Home Depot Credit Card Pre Approval Application Process

Home Depot Credit card gives you an opportunity to furnish your home with Home Depot products. The card has got several features that you can take advantage of to change the landscape of your home. The company is well known suppliers of home appliances, tools, building materials and other forms of home utility materials. Therefore, if you are looking for a chance to improve your home on credit, the Home Depot credit card has got you covered. The icing on the cake is the fact that home depot credit card approval ratings are high with fewer requirements.

Another advantage is the fact that there are many incentives that you may want not miss. For example, new subscribers don’t pay any interest if you make purchases worth at least$299 and above for the first six months. You can use the card to cover the repairs, updating and modifications of your house.

To qualify for Home Depot credit card, you must be a resident of the United States. There are two ways you can make your application. The first one is by using the Home Depot online portalor the manual application that can be done at any of their many branches across the USA. To use the online application method, follow the steps highlighted below;

Online Application Criteria

  • Visit the online credit center for Home Depot. Then look for the consumer credit card offer tab.
  • To access the credit card application form, click on the orange button which has the caption of “Apply Now”.
  • When the page loads, it will ask you to fill personal information such as; full name, email and street addresses, phone number, financial information, social security number and finally date of birth. For a successful application, fill all the fields.
  • Read the terms and confirm your account details and if everything is correct, click on the check box to agree.
  • Click on the submission button with the caption “Submit Application” to process your application. Once you’ve submitted your application, the company will run a background check on your credit score but which doesn’t affect your credit score. If you are successful, they will send a notification message alongside your approved credit limit.
  • When you get your limit confirmation, take it to the nearest Home Depot store where you will receive temporary card information. You will also receive a coupon of $25 which you can use to purchase anything within that limit and above.

Manual Application

The manual application is straighter forward. All you need to do is walk down to the nearest Home Depot store and they’ll definitely get things done within minutes. This is what you should do at the branch;

  • Visit the desk for special services.
  • Inform the associate that you want to apply for the Home Depot consumer credit card.
  • Provide the details highlighted in the application form which include full name, email and street addresses, phone number, financial information and social security number.
  • Wait for the application response. The good thing is that you can get the decision instantly if lucky or may have to wait for some time.
  • If successful, the associate will give you a temporary account details for your credit card. This will come also with a $25 coupon. Once you are given the temporary details you can then charge for purchases immediately.

Basically, the card takes about 14 working days after application. This is because the Home Depot has to look at your credit report and scrutinize it before they can approve you. This is a process which takes place within a period of two weeks. When the Home depot cannot give the credit instantly, you will get a notification with a United States mail informing you of your application status.

Home Depot Credit Card Pre Approval

Requesting for Application Review

If your application doesn’t go through, chances are it is due to your credit score issues. Contacting the credit card bureau to look for any errors in your account can improve the chances of approval. When you reach out, they must review your application a process that takes about 30 days. This is normally achievable if the dispute you are having is not frivolous. Below is a process you can follow to write to credit bureau to dispute or to report the information you have:

  • Indicate your name and the address in your letter to the credit bureau. Show every part of the information which you are writing to them and you believe it is not correct. Give out the reason why you believe the information is incorrect.
  • Indicate to them your request to have the information corrected and detached from your credit report.
  • Indicate the part in your credit report which you are disputing either by highlighting or circling. After indicating the information then make a copy to the credit report.
  • Get the evidence you have which is supporting your claims. Then get the evidence you have into copies. Attach the copies of your evidence and not the original copies to your letter which you have addressed your complaint.
  • After having all the information attached together, make copies to your letter and all the evidence that you have supporting your claims then send your letter to the credit bureau. Make sure you use a certified mail when sending the letter. You should also write to the Home Depot creditor pertaining the information you believe is incorrect.

