Google Pixel 2

Just come on the market, the US search engine giant Google own smartphone pixel. In the meantime, the company has started rumors about the next smartphone Google Pixel 2. To be heard, at the beginning of this year, Google uncover a new smartphone. What is the name of the new device, however, may be not immediately clear, said the Commerce and Trade site Business Insider.

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If the pixel with the name of the new smartphone could be named “Pixel 2”. Google news site, 9to5Google, Senior Editor “Stephen Hall” tweeted a new Google smartphone will be waterproof. Earlier, Samsung and Apple iPhone has been the IP 68 standard or water-resistant. From 1 or 1.5 meters under water up to 30 minutes water resistant this device.

Google pixel camera of the iPhone 7 Plus rivaled praised for his stellar, but it’s as if Google second-generation device, it once again seems to be the priority. According to sources, Google is looking for the perfect pixel low-light capabilities, but it did not have big Megapixel size.” Google hearsay will compensate for this with extra features.

Google Pixel 2

Now Google new phone make it waterproof, Google is trying to competition with these two organizations. Not only waterproof, the new phones will use Google their own processor, in an interview with Bloomberg, the company’s vice president of engineering, said this. Earlier, Google had been using Qualcomm’s processor.

Till now Google has made Nexus smartphone in the name of the third party. The previous year, for the first time the name of the pixels themselves, the company started making smartphones.

Google traditionally, last year as well as the Nexus smartphone, uncovered pixels phone, time of the fall events. We probably google pixel 2, as well as google pixel 2 XL will see in October. Unfortunately, you can see a price increase for the flagship pixels 2. Hall source said Google hopes “at least” $50 price jumped for the device but must be pixels 2B “significantly cheaper.”

Note: Remember, the company from a release date months away, and all of these are subject to change.