How to Unblock Someone on Cash App – Details Guideline

Cash App is one of the widely used P2P money transfer platforms. As a platform user, you can send money from your account to people on your contact list. The same people can also request or send money to you through the same app. However, sometimes you may get wary of people sending money requests or soliciting money from you. 

If that happens, you can block the person to stop their disturbing messages. Though, you may want to unblock them on cash app after some time depending on why you blocked them in the first place. And that, brings us to the question of how can we do that? 

Process to Unblock Someone on Cash App

As easy as it is to block someone on Cash App, so is unblocking them. You just need a few minutes to click through options and you are good to go. To unblock a contact on your Cash App account, follow the steps below;

  • Launch the Cash App on your phone
  • Go to your account profile section 
  • Open your Cash App’s transaction history 
  • Pick the blocked contact/account you want to unblock 
  • It should display unblock option 
  • Tap unblock and confirm if prompted to unblock the person 

Process to Block Someone on Cash App

There are various reasons why you may want to get rid of someone from your Cash App contacts. If you have reached that point of no return and want to block anyone, follow the steps highlighted below;

  • Launch the Cash App application on your device 
  • On the bottom right corner, tap on the history link
  • Click the contact you want to block from the display. Or, you can select their conversation with you. 
  • After selecting the contact, tap the menu tab on the three dots found on the top right corner. 
  • On the pop-menu, click the “Block this person” option 
  • To complete the process, click the block button; red in color

Instead of blocking people, you can customize your account to decline requests. This is a simpler option and you should consider it before blocking someone. The restriction ensures no requests sent to you will be delivered. To deactivate requests, do as follows; 

Deactivating Cash App requests

  • Open the Cash App on your device 
  • On the Apps home screen, click the profile icon 
  • Tap Privacy & Security 
  • Scroll to the bottom to disable the incoming requests 
  • You can also select who to receive the requests from 

What Happens When You Block Someone on a Cash App?

After blocking someone on Cash App, you stop seeing their account or transaction history. They also stop seeing your account until you unblock them on Cash App even if they had it. 

Additionally, you won’t be able to transact with them at all. They won’t even be able to send you money or requests. That’s why blocking is the ultimate solution to disturbing friends and relatives. 

In the event you change your account, you’ll become visible to the people you had blocked unless you block them again. So, to stop them from interacting with you again via the app, you have to block them even in the new accounts. 

If I Block Someone on Cash App, Will they Know?

Well, they may or may not. After blocking someone on Cash App, they stop seeing your account on their end. They also won’t be able to send their requests as they used to before. Ideally, everything disappears including the transaction history. The question of whether they know or not depends on how keen they are and if they understand the Cash App rules. 

Even though the App doesn’t send any notification, your contact disappearance can be a pointer to them. So, the answer to this question depends on the specific person you block. If they are more tech-savvy and understand how Cash App works, they may know you blocked them. 

How do You Delete Activity on the Cash App?

Immediately you block someone, all the transaction history relating to them is set to private. With other applications like Venmo, you have to delete the history yourself. These apps request you to set your history to either public or private. If you don’t want to save your transaction history, you can go ahead and delete the entire account. 

To do that, go to Privacy & Security. Then choose between enabling or changing the PIN lock. From there, customize your cash tag to make it visible when searched. Then disable or enable money requests. 


Can my Cash App account be blocked? 

Yes. Square, the parent Cash App Company can suspend your account on various grounds. Some of the reasons that can lead to an account suspension include;

  • If you access or someone else uses your Cash App while outside USA. And a country without its services.
  • When you provide a wrong identity proof such as SSN
  • If you use VPN to access your Cash App account 
  • Going against the payment terms and conditions
  • Spamming your account can lead to its blockage. That includes sending multiple payment requests to unknown Cash App contacts 
  • If you get involved in any kind of fraudulent transactions 
  • When your verification fails due to lack of the necessary documents 

How can I avoid scammers on Cash App?

There are all manner of unscrupulous people online. It being the main operation ground for Cash App, the users must be very careful. Otherwise one can end up losing money very easily. Despite the fact that Cash App has several security measures, scammers discover new faults every day. 

Below are some of the measures you can take to safeguard your account against scammers;

  • Transact with only people you know or trust 
  • Always crosscheck your recipients’ information before sending your money. If you are not sure about them, you can inquire before completing the process. 
  • Don’t rush to send money when promised free or unrealistic returns in future. 

What are some of the reasons that can make someone block you in Cash App?

Sending unsolicited messages and money requests to unknown persons are some of the top reasons why someone can block. Also, if you suspect someone wants to scam you, you shouldn’t hesitate to block them. 

Is it possible to block a company or merchant?

Yes it is possible. You can block a merchant you shopped with previously. This will help you to avoid charges by the company or the brand. To block a merchant, follow the steps below; 

  • Open Cash App on your device and go to history 
  • Select the invoice by the said merchant 
  • Click the transaction followed by Block below the receipt number. 

Final Recap

Today, a number of people are using mobile money transfer platforms to transact. Cash App is one of those widely used P2P money transfer platforms across the United States. The Apps haven’t come without challenges though. Particularly Cash App has several challenges. 

Once in a while, people find themselves at longer heads with other users. You may encounter annoying friends or relatives disturbing you with money requests. That doesn’t mean those are the only reasons you may want to block someone on Cash App though. There are a plethora of reasons. 

If you blocked someone on Cash App and after some time realizes you need to unblock them, don’t worry. We have a way out for you. We’ve highlighted a step-by-step procedure on how to achieve that. Blocking may appear easy, but the reverse can be a nightmare. That’s why we’ve compiled this comprehensive guide to help you pull through.