How To Transfer Money From GreenDot To Chime Account

Green Dot is one of the most reliable online financial institution in the USA with its headquarters located in Austin, Texas. This institution has the best services that allow customers to open a savings account and a checking account. Its savings account helps you to save with the most yielding savings plans. On the other hand, the checking account issues a prepaid debit card to its consumers. This card helps to conduct a number of transaction effortlessly. This includes transfer of money from GreenDot to Chime. So, what is Chime?

Chime is a mobile app and a financial technology company with a full featured deposit account. The account allows direct deposits from external bank accounts or financial institution that are plaid supported. This includes accounts like GreenDot. Therefore, if you wonder how to transfer money from GreenDot to Chime, the process is easy and expeditious. In our guide today, we educate you on different ways to conduct this transfer. Be our guest!

Transfer Money From GreenDot To Chime

As stated, transfer of money from GreenDot to Chime is direct and instant. However, to transfer, you should first link your GreenDot card to Chime. This is through the following process.

1. Linking GreenDot card to Chime

  • On your Chime mobile app, login with your credentials
  • Navigate through and tap ‘’ move money’’
  • Next, select ‘’ transfers’’
  • Click the drop-down arrow and you will be redirected to a page that requires you to enter your GreenDot account login credentials
  • You have successfully linked your GreenDot account to your Chime account.

After a successful linking, you can now transfer money from your GreenDot account to Chime spending account. This is through the following:

  • Login back to your Chime account
  • Select the amount you need to transfer from your linked GreenDot card
  • Initiate the transfer to your Chime checking account.

Note that the maximum amount you can transfer through this process is $10,000 per day.

2. Use ACH transfers from external account

Besides, you can use the ACH direct transfers from GreenDot to Chime checking account through the GreenDot app. However, you should be in hold of your Chime account and routing numbers. To transfer:

  • Login to your GreenDot account
  • Select ‘’bank transfers’’
  • Select your Chime account and enter your accounts routing and account number
  • Follow the proceeding procedure and transfer your money to Chime free of charge.

Alternative Way To Transfer Money From GreenDot To Chime Through Cash App

Alternatively, you can send money from GreenDot to Chime indirectly through cash app. Although a long process, it’s still a valid and sure way of transferring money from GreenDot to Chime. Here is the process.

1st Step : Send money from GreenDot to cash app

Here, you should use your GreenDot card black unlimited version to send money from GreenDot to cash app. First and foremost, link your GreenDot special card to cash app. Next, transfer the money instantly through the following process.

  • Open your cash app on your smartphone
  • Tap ‘’ linked account’’ and select your GreenDot linked account
  • Click ‘’banking’’
  • Followed by ‘’ add cash’’
  • Enter the amount
  • Enter your pin and transfer your money.

You can now cash out money from your cash app to Chime. Note that the process is equally easy and straight forward. However, you are required to have the latest cash app version for this process to go through. Below is the process:

2nd Step : Cash out from cash app to Chime

  • Login to your cash app latest version
  • Tap ‘’balance’’
  • Next, select ‘’ cash out’’
  • Select Chime as the recipient account
  • Type or select the amount to transfer
  • Select your preferred deposit speed
  • Get your money in Chime checking account within 3 business days.


Apart from GreenDot, are there other ways of depositing money to Chime?

Yes. As described above, you can use cash app for transfer money to Chime with an extra effort. Also, you can deposit money to Chime spending account through retailers like Walgreens or Walmart

How long does it take to transfer money from GreenDot to Chime?

This depends with your type of transfer. If you use the indirect transfer method, it can take more than 5 business days. However, if you use direct transfer from the GreenDot that is initiated through the Chime app, it takes up to 5 business days. If you use direct transfer initiated through GreenDot account, it will take up to 3 business days.

Do Chime have maximum amount you can transfer from GreenDot?

Yes. Chime has a maximum transfer limit. However, this applies only on ACH transfer that is initiated through Chime app. As stated earlier, this transfer method had a limit of $1000 and $25000 daily and monthly respectively. Note that Chime has no amount limit with transfers initiated through GreenDot account. This is for GreenDot to decide.

Can you send money from GreenDot to Chime outside USA?

No. it’s not possible to transfer money from GreenDot outside US. This is because GreenDot transfers are limited to recipients within US.

What are the requirements of sending money from GreenDot to Chime?

To transfer money from GreenDot to Chime, you should have a valid Chime account and GreenDot prepaid card. You should also be an American legal resident, be above 18 years and have a social security number. These requirements qualifies you to get your GreenDot prepaid card which is a must have before sending money to Chime account.

Can I cancel money transfer from GreenDot to Chime?

Yes. If you accidentally sent money to the wrong Chime account from GreenDot app, you can cancel the transfer. However, this is possible on condition that the transfer is unclaimed. To cancel, visit your GreenDot app, scroll and tap ‘’pay’’. Next, tap ‘’send money’’ followed by ‘’past payments’’. This will bring out all your pending transfers. Select the transfer you wish to cancel and do it instantly.

Final Word

We can conclude that GreenDot and Chime account are two distinct financing institutions that are well compatible with each another. This makes it easy and fast to transfer money from GreenDot to Chime account. Since both are online bank accounts, the process of transferring money is effortless. As seen in our guide, there are different methods of transferring money from GreenDot to Chime. Choose your preferred method and transfer money successfully. We hope that our guide has been of help to your question on how to transfer money from GreenDot to Chime.