this is the two factor. But if you’re kind of a little lazy, then by temporary login code to be your first choice. Because you do not have to remember any passwords. And it is still secure, because of this code temporary.

I think in the near future we will forget the password to be used. Maybe the place of the password will take possession of temporary code. However, some problems will occur. For example, when I’m using my phone as my account password, if someone stole my phone, then give him the right to access my account, or you do not have to do anything else. So, you can ask me, what is the most secure way to protect an account? I say, use strong passwords, and use a password that you have not used before.