How Does A Phone Upgrade Work For Metropcs by T-Mobile

Following the T-Mobile merger to create Metro by T-Mobile, there are tons of metro pcs phone upgrade deals. However, the arrangement makes old phones incompatible to the new band. It means getting one of the supported metro new phones. As one of the existing or prospecting Metro by T-Mobile customers, you are probably wondering, ‘how does a phone upgrade work for Metropcs?’

While upgrading your old cellphone is vital, the company is supporting this endeavor. Metro by T-Mobile is giving a promotional update with over $100 discount on select mobile phones. And that’s not all there is to the deal since purchasing a Metropcs phone is an automatic qualification for the carrier’s promotional upgrades every ninety days of your device activation.

The three-month or quarterly handset update forms metro pcs phone deals for existing customers. You’ll get to update your gadget up to four times annually. Besides, there are metro pcs free phones, which, unfortunately, you won’t qualify for as an existing customer. The deal with top phone brands is exclusive to new customers who switch to their network.

Getting A Phone Upgrade For Metropcs Existing Customers

Most consumers want to know, how does a phone `upgrade work for Metropcs, especially after the carrier merging with T-Mobile to become Metro by T-Mobile. Subscribers are eligible for their phone’s sale price every three months. Upgrading charges were $10 in 2018 for an in-store cellphone purchase. But the company altered its policy for phone upgrades.

With the changes, all customers intending to get a new phone in-store or online within ninety days of their previous handset purchase on an active service line must pay the whole recommended retail price. Therefore, if you are searching for an upgrade through Metro by T-Mobile cellphone deals for existing customers, the fresh policy has fewer perks. It is a disappointing promo for its current subscribers looking for inexpensive upgrades, especially when new clients are receiving metro pcs free phones just to switch to the Telcom.

So how does a phone upgrade work for Metropcs existing customers and what are they getting in return?

Even though current clients can update their metro pcs phones, they won’t get trade-in credits for a discount. Moreover, they’ll be spending an extra $25 in upgrade charges plus the recommended retail price of the unit. You can get a discount if the cellphone you’re upgrading to has an ongoing promotion.

The price-cut will only apply if it is at least three months since your previous device purchase. The best part about metro pcs is that most new-customers-only deals are also available to the already Metro by T-Mobile subscribers. It is an excellent opportunity to secure Metropcs phone deals for existing customers and getting discounted phone upgrades.

There’s no doubt that metro pcs is beating its competition with great prices on plans and top-quality equipment. Overall, the company’s selection of mid-range and flagship phones are affordable compared to other carriers’ rates. However, incorporating some decent price breaks is essential in making the upgrades easy, more so for the already metro subscribers.

How Does A Phone Upgrade Work For Metropcs

Available Devices For Metropcs Phone Upgrades

One of the best things about finding the answer to, how does a phone upgrade work for Metropcs is the chance to getting reliable nationwide coverage. As a T-Mobile subsidiary, MetroPCS uses the former’s GSM technology to offer robust connectivity to its millions of customers. It also means that you do not have to worry about tech compatibility.

Note that network technology is a crucial consideration if you’ll be upgrading your cellphone down the line. For example, you may find it challenging to get a Metropcs phone upgrade if the device you intend to buy runs on a different platform, such as the CDMA network.

Here is a list of compatible brands, offering smartphones under Metro by T-Mobile:

  • Motorola : Motorola is one of the manufacturers giving a free phone for switching to Metro by T-Mobile. Besides, it has a great selection of smartphones, such as the freshly released Motorola G-series. Along with decent storage capacity and great camera quality, the company’s devices come with fast processing speeds.
  • ZTE : Although this company doesn’t command a big cellphone market share, they have very good smartphones. The brand boasts of utilizing stable processors in the manufacture of its phones, resulting in the best performance, especially in terms of loading apps. In addition, you’ll get a top-notch camera with an easy-to-use interface.
  • Apple : You probably already know Apple for its newest iPhone 11 with an iconic triple camera that’s somewhat overrated. But most customers prefer iPhones for the eco-system they incorporate. Besides, the gadgets provide incredible performance, a user-friendly interface, as well as a high-quality camera.
  • Samsung : It is one of the most trusted global phone manufacturers with flagship and mid-range devices, including its recently released Samsung A-series. Samsung smartphones are particularly popular for outstanding camera quality, easy-to-use interface, sufficient internal storage capacity, and other features, depending on your preferred Android device.

