How To Get A Cash App Card Under 18

People have long asked if teenagers under the age of 18 can use Cash App. Many customers inquire whether their children can use the money transfer program safely. So, let us talk about teenagers and Cash App. There is no official Cash App for Minors or Cash App for children. By law, children are not permitted to establish a Cash App account or card under 18. If they discover you are under the age of 18, your account will be permanently restricted. In fact, you will be unable to use the Cash App.

All Cash App users must be at least 18 years old. You can use this app to split meals or buy movie tickets, contribute to birthday gifts among other things. In this article, we are going to explore the available options for an under 18 to use or own a Cash App account and card.

What is a Cash App Card?

Cash App is a peer-to-peer money transfer application owned by Square Inc. It is one of the most robust financial apps with a plethora of functions. For instance, you can send and receive money through it. It is also very popular when it comes to sharing of utility bills or anywhere people need to share cost. Either amongst friends, relatives or roommates.

Cash App also has services similar to conventional bank accounts. They issue their customers with a special debit card popularly known as Cash Card. The card can be used to make purchases online with funds in the Cash App account. Users also have the option to invest in various ways like stock or bitcoin.

Can I Use a Cash App Card if I’m Under 18?

Yes, if you are under the age of 18, you can use an Unverified Cash App account and their card. But there are certain restrictions and risks involved in using this kind of account. For example, it can result to a suspension of your account. Supposedly they suspend your account, you have to identify yourself to recover it. As a minor, you won’t have any proof of identity. That’s why the Cash App is exclusively meant for people aged 18 years and above.

How to Verify Cash App Card if Under 18?

If you are under the age of 18, you cannot Verify your Cash App account or Cash App card. Users create a Cash App account by providing an email address. You also need a verified phone number. The good news is; you can use Cash App without validating your account if you are under 18 years.

However, there are several setbacks you must be prepared for when transacting with an unverified account. To exchange large amounts of money, you will have to verify your account. That means proving a Social Security number which you don’t have among others.

How to Make a Cash App Account & Get A Card Under 18?

The only problem with creating an account for under 18 is verification. Otherwise, anyone can open and run it. To do so, enter your email or phone number. A code is normally sent either to your email or phone. Fill up your complete first and last name. The next step is to enter your ZIP code and select a Cash tag. You will not be able to verify your account because you are under the age of 18. So, skip the verification step.

With an unverified account, you will have to bear with limitations such as a weekly and monthly cap. You will only be allowed send up to $250 per week and a monthly receiving limit of $1,000. Also, it won’t be possible to own a Cash card which is a major drawback. Other features restricted include Stock Trading, Bitcoin, and other investment features.

Cash App Card for Kids and Minors

Under the age of 18, you cannot order a Cash App card. There are several requirements that one must satisfy to get a Cash App card. First and foremost, your account must be verified. And as mentioned earlier, as an underage, you don’t possess the right documentation to verify your account.

Basically, the name Cash App for Kids refers to an unverified Cash App account. This means anybody can create one and start transacting right away. With its basic features and limitations, you’ll be able to accomplish all simple money matters. Otherwise, you can’t own a Cash Card.

Option to Solve the Problem Faced if You Under 18

There are two options that you can use to solve this problem of account verification for the under 18. These include;

  1. One is to provide the youngster with a Cash App account with an already processed Card. In that case, the child would no longer need to verify his age. So, all the youngster needs to do is know your PIN and will be free to transact.
  2. Another option is loading the card with the amount you want the child to withdraw. Assume you wish the child to spend only $10 from the Cash Card. Load the exact amount in the card before handing it over. Thus, the child has access to only the ten bucks allotted. Additionally, it reassures the parent that the youngster will not spend excessively. Nonetheless, if the child requires additional funds, the parent may top up the Cash Card.

How to Get a Cash App Card?

Getting a Cash Card isn’t a hard process. You only need Cash App installed in your device to order one at the comfort of your home. To apply for the card, launch the Cash App and follow the steps below;

  • When the app opens, tap on the Cash Card symbol. This option is on the lower-left corner of the smartphone screen.
  • Locate “GET FREE CASH CARD” option on the screen that opens. Select it to continue.
  • Choose your favorite color for your Cash App card. To proceed to the next stage, tap on the color and push the retaining tab.
  • You need to personalize your Card. So, select the enable or disable the option to display your Cash tag.
  • To enter your Cash card signature. You can opt for either writing or drawing the signature.
  • You may add stamps by hitting the small smiling face button that appears under the signature box. When you are through, click Next to continue to the next step.
  • Enter your mailing address, first and last name. Examine the email address and other information to confirm they are all valid. Note when you provide wrong information, the whole process will be unsuccessful.
  • To Submit, click the Continue or Next tab.
  • If you provide the correct details your Cash App card will be processed and delivered within ten business days.

What Happens if You Make a Cash App Account Under 18?

Individuals under the age of 18 do not have permission to register an account.  This is according to Cash App’s guidelines. Doing this means you are entering into a jail arrangement within the United States. By opening a Cash App account, you consent to a legally enforceable jail agreement.

However, you can open a fictitious account on Cash App to get money. However, when you attempt to verify your account, it will ask for your card or bank account. If you are under the age of 18, your account will automatically be blocked.

Cash App Alternative for Under 18

If you are a parent searching for Cash App cards for your children, you are better off looking at these options. They are perfect alternatives because they do not have a lot of restrictions like Cash App;

1. FamZoo Prepaid Debit Card

Teenagers and parents have accessibility to Debit Card through the FamZoo program. Note the FamZoo Debit card is a prepaid card. Unlike Cash Card, it allows full parental control over money transfers. 

Additionally, FamZoo does not charge any fees for recharging the card. The only fees associated with the FamZoo prepaid debit card are the monthly $5.99 cost and a $2 charge fee for the card.

2. MasterCard Debit Mango

You can educate your children to save by using the Mango Prepaid MasterCard. Teenagers can create a savings account earning 6% Annual Percentage Yield (APY). There are no costs associated with the Mango Prepaid MasterCard application procedure. The only expenses are the $5 monthly fee and $3 ATM withdrawal fee.

3. American Express

The advantage of this card is that it offers many variants of its Serve prepaid debit card. The most popular is the FREE Reloads version. There are no fees when you add money to the card. American Express charges a higher monthly cost of $6.95.

4. MasterCard Prepaid Akimbo

The Akimbo Prepaid MasterCard is normally designed to manage accounts for under 18. This makes it suitable for families with more than one child. You can set up many prepaid accounts with Akimbo and linked to a primary account. Instead of monthly fees, expect to pay $0.99 for pin transactions. Also, there is $1.98 for ATM withdrawals and $0.33 for checking ATM balance.

5. Movo Virtual Visa Prepaid Card

It focuses on secure online purchasing with the Movo Virtual Prepaid Visa Card. You can use it to generate a throwaway account number if your children buy online. This safeguards your account from hackers. The ATM withdrawal charge with Movo is $1. You will also pay a monthly fee of $4.94 if the account is dormant.

Final Recap

Unfortunately, there is no way to use a cash app card directly if you are under the age of 18. Although, that doesn’t mean minors cannot use this card. A parent has an option to give their kids a direct access to their account. That will give them freedom to operate their parents’ accounts like their own.

Instead of struggling to circumvent Cash App policies, you can go for the alternatives we’ve seen above. With these, you don’t have to operate a dummy illegal account for your children. Besides they are meant for kids.