How Much Is It To Rent An RV For Outing

Cross-country road travel is now on hand as it is June, July, and August. This is the best plan for school out for the summer season when your kids need refreshment. Surely you are going to pack up the kids, some snacks and road map. However, this travel adds up fun, experience and new prospect to know the world better. Most of the family are outing to get a break and opt to rent an RV.

The common question that comes to the family is how much is it to rent an RV? The cost to rent an RV generally depends on what type of RV you want. This could be big in size, when you rent it and what kinds of amenities you are going to add up. Unlike any travel to rent a car, this is added with some features which makes travel memorable and significant.

However, you rent a car and you pay for every seat including insurance, gas, and tolls in the roads. Mapping mileage is another factor to consider. Most often it is hard to fix up the mileage because you may need to add mileage when you hit the limit. This also adds up the cost as when you are taking additional mileage.

How Much Is It To Rent an RV?

Surely the cost may vary according to location and other factors. For example, a family of four-person is going to rent Class C 25-foot motorhome for seven nights. This could be different in cost as we are going to give prices on two locations. In Florida, the cost is $1,000 with tax and fully attached with kitchen. In Phoenix, the cost is $1,500 approximately with tax and fully outfitted kitchen.

How Much is it To Rent an RV

Variation of Price

Variation of prices highly depends on the demand of the rental RV motor home. In summer people usually, tend to go outing with family and kids. This time is called the peak season.

In general, how much is it to rent an RV varies according to class and age. Older RV will cost less than that of a new one. Here you may get prices variation of RV motorhome.

  • Class A: $150-$250 per night if the motorhome 10 years older/$350-$450 per night if the motorhome is newer.
  • Class B: $100-$200 per night if the motorhome 10 years older/$200-$350 per night if the motorhome newer.
  • Class C: $100-$200 per night if the motorhome 10 years older/$225-$400 per night if the motorhome is newer.
  • Travel Trailer: $50-$125 per night if the motorhome 10 years older/$125-$200 per night if the motorhome newer.
  • Fifth Wheel: $60-$150 per night if the motorhome 10 years older/$150-$300 per night if the motorhome is newer.

How Rental RV Pricing Works

The first thing that comes to you is to look at your pocket. Cost of these areas vary from different people to people. When you have a good amount of money, surely you are going to choose the best one. In spite of having a few amounts of money in the pocket, you may also seek different paths to minimize your costs. Pricing matters and it is one of the first consideration before going to any vacation. Here are some tips for you for your better experience.

  • Cost Per Night : In peak season especially July and August, generally the demand goes high and the rental company takes it as an advantage. So the price in this season goes high. The cost per night may be high when someone is going to avail of a trip.
  • Cost vs Mileage : Rental RV’s cost mainly depends on how many miles you are running. Most of the RV rental calculate differently. This could be the total package or cost per mile. Generally, the cost may be 34-45 cents when you are running with rental RV per miles.
  • Added Facilities : In hot months, RV rental motor home may include AC and non-stop generator. This facility may not include in the total package but while contracting an RV motor home may include this generator which can support non-stop electricity. Generally, this addition may cost you extra payment.
  • Cost of Things You Have at Your Home : You may have pots, pans, bedding and other materials which are usable inside the RV rental motor home. If those materials are brought in the RV rental motor home, the cost may be reduced.

How To Stay On Budget

The Cost of Camping

some state parks, national park, and Bureau of Land management properties will allow an RV to camp for free. On the other hand, a private company may have a beautiful location and they may charge for a nominal fee and also they can provide to hook up to water, electric, sewer, and cable.

Though to rent an RV is not as easy as it relates to cost and also hard to control. In spite of this true fact, there are some ways on how to stay on budget. Here are some tips to minimize your cost.

Add Home Appliance

There are surely some home appliances like the kitchen or personal kits which can be added in an RV motorhome. These home appliance may include own pots, silverware, bedding and some other components that you bring. For a better experience, you first visit the RV motorhome and get some ideas what can be added. This effort can save a few dollars which will reduce the total cost.

Choose The Affordable Campgrounds

Before any RV travel, the better way is to know the ins and outs of the travel. You might stay in a campground. This campground generally gets packed and the rate of campground goes up to meet the excess demand. You may seek for the campground which is less packed. When there is no pressure on travelers, the cost is normal. Additionally, you may contact different campgrounds about their offers and perks. This technique can reduce the cost of RV travels.

For example, high-end campgrounds might make an expensive bill as they provide some extra facilities like on-site pool and parks and broom note. In this case, your choice could be state or national parks which also provide a lot of outdoor recreation and natural beauty. But they don’t charge beyond your pocket.

Prepare Foods at Own Hand

Buying foods from outside is really costly. You can minimize this cost also when you are bringing some foods or food components. This technique is cool because you are ready to cook foods and eat at a convenient time. Even you don’t have to go to a restaurant which is also a costly choice.