The list contains the four major brands providing cellphones with Metropcs. Other mobile phone manufacturers include Huawei, LG that gives a free phone when you switch to Metro, Razor, and others. The handset will work with Metro by T-Mobile, provided it accepts GSM technology. Nevertheless, you must ensure to purchase an unlocked device from a certified dealer.

How To Sign Up, Activate, and Get A MetroPCS Phone Upgrade

Joining metro pcs is simple, as long as you understand the fine print. An important factor to remember when seeking answers to the question, how does a phone upgrade work for Metropcs, is that you must be an existing customer. It means signing up as an active subscriber is the first step in determining your eligibility for the metro pcs phone upgrade.

The following is a three-part, step-by-step guide to becoming a Metropcs member:

1. Visit The Nearest Metropcs Store

New customers can join Metro by T-Mobile through its phone stores spread across the country. The carrier’s store locator makes it easy to find your nearest store. Talk to a Metro representative at the store for help on opening an account, choosing a plan, and activating your phone on a new service line.

2. Call MetroPCS Customer Support

Calling customer care for further assistance is another way to become a Metropcs subscriber. The support team member will guide you through any inquiries, such as the available cell phones, the prices in your region, registration process, and phone activation, among others.

3. Go To Metropcs Website

Are you a tech-savvy consumer wondering, ‘how does a phone upgrade work for Metropcs?’ You can get help through the company’s cellphone activation website. Note that the carrier currently has a different web address to the one it had when it was still MetroPCS. The domain name is now after merging with T-Mobile. Simply visit the site from where you’ll see the sign-in prompt.

After navigating to its webpage, the on-screen instructions will guide you in setting up a new customer account. It is a straightforward process that can take between five and ten minutes. Picking a cellphone plan is the next step after creating an account successfully.

The three options above should help you in making inquiries about metro pcs smartphones on offer, mobile phone plans, and the available rates for your area. You can then go ahead to purchase and activate a Metropcs device on a plan of your choice, which will qualify you for a phone upgrade, automatically, every three months.

Selecting A Metropcs Cell Phone Plan

Metro by T-Mobile is Mobile Virtual Network Operator, and like most MVNOs, it offers no-contract cellphone plans. But unlike other MVNOs, Metropcs has some of the most affordable prepaid plans. Moreover, the carrier divides its plans into two, making it comfortable for a majority of customers to choose.

1. Metro by T-Mobile Individual Plan

Metropcs’ individual plan is the most convenient choice in terms of the best affordable phone plans providing unlimited everything. Apart from being no-contract plans, you will never receive nasty surprises due to hidden charges or fees.

The individual metro pcs plan has the following essential offer:

  • Unlimited talk and text
  • 3G Hotspot tethering
  • Voicemail
  • 2-Gig data
  • Caller ID
  • Wi-Fi calling for supported phones

The point of separation for its three plans in this category is the data option.

The $30 Monthly MetroPCS Individual Plan

The most basic of metro pcs individual plans offers:

  • 2-Gig of High-Speed data
  • Speed throttling after you reach the 1GB ceiling

The $40 Monthly MetroPCS Individual Plan

The intermediate level cellphone plan comes with:

  • 6-Gig of High-Speed data
  • Speed throttling after you reach the 6GB ceiling

The $50 Monthly MetroPCS Individual Plan

For fifty dollars a month, you will receive:

  • 35-Gig of High-Speed data
  • Up to 10-Gig of your 4G data allotment for hotspot
  • Speed throttling after you reach the 30GB ceiling

The $60 Monthly MetroPCS Individual Plan

The most premium individual plan by Metropcs has the following features:

  • Unlimited 4G LTE data
  • No speed throttling, although customers may experience slower speeds during congestion.

Note that each of the four plans comes with the above-listed basics.

2. Metro by T-Mobile Family Plan

Metropcs family plan can partly solve the question, ‘how does a phone upgrade work for Metropcs existing customers?’ We all know that it will cost an already metro pcs client whatever the smartphone costs when upgrading. However, adding a line to an active $60 unlimited 4G LTE plan can qualify you for a $50 refund on any cell phone. If you registered a Metro by T-Mobile account with an individual plan, you can transform it into a family plan by adding one or more lines to it.

