How To Get Free Internet At Home Without Paying

Currently, the internet has become a necessity in our day to day duties such as cleaning, schoolwork, entertainment and so much more. Unlike in the olden days, the internet was expensive and people had limited access to it now but now everybody can access the internet right from one’s smartphone. Even though it has become a necessity, internet service providers charge a huge amount of money of up to $60 per month for you to enjoy the fast internet speed. Are you tired of the monthly bill that chops off a huge amount of money? No need to worry anymore as you are in the right place. In this article, I’ll guide you through how to get free internet at home without paying.

According to various statistics, it shows that an average person pays around $50 per month to enjoy the smooth fast internet services unlike a decade ago it was $10 a significant rise, isn’t it? The rise is due to the increase of people using the internet and the internet speeds increase thus the rise. It is no surprise that people take advantage of the free Wi-Fi offered at the various cafe, hotels, restaurants to save on the data bundle they have been allocated. You are probably asking right now how can I save a few bucks on the internet every month? As I said earlier you are in the right place as I show you how to get free internet at home without paying anything. All the tips I’ll show are 100% legal so you won’t see any dubious means of getting internet here.

Getting the free internet is quite easy and it isn’t difficult as you may think. Internet service providers are developing new and innovative plans that offer home internet access at no cost. Some non-profit making organizations have established partnerships with service providers to offer internet at a cost that is affordable for low-income earners. In this article, I’ll guide you through how to access the free internet at your abode. Not only have I stated the benefits of getting the free internet but also I have stated how to stay secure from scammers and fraudsters on the internet. Read ahead.

How do I access the free internet safely?

If you are fortunate to access free internet at home through an ISP program then no need to worry as you can securely browse without any worries of sharing your information across a public WiFi system. Although having a private network at home is an excellent option, not everyone can access it.

If you access the internet through a public hotspot as explained above you need to be extra vigilant about your information sharing and security. Below are some tips you can follow for secure browsing.

1. Using Secure websites

As you use the public internet, you are vulnerable to potentially dangerous security issues and if you aren’t careful you might become a victim. You need to pay attention to the security of the website you visit. You check the URL of the website if it has HTTPS then the website is secure and won’t store any of your data.

Also, some of the browsers have made it easy to identify a secure website with a padlock if you spot an exclamation mark then the website isn’t secure. If you want to make any online purchases then you can look for trust elements on sites such as trust seals from Paypal, Payoneer, and other sites.

You need to do research to make sure some of the websites are trusted by the companies. lastly, you can check for the company’s contact details with as many details as possible.

2. Protect your personal information

You need to ensure that your personal details stay secure as it can be catastrophic in the hands of a hacker. You should have a security program installed for example firewall as it helps block malicious sites from accessing your information.

Also You need to be keen when proving your personal information on websites like bank details, social security numbers, and many others. Finally, you need to log out of your accounts every time you use then and don’t store your passwords in your browser.

3. Use a Virtual Private Network

Commonly known as a VPN. it is a better alternative to protect yourself if you aren’t on a secure internet connection. The VPN works in that it creates a barrier between your personal information and the internet by encrypting the data to and from the connection and your device.

The unique thing about VPNs is that it allows you to connect to a different country for extra protection and hide your identity. The VPNs are available for a range of devices from smartphones, tablets to your desktop.

4. Avoid file sharing

You need to keep in mind that public internet connections should never be used for file sharing. Due to the advancement of technology, some of the connections don’t allow file sharing while others aren’t that strict. Once connected to the internet, you need to turn off the automatic syncing of files to Google Drive, Dropbox and wait till you access a private network. It helps keep all your documents, photos, videos, and other media safe from the wrong hands or eyes.

5. Shun from automatic connection

When you are connecting to an internet connection you will see a checkbox labeled “Connect automatically” please make sure you uncheck it. Though it is an efficient way of connecting to the same network the next time you come, it isn’t safe for your personal information.

If you leave the device automatically connected to the internet connection, it gives hackers the chance to access your device through the connection. Once you are done using the internet, make sure your discount and the next time you use it to connect to it manually.

Top Best Ways To Access The Free Internet

Since the internet has become a necessity in society, there are various ways you can access the free internet at home without paying. Although it has many restrictions such as internet speed can decrease if you stream your favorite TV shows, online gaming you can you the internet to stay connected and keep you updated.

