How Do I Get All My Money Off The Emerald Card

The Emerald Card is a tax refund-related deposit product issued by MetaBank, N.A, and Member FDIC. The card is mainly used to access the reload tax refund throughout the year. Also, it doesn’t have an overdraft as well as credit features.

You can use your Emerald card any place where they accept MasterCard cards. Unlike other cards, Emerald’s offers high ATM limit of $3,000. However, it has a low load limit of $1,000 which is lower than the average.

After a refund, getting your money out of the card can be a dilemma. This is especially if you want to withdraw every buck remaining in the card. With the cards withdrawal caps, this can be a challenge. In this article, you will know different methods you can get all your money off the emerald card.

Steps To Get Off All Your Money From Emerald Card

1. Withdrawal via ATM

The first method you can get off all your money from the emerald card is through ATM withdrawals. However, you can only use this method within the United States. You can only withdraw at any ATM that displays MasterCard, Maestro, or Cirrus brand mark. 

It’s imperative to note the fees charged for ATM withdrawals. Although not all ATMs impose equal charges, the $3.00 per transaction is standard. If you want to check your account balance via ATM, you also should be prepared to pay about $1.50. This is much higher than the most cards charge.

The withdrawal charges imposed are in addition to what the ATM owners charge. Also, as mentioned, the ATM withdrawal limit for the Emerald card is $3,000 per day. So, if you have more money, you may need more days because of the daily withdrawal limits.

2. Over The Counter

The second method you can get your money off from the Emerald card is “over the counter”. This is possible at any financial institution in the United States. All you need to do is walk to any financial institution and tell them the amount of money you want. The cashiers will ask you for identification and give you the money you want. 

This doesn’t except you from being charged. The service fee varies from one institution to another. So, you can make calls to inquire more about the charges before withdraw. As long as the financial institution accepts in question accepts the use of Debit MasterCard, you can get your money either cash or via a check. 

3. Check Payment

If you have money in your the Emerald card, you can request the money via a check. The H&R Block will process the account balance and send you via check. You can redeem the check into your bank account once you receive it. Note that different banks have different ways when it comes to maturity of the checks. So, you may have to wait for a couple of days before the money available in your account. 

4. Payment of house mortgages

One method you can get off money from your Emerald’s card is by paying house transactions. Use the card to transact and make use of the money in your card. This is possible if you are within the United States. Just transact the entire amount in your card to pay your mortgages. Nobody will say no.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What bank is the Emerald Card through?

The H&R Block Emerald Prepaid MasterCard is a MetaBank & Bofi Federal Bank-issued card which is a member of FDIC. The card is under MasterCard International Incorporation. It is mainly used for receiving tax refunds and stimuli throughout the whole year.

How do I check the balance on my Emerald card?

You can check your balance through MyBlockSM Mobile App. All you need to do is download the app and sign in to your Emerald Card Account Anywhere. The app is available both on the App Store and Google Play Store. Access the Emerald Card and Emerald Advance transaction history and balances. Authenticate yourself with Touch or Face ID. After that, you can check your balance on the “Tap for Balance” option in the app.

Can I transfer money from Emerald card to PayPal?

Yes, you can send money to your PayPal account from your Emerald card. You only need to make sure you link the two accounts. But, the two accounts should have corresponding names. Otherwise the process won’t be successful.

What bank can I withdraw money from my emerald card?

There is no limitation on which bank you can withdraw your money from using the Emerald card. You can withdraw from any ATM using the H&R Block Card. If you are making withdrawals using the card, make sure the ATM displays MasterCard. 

Other supported cards are Maestro or Cirrus. Some ATM owners may assess a charge for use of their ATM. The charge is not inclusive of the withdrawal charges of $3.00 per transaction. 

How much does H&R Block charge for cash back?

You need to file your taxes at H&R Block and you could get a refund instantly. After that, sit with a Tax Experts to see if you qualify. You will pay fees only capped by the Federal Government. It states that you are normally charged 15% on the first $300 of your refund. After that, the charges are 5% of the remaining amount.

Cam I overdraft my Emerald card?

Yes, it is possible. However, the fees charged by Emerald for overdraft services are insanely high. For that reason, most people tend to keep off. Thus, their overdraft services are deemed unavailable. 


Getting off your money from Emerald card is very possible. You can do that by applying one of the above methods. However, note that it is not free of charge. You must be prepared to pay a certain percentage of your transaction. 

So, you should check all the charges applied before picking one of these methods. But, if you link the card with your bank account, you can enjoy free transfers from Emerald card to your account. Therefore, you don’t need to freak if you are told you can’t withdraw all the money you want from your card. With the above methods, you can circumvent the limitations and caps imposed on Emerald card.