Note that the above rebate is also available to customers looking to upgrade their phone, provided they have been active for over ninety days and are on or update to the $60 unlimited plan. You’ll also want to remember that Metropcs only gives the discount for devices costing $79 or more.

The option for a family plan will be suitable for you if you intend to have between two and five lines. Apart from the maximum five lines being convenient, the carrier does not distribute data to each line evenly. It means you will pay for every additional line, separately.

Here is the price listing for the family plans:

  • 6-Gig $40 Individual plan plus all its basics and a $15 price-cut for each line you add
  • $60 unlimited everything plan with a $30 discount for each additional line

How To Qualify For A Metropcs Phone Upgrade Through BYOP Program

There isn’t a one-fits-all solution to the question, ‘how does a phone upgrade work for Metropcs existing customers? Like most MVNOs, metro pcs gives you the option to bring your phone to the network. An alternative to the carrier’s bring your own phone program is purchasing a device from its online or retail stores. On the other hand, there are two significant conditions you must meet when opting for the MetroPCS BYOP program.

  • You must bring an unlocked cellphone
  • The phone should be compatible with GSM technology

Your device will work on the metro pcs platform without issues once you meet the two requirements.

Note that the BYOP program doesn’t work with just any unlocked GSM mobile phone. One of the critical factors to qualifying for a Metropcs phone upgrade is that you must have a smartphone. Additionally, only existing phone plan owners are eligible for the upgrades. It means bringing the unlocked, GSM-compatible smartphone you already have to MetroPCS and become an active subscriber.

Upgrading your smartphone can take less than a day. For most consumers, it varies with their preferred purchase point. Buying your metro pcs phone upgrade online is convenient due to the expedited one-day shipping as well as the option to activate it from the carrier’s webpage. If paper documentation is your preference, you can usually complete the whole process in a full day at the store.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often can I upgrade my phone with MetroPCS?

You can upgrade your Metro by T-Mobile device up to four times annually. The moment you buy a metro pcs smartphone, you will routinely become eligible for their promotional upgrade after every three months of activating the initial or upgraded cell phone.

How much is a phone upgrade for MetroPCS?

The cost of a phone upgrade for Metro by T-Mobile will vary from one customer to the next. While every qualifying candidate for a smartphone upgrade must pay the standard $25 activation fee, many other factors are not constant. For example, the total cost of the process will also include the recommended retail price of the upgrade device, and if you are eligible for a discount on it.

Does MetroPCS have specials?

Yes. Metro by T-Mobile has plenty of specials for new and existing customers. Currently, for instance, you can get up to four lines of unlimited everything for only $120 a month, saving you $120 every month. The limited-time offer comes with Amazon Prime. Similarly, you can add four lines to the $50 monthly unlimited plan, making it a family plan deal going for $100 per month. In this limited-time promo, customers can save up to $100 a month, while enjoying Google One storage with 5-Gig hotspot data per line. Apple enthusiasts can also save $350 on a new iPhone 7 with a $399.99 RRP by paying only $29.99. However, the special is exclusive to new customers who switch to Metro.

The Bottom Line

Metro by T-Mobile is one of the best affordable MVNOs with a decent selection of smartphone deals. As such, many people keep asking, ‘how does a phone upgrade work for Metropcs existing customers? You can process a metro pcs phone upgrade if you have been their client for at least ninety days. But you must be ready to pay a $25 activation fee plus the full recommended retail price of the smartphone.

It may seem like the updated phone upgrade policy at Metro by T-Mobile has less to offer the already registered subscribers. However, current clients can take advantage of Metropcs discounts for new and existing customers to avoid paying the posted phone price. For example, a MetroPCS member who is eligible for a phone upgrade can move to or add a line of service to the sixty-dollar unlimited plan for a fifty-dollar rebate on any device.

The refund notwithstanding, a metro pcs phone upgrade is worth the investment. You will enjoy stronger cellphone signals despite your location, courtesy of T-Mobile’s robust network infrastructure on the GSM platform. Moreover, the convenience of browsing the internet, uploading, and downloading at LTE speeds will enhance your smartphone experience.