How To Boost Cell Signal At Home For Free

As the world shifts to the superior 5G connection, we are expecting lives that are more brilliant with wireless network connectivity. However, there are various places where making a basic phone call is still a struggle. For instance, many of the rural areas are experiencing little to no mobile coverage. Does this mean you can only guarantee excellent phone reception in cities and towns? Certainly not. In this article, we are going to uncover the secrets of how to boost cell signal at home for free.

Before we highlight the various tips on boosting your cell phone signal at home without paying, you might consider using Wi-Fi to make calls. To do this, you need to be on a stable internet connection. This can be an excellent alternative to placing phone calls over the cellular network. However, not all phones support the Wi-Fi calling feature, and it only solves bad cell signals for voice calls.

How To Increase Mobile Network Signal In Home

It is not always that you need to spend sums of money in solving cell phone signal issues. Sometimes going from poor phone calls and slow data to a better signal experience can be a simple fix.

1. Check For Phone Damages

Dropping the phone can damage the internal antenna, even when in a case. This will significantly affect the quality of your cell phone service, especially network signals. For that reason, you should consider taking off the case and checking for damages to the corners and back of the phone. Alternatively, you can schedule an appointment with the nearest repair center or your carrier.

They will run a comprehensive diagnostic confirming all the hardware is working properly. If it is not, they can fix the phone or replace it for free if it is still under warranty.

2. Update Your Phone Software

Sometimes we do not find it convenient for updating the software running our phones. This leaves us lagging by a few versions. As a result, the device will perform non-optimally, because of lacking vital bug fixes as well as optimizations for data, calling and normal functions. Therefore, before considering other steps, it is advisable to ensure your phone’s operating system is updated to the latest version.

3. Disable LTE

While everyone is happy with the ongoing preparations for transit to the latest 5G network, this may not be a solution to poor mobile signals in homes. If you are on the 4G LTE network and your phone is displaying a single network bar, consider disabling the LTE signal. The bars on your smartphone involve multiple things such as the quality of nearby towers and load, as well as signal strength.

Therefore, if you are showing a single bar of the 4G connection, it may mean your phone is communicating with a highly congested tower, poor signal strength, or the quality of the signal is weak. Despite everything, it may be worth downgrading to the 3G network, which is often a stronger signal due to less congestion.

4. Upgrade Your Phone To A Newer Device

If you are using an older phone that only supports 3G, a good rule of thumb is to upgrade to a more modern phone that works with LTE. This is likely to improve your voice and data signals in the home since it can leverage voice over LTE as well as high-speed data and Wi-Fi calling.

5. Change Your Carrier

If a poor mobile signal in the home is not consistent across carriers, consider switching your mobile service provider. You should try to find out from neighbors and colleagues about their signal quality and strength. Invite them over to your place to see how their phone’s signal strength will perform in your house. Most carriers today are offering incentives and will pay to cancel the existing contract for a switch to their network.

How To Boost Cell Signal At Home For Free

How To Improve Mobile Signal Strength

Are you in one of those areas where you have to run elsewhere to receive calls? We have a few hacks on how to boost cell signal at home for free. Therefore, before doing anything drastic such as shelling out a significant amount of money on a signal booster, here are tricks you can try to improve mobile signal strength.

1. Remove The Case On Your Phone

One cause of a weak signal is the case on your device. Before the introduction of smartphones, mobile phones had external antennas. Nowadays, however, the antenna is internal. Having a case on your smartphone, particularly metal ones, can significantly, impact signal reception, similar to holding the phone wrong.

Therefore, removing the case and holding the device without obstructing antenna lines can improve your mobile’s signal strength.

2. Change To A Different Mobile Provider

Changing to another mobile network is often free. Nearly all carriers today will avail of incentives for customers who switch to their network. Switching is surprisingly easy and you can still keep your existing number.  Using the network coverage checker of alternative carriers will help decide on the best provider to switch to.

A better alternative would be to request for a pay-as-you-go SIM from a provider to try out for a few weeks. With no contracts and no obligations, you can keep changing SIMs until you find a reliable carrier. It is a good thing that nearly all SIM cards are standard, which means popping out the right size for your smartphone.

3. Locate The Part Of The House With The Best Signal Reception

Finding out which part of the house has the best reception involves knowing where your cell tower is located. If you don’t know about its location, it worth finding out. This is because the area of your house closest to the tower often receives the strongest signal. Using the decibel reading is the best way to determine the best location for stable signal strength on your mobile phone. The decibel is the phone bar readings that keep changing, with one bar indicating the weakest signal and full bar showing the strongest signal reception.

How To Increase Network Signal Strength In Android

We all know why getting a fast and reliable network signal strength is important. Being in the smartphone age, improving your signal strength on android without purchasing a cell phone booster is as easy as using these tips:

  • Move to the window: The walls on your building are notorious for blocking the RF signal. Standing by the window typically creates a clear pathway for your phone antenna to connect to the nearest cell tower.
  • Enhance elevation: Many times the lower your elevation the more things blocking radio frequency signal. Therefore, moving upstairs or to a higher floor will give you a clearer line of sight to the closest cell tower.
  • Avoid congested areas: You may not be aware that your phone is competing with other devices for the same cellular network signals. Therefore, when you are in a crowded place, a good rule of thumb is getting some space away from other cellular devices.


Low quality to no network signals is a common phenomenon for consumers in some areas. A lot of objects standing between your smartphone and cell tower can cause poor mobile phone signal. You need to get to a clear line of view to boost network strength. Too many people simultaneously, using their cellphones will overwhelm the nearest cell tower with traffic. You will consequently, experience slow download, upload, and streaming speed, along with dropped calls. When this happens, you don’t necessarily need to spend more money on a solution. The most important thing is knowing how to boost cell signal strength at home for free.