Add Some Recreations To Reduce Cost

In some cases, you start your travel with an RV motor home. But you can see that you can’t lead a quality time. So it is the best decision beforehand when you are bringing your pets, toys, games and sports materials. These elements will cease you to buy any other elements outside. More importantly, there is no fee for pets as a boarding fee.

Avoid Wi-Fi

Traveling means to get acquainted with nature. It is important for life and it is just like a movie when you peep out from the window. Anyway, some campgrounds may offer Wi-Fi facilities. You may exclude as you may not need to stream videos.

Keep Apps

When you are camping in a remote place, you need to know the nearest gas station. There is an app to know which is in the nearest place. So this can save you some penny.

Expedition Motor Home in California

However, if you live in California, Expedition motor homes may be available to feed your need a second home for some days. Here we briefly discuss the prices and condition of this company. You may choose this rental RV motorhome as a cheap one.

General RV Rental Pricing Information & Condition of Expedition Motor Home

There is minimum general and rental pricing information in every rental RV motorhome company. It is important to know this fact while you are planning to get a rental RV motorhome. From expedition motor home, you may know some pricing methods. These may be the same in other motor companies. Here you may get some ideas on the prices that the renters have to pay.

Minimum Rental Periods

This Company has a minimum period and you are to comply with this minimum requirement. In winter and spring season, you must rent any RV motorhome for minimum 3 night. On the other hand, if it is about the summer season, then minimum rental periods is going to be 7 night.

Rental Mileage

you have to pay for per mileage. All rentals may include 100 free miles which can be per rental night. There is an additional mileage cost. When you run in excess of free miles, you will be charged at $.32 per mile for the onward miles. But all miles can be calculated with $1.59.  This mileage cost can be hard to understand. For this, you may need to know the exact quote from the rental agent.

Starter Kit

To make camping with RV rental motorhome without hassle, starter kits are an indispensable part. Starter kits are used as accessories to make the RV rental motor home fit enough to dispose of wastewater from the black and grey holding tanks. This simple method makes the camping more comfortable as this RV motor home contains wastewater polluted by food particles, used soap and particle from another source.

To get starter kit, price as a fee may be $45 for trailers and $107 for total motor home. This starter kit includes exterior cleaning, all toilet chemicals, all toilet tissue, hoses, connectors, adaptors, hot spots for wireless internet and 1-hour free orientation on how to use the RV/trailer. Trailer kits generally have weight distribution hitch, 25/16inch ball, sway bars, and electrical connection from trailers from SUV/truck.

Brake controllers are compulsory to use for all trailers and toy hauler for rental purposes. This brake controller is available for all type of rentals, sales, and installation of brake controllers.

RV Cleaning Fee

It is needless to say that black and the grey holding tanks, interior cleaning tank and propane tank should be cleaned in a proper way. The cost in this regard could be $95 for a travel trailer, toy haulers, and $129 for class C units and $179 Class A, gas and diesel.


The generator is mandatory to supply uninterrupted supply of electricity. Also, there is the cost of generator use. But the first 3 hours for each rental night has no cost but additional hours may cost $3.00 per hour. Here is to note that travel trailers don’t use a generator.

Rental Insurance

any loss due to the accident is not expected. Insurance is mandatory by the renters through their fixed auto insurance carrier. This insurance also may be purchased directly. There are different plans of insurance according to the nature of the rental RV trip.

Reservation Deposit

To start any rental RV motorhome, reservation deposit is necessary. This is $525 partial payment to make sure placement of a reservation.

Security Deposit

the rental RV motorhome will be in full control for someday. To meet the security issue, the rental company may require $500-$3000. This security money may vary depending on the size and distance. This money is refundable and the renter will get this money back within 7-10 business days after RV return. The money deposited in their account is safe and cab refunded safely if there is no damage to the unit.

Pick up/Return Times

Pick time generally starts from 1.00pm to 4.00pm on departure date when the appointment is confirmed. The RV will come back within 12.00 pm on the return date. In some cases, renters have to pay a fee for late return which is $50 per hour. This fee is also applicable for early pickup.


Pets can be helpful to spend quality time. Luckily, this company allows one small pet for which you have to pay $20 per night with a $100 security deposit. The Unit must be as there was no pet inside the unit. In the case of sign to be a pet living inside the unit, the renter will be charged $500 for cleaning fee.

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Closing Thoughts

RV motorhome is an excellent way to add exceptional taste and flavor in life. Camping in a remote place can help people retain pro-activeness and stamina to stand on in new life. Although some people may find it as a costly one, this has so many benefits to refresh our life from hassle and bustle from busy and monotonous life. How much is it to rent an RV is the number one consideration and one should know it clearly. In every step of this camping with RV motorhome, there is a cost factor. After having a clear cost procedure, one can take it to make camping memorable and significant.

Note to the Readers: This article is giving so many ideas on cost for rent RV motorhome. The cost described in this article may vary by the rental RV Company for different reasons. Before making any decision to get rental RV motorhome, one should discuss with the professional who deals with rental RV motorhome issue and agents from the rental company.