Specific store credit cards give consumers very interesting incentives that can benefit you when you least expect. There are several measures you can undertake to bolster your approval chances with any company. Not only with the Home Depot but with others as well. Best of these include;

  1. Apply for a secured credit card. You have to pay a certain amount of money equivalent or higher than your credit card value. Making a deposit will help you create or build a very positive history to your credit score. By doing this you will be building a good road to getting approval for a Home Depot credit card.
  2. You look for other pre-approved credit cards from different agencies. It helps you know the status of your credit status before doing the application of the Home Depot credit card. Most of these agencies use score from the credit bureau and you may stand a good chance of getting your card approved in the Home Depot if the other agencies have.
  3. If you had already gotten negative credit, once you apply to the credit bureau and the credit reflects its status to positive, then you should do the following to have your application reconsidered again by Home Depot.
  4. Check at your credit report and credit score before making an application. This one helps you to gauge yourself in terms of getting approval of the Home Depot credit card. The chances of one getting a credit card of Home Depot is determined by your credit score in the credit bureau. Credit report is also used as a determining factor in getting you high chances of getting approved.
  5. Use of the Home Depot tool. This is a tool which is used mostly when you want to look at the chances of you qualifying for the Home Depot credit card. The tool indicated to you if you have pre-qualified for the credit card or not. This can be a good way to gauge the chances you have for the qualification of the Home Depot credit card.
  6. Getting a copy of a credit card report is also another way of gauging your chances of qualifying for a Home depot credit card. The report is able to show you where you have a negative rating. Once you get where you are getting rated low, you are able to write to a credit bureau to dispute the information.
  7. Always keep an eye on your personal information. Wrongful information with the credit card bureau can cause your credit score lower. Consequently, this will lower your approval chances at the Home Depot and other lender. Ensure that your financial data and accounts such as names and status should always reflect the correct and current details. Also, this captures public records. Listings such as Bankruptcies, liens, foreclosure and the likes lower your chances of being approval for a Home Depot credit card. After all this is what pre approval is about. Your status disqualifies you before starting the application process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to get approved for a Home Depot Credit Card?

No. To qualify for a Home Depot Credit card, you just need a fair credit. That’s way too low and also the process isn’t as strict. So, it is not hard to get approved for the card. With a credit score of 620 and above you are good to go. However, that’s not a guarantee that you will qualify for approval when you apply. Other factors also come into play.

Do you get automatic credit limit increases with Home Depot?

No. You should never click on any link asking you to click to increase your credit score. Home Depot does run a very hard credit inquiry. This credit is normally displayed immediately on the Credit karma.

What is the preferred credit score for the Home Depot?

The most preferred credit score for Home Depot is 640 and above. With such credit you stand a very higher chance of being approval by for the home depot credit card. Other user reports can get approved even with credit scores as low as six hundred credit scores.

How can one increase the Home Depot credit score?

The only way you can increase your credit score is by visiting Home Depot stores and explain to them that you would like your credit score to be increased. The customer care will call the credit department for a follow up to ensure your credit score increment.

Can my credit score be lowered?

Yes. Most of the reasons which can lead to your credit score lowering are always highlighted in the terms and conditions section. One such reason is accumulating your balance higher than 30% of the entire credit limit.

Which bank is used by Home Depot?

Home Depot uses Citibank to control their credit card.  The bank issues, manages and controls the financing options as set by the store.

Do we have credit card limit increase automatically?

Some credit card providers may decide to give a credit limit increase automatically. This is not the case with the Home depot credit card. They consider several factors before they can give a credit limit increase. One of these factors is the duration the account has been active.

The account user discipline is also subject to scrutiny. How you utilized the account like the payments, fraud and such activities. Definitely with good ratings and record you’ll get the limit increment and vice versa is true.


Are you planning to get a credit card that will help you put your home in order? You may need to check Home depot. Definitely everyone wants a good home. A place to rest after the hustles and bustles of work, traffics and economy. A home with well equipped furniture, rooms etc. Home Depot credit card offers exactly that and with other benefits like subsidized interest. Being a pre-approval home depot credit card tells it’s an easy to get card as long as you card afford a mere fair credit score. Being a well-known company for quality products, you expect to get good deals with Home Depot.