The methods that I’ll show you are totally legal and you won’t get into any trouble with the law enforcers. I’ll show you some of the government programs, those with low income and you can find one that will suit your work.

1) Freedom Pop

It is an excellent option to get free internet access to your smartphone and computer. You can also get several cheaper options than the ones offered by other service providers. You can sign up with them through their website and get a free internet hotspot device.

In the 1st month you get 10GB of data free then after that you get 500MB of data which is suitable for individuals who don’t use the internet much. Freedom Pop requires a deposit for the device and which you can return once you are done with the services. You can get your money back if you return it within a year.

2) Connect to complete

Founded by Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and to help low-income families in disadvantaged areas to get free internet access. The program seeks to help every household to get internet into more homes and schools so that everyone can stay connected and updated with the latest news. You go to their website, enter your zip code and click “Find offers” and choose the once that is suitable for you. You need to keep in mind that the program depends on your location, fund availability and income needs.

You can qualify if you participate in at least one of the government programs such as Section 8, Food stamps and also if you earn a low income and is in line with the Federal poverty guidelines.

3) All free ISP

It helps consumers get free internet services or cheap alternatives in their area. At the website, you share your state and area code and you will get well-detailed lists of both cheap and free internet service providers in your area.

Not only does it provides a list of ISPs but also it gives ratings of the ISP based on customer satisfaction, reliability, and other factors. The free ISP clearly indicates that they earn from the advertisements that are shown before you connect to the internet. In the FAQ tab, it shows that the free offers are absolutely 100% free with no setup fees.

4) NetZero

It is among the oldest internet service provider in the US as it was founded in 1988. Unlike Freedom Pop, you can access the internet by using downloaded software rather than the mobile routers. The internet access is restricted to 10 hours per month so this plan is suitable for users who don’t need a lot of data, you can check out the NetZero other plans available at a fee and you aren’t required to sign any contract.

5) Wi-Fi free spot

Wi-Fi Free Spot helps find regional and national enterprises in your area that offer Wi-Fi at no cost. The site acts as a directory as once you provide your residential are or state it will display all the Wi-Fi location in your state or areas at no extra charges.

The site is of much importance as it helps you get the Wi-Fi locations while you are traveling. An ideal Wi-Fi free spot is the local library as it contains computers thus you will have access to the internet.

The only requirement you need is to be a member of the library and it is a public one. At the library, you will experience fewer interruptions and you will have a quiet environment.

6) Mobile Hotspot

Also known as tethering, every smartphone has a hotspot feature. It facilitates the sharing of data from your phone to other devices. You need to first activate the hotspot feature and connect to it by following the guidelines provided on your mobile device.

This is an ideal option if you have plenty of monthly data as hotspots consume a lot of data. The unlimited Wi-Fi hotpot data is cheap as the majority of the mobile carriers have added it to their mobile plans.

7) Ask a neighbor

You can inquire from your neighbor whether they can share their internet with you. You need to establish a rapport with them and you can think of services you can offer them in exchange for the internet such as mowing their lawn, babysitting their children and so much more.

You can inform your neighbor that you will be liable with the internet by keeping the password safe, accessing secure websites, and other agreements so that everyone is comfortable.

8) Search for Municipal Wireless Network

It is a citywide network that creates Wi-Fi networks from various businesses and government offices across the entire city. They are essential as it provides internet connection to every individual even to those who can’t afford it especially the less privileged schools and families.

The networks are available in large metropolitans but various regions have begun implementing this idea so that everyone can access the free internet and stay connected. Check out the latest list of municipal wireless networks and their restrictions.

Bottom line

As you have in my article, getting free internet at home without paying is possible. Although it seems more likely to get the free internet you have to live in a densely populated area, other places are starting to catch up and have seen the importance of residents staying connected.

No need to worry as through the government in conjunction with the service providers more locations will have municipal wireless networks or businesses with public Wi-Fi since the internet in the 21st century has become more of a necessity than a demand.

I highly recommend you subscribe to your local ISP’s email lists so that you can get 1st hand details on the new offers and discounts. Also, you should check your local ISP as their offers don’t stay constant. I hope I’ve answered your burning questions and you can use the various tips to access the free internet. Do you know any other legal ways on how to access free internet at home?