How To Transfer Money From Unemployment Card To Bank Account

Unemployment department is a government department that helps the unemployed to receive benefits either on weekly basis to ease their bills. The department offers benefits such as paid family leave, unemployment insurance and disability insurance. This is through the bank of America.

The bank issues these benefits to eligible consumers as per their preferred method. While some prefer direct payments to their bank account, others prefer to use unemployment debit card. Therefore, unemployment card is a payment card issued by bank of America to help users receive unemployment benefits from the government. With the card, you can pay bills, withdraw money or directly transfer money from the card to your savings or spending bank account. In our page today, we will show you how to transfer money from unemployment card to bank account. Before then, let’s understand how this card works.

How do Unemployment Card Work?

To get the card, you must be eligible for unemployment benefits. Once eligible, you should sign up, apply for the benefit and chose unemployment card as your preferred method of receiving the benefits. However, you will be asked to provide the following information during application;

  • An identity document to verify your identity.
  • Your past employment information. This includes your past employers, gross wages, the date that you were employed, the hours you worked per week and reasons you quitted working. 
  • Information on your previous work of place. The company’s name, address phone number and name of the supervisor.

After, your application will be approved and the card will be send to you via mail address. After 7 to 10 business days, you will receive your card. Activate it, set a PIN and expect your benefits. If wondering how to activate the card, it arrives with detailed instructions.  Carefully follow them and activate your card.

Benefits of Unemployment Card

Unemployment card functions similar to a regular debit card and allows you to carry out a number of transactions. This makes it more convenient and reliable. Below are some of the benefits of this card;

  1. It helps to make purchases : Unemployment card helps to make purchases either online or in-person stores. With the card, you can purchase both goods and services through swiping. You can also use the card to make purchases at any store that accepts visa debit cards. Besides, you can get a cashback with the card after making purchases. 
  2. It helps to pay bills : Besides making purchases, you can use this card to pay bills. You can pay your phone bills, utility or any other bill either online or in-stores.
  3. Withdraw cash : The card allows you to withdraw money from several ATMS and banks that accept visa cards. The process of withdrawing money over the counter in banks is so easy and fast. All you need to do is visit the bank and withdraw money instantly. The second option is ATM bank withdrawal. Here, you get to withdraw money with zero charge in any bank of America ATM. Besides, non- network ATM’s first two withdraws are free. You can also withdraw cash from any financial institution that accepts visa cards. 
  4. Transfer money to bank account : This is yet another crucial benefit of unemployment card. The card allows you to send money to your savings or checking account directly. Since the card has no minimum cash balance, you can withdraw all your benefits to your bank account. Below, we expound more about transferring money from unemployment card to bank account.

Transfer Money From Unemployment Card To Bank Account

You can electronically transfer money from unemployment card to bank account through direct deposit transfer.  However, you first have to set direct transfer with the Bank of America. To conduct this process:

  • Visit the bank of America website and contact them online for help. Alternatively, you can call them on 1-866-692-9374 and request the representative to set direct transfer for you.
  • Next, you will be requested to provide a valid email account, your bank account that you are transferring money and your debit card. 
  • Wait for approval and once the request is approved, you can now transfer money from your unemployment card to bank account.

How to Protect My Unemployment Card

To ensure optimal security when transferring money from your unemployment card to bank account, you should protect your card. Below are ways to protect both your card and money.

  • Carefully store your card and protect vital information like card number and CVV code from any one that you don’t trust
  • Always keep your cards PIN safe and don’t share with just anybody
  • Be cautious and block calls from anyone that pretends to be BofA representative trying to ask for your cards vital information
  • Always use secure internet connections. Avoid insecure or public WIFI while using your card online.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to transfer money from unemployment card to bank account?

After getting your unemployment card, and activating it, you can instantly set direct transfers. After, initiate your money direct transfer process which takes 2 to 3 days to hit your bank account.

Why was my money transfer from unemployment card to bank account rejected?

Once in a while, money transfer from unemployment card to bank account can be rejected. This happens when the recipient’s bank account and routing number were incorrect. Also, direct transfer can be rejected if your unemployment card has been blocked by your bank. Finally, the transfer can be rejected if your card has expired. Unemployment card expires after 3 years from the issuance date.

Is money transfer from unemployment card to bank account safety guaranteed?

Yes. Transferring money from unemployment card to bank account is safe and secure. This is because BoFa has several ways of protecting the card. For instance, he card has end-to-end encryption feature, use of touch ID, PIN or password for optimal safety.

How do I ensure I have money in my unemployed card before transferring to bank account?

To ensure you have money in your card, you can call bank or America representative to find out if there was any deposit in your account. Besides, you can set up email or message alert. These alerted are to inform you once money is deposited in your card. Additionally, the alert informs you when there is low balance in your card. 

Final Word 

We can conclude that it’s possible to transfer money from unemployment card to bank account through direct deposit transfers. However, the transfer process isn’t possible unless you have received and activated the card. Also, you should provide an active and valid email for successful transfer. While transferring the money, you have the option to select a one-time transfer or a recurrent/ automatic transfer. You also have the permission to deactivate the direct transfer option anytime. For any inquiry on how to transfer money from unemployment card to bank account, you can voice call bank of America through 1-866-692-9374.