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In course of time also end of a year and there in front of a new year. What was the year for the global technology sector? The technology of the 2016 people concerned an eventful year. Technology lovers will be memorable to 2016. Many new technologies have been started in 2016. Throughout the year Virtual Reality and artificial intelligence as it has created a new trend, several such incidents, which led to the response to all the year. In addition, most commonly seen were software developers to concentrate on developing the hardware.

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Artificial Intelligence Surprise

Google was trying to do throughout the year, more dexterous artificial intelligence. Google, Tesla Motors, even as the demand for transportation services to the digital platform this year Uber has been concentrated on developing driverless automated vehicles. Amazon may have been inspired by the success of Echo, artificial intelligence digital assistant-cum-speaker ‘Google home’ Brings to Market, search engine based company Google. Then Echo although found sound quality from the “Google Home” much better. However, when it is Punk very loud, the device does not accept any of the voice instructions. And the Echo, instruction accepting number is low. But the device was announced last October leaving the market. Gradually improve the Work process.

Artificial Intelligence

Earlier this year, the US car maker Tesla S Model is a car during to drive Autopilot mode a mini truck rammed, one driver was killed in Florida. Last May, automated car accident, the first time a person is killed. Tesla S model, automated cars the accident occurred due to Autopilot system is ineffective. Florida Highway Police is investigating the matter. After the accident started talking about the automated car security.

Virtual Reality Surprise

Since 2016, the Virtual Reality (VR) discussed years. At the beginning of the year in Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES), starting from the IT fair was held, in all of its virtual reality device has been the presence. The technology has spread from the fair, travel, real estate, medical technology, entertainment, and gaming industries. Most technology companies in the world have released new virtual reality headset. in the current year Virtual reality headset for making Facebook, Google and like Sony several large companies have come forward. In this case, the hardware market the goal is not just to go to the top, but also for companies to stay ahead of new software and platforms are already working with VR.

Virtual Reality

With Virtual Reality, has formed an international coalition, some of the world’s largest technology companies. Acer Starbreeze, Facebook oculus, HTC VIVE, Samsung, and Sony together with the Inter-Active Global Virtual Reality Association (GVRA), set up a non-profit organization. The organization of virtual reality research, technology development and the Virtual Reality manufacturers and customers, are working to bring in one place. In continuation of the 2017 customers will get to the more advanced VR technology. In January in Spain Barcelona, on Consumer electronics show, can be seen in many advanced version of the VR.

Focus On Hardware

A Long day, who was known as a genuine software maker, suddenly, they were concentrated to build the device. Google Day Dream VR, WiFi, home with the pixels smartphone, rough mechanics Reputation received this institution. E-commerce web portal Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader, however already known as the device manufacturers. In addition, the Eco has released Smarthome Devices in 2016. Social media, snap chat bring to the market smart glasses. Throughout the year, has been device build tend in this organizations.

Computer Hardware

Without Jack iPhone Headphone

US technology company Apple reveal the latest version of iPhone last September. On the device for the use of conventional headphones, 3.5 mm jack did not hold. Instead of Bluetooth wireless headphones, Airport was unveiled. At that time is not behalf of the headphone jack, various arguments were presented. However, the technology world, the company that argument, provided the comedy.

iPhone 7 Headphone

App Discussed

Around the world 190 countries, from the Google Play Store, 65 billion apps have been downloaded in 2016 on Android phone. Google Play Store most commonly downloaded Google Duo app. Skype and like Apple Facetime this app allow videocall, those are on your contacts list.

Android App

Prisma App Attract Young People

In 2016 from Google best-branded app is Prisma app. images to be converted as artistic, the app has been used Artificial Intelligence. This app has been used in artificial intelligence (AI). As a result, easily and accurately, on camera Taking pictures found a painting effect. Prisma gained such popularity that, at the beginning of the places in the world could not be used Prisma, in that places users are now using Prisma via virtual private network or VPN. And now on both iOS and Android platform is one of the most downloaded apps Prisma.

Prisma App

Top Of Popularity Pokemon Go

2016 achieves the best games in the Google Play Store Pokemon GO. The game is at the top of the download. On July 6, for the iOS and Android the game was release. And as the days have passed, the popularity has increased. But the game has a lot of trouble to the user. To the church due to play the Pokémon game, Russian one YouTube user was jailed. Play the game, a road accident occurred. Even the law due to Cambodia, Iran, and Israel have been prohibited the game.

Pokemon Go

Nokia Is Back Again

This year December 13, Nokia has returned to the mobile phones world. Again a new Nokia brand two models feature phones has opened on Global HMD. The company has made Nokia phones. Nokia 150 and 150 dual-SIM two feature phones. Due to Nokia 150 and 150 Dual SIM feature phones, it does not have Internet access facilities. But it has the MP3 player, FM radio, Bluetooth, LED flash and VGA camera. It is being used the Nokia Series 30+ operating system. The price of $26. It’s battery life 22 hours. Global HMD said the feature phone will have Snake Jenajiya game.

Nokia phone

Yahoo Has Been Sold

There was a time when Yahoo was more popular than Google. Users of Yahoo were disappointed over the sale. Last July the US mobile phone connection provider company Verizon Wireless 483 million dollars was sold to Yahoo main Internet business. The company survived on Yahoo search engine. But the popularity of Google and Facebook Yahoo lost their user, but also lost advertising. Therefore the pressure of shareholders to sell Yahoo.