Intel Core Processor

To keep the pace with the newly invented smartphones, Intel is going to introduce its 8th generation ‘Ice Lake’ Core processor will accelerate the performance of personal computing systems as double that it will make feel the users as though they were browsing the web within a very smooth network. As expected, it will shape the computing industries again as they did in the previous years.

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The first edition of laptops and two in ones with 8th generation chips will be on-air in September and desktop processors will on the fall this year and then the enterprise will ship later. Intel leaked the feature of their new devices on this Monday and explained how fast they will run and why. The slowest Core i5-8250U will run at 1.6GHz, with a boost clock of 3.4GHz; the fastest Core i7-8650U will run at 1.9GHz, boosting up to 4.2GHz. Intel Core Processor

The 8th generation chips have developed focusing on making things quicker and enjoyable to its user, for juggling documents and spreadsheets, browsing the web, editing videos or photos and consuming media as Intel disclosed. With this new U-series chips, users can make a 4k video in three minutes, about 14.5 times faster than that of i5 Ivy Bridge PC. In slideshow creation, the 8th generation Core processor U-series is 48 percent faster than that of 7th generation predecessor as shown in Intel’s own content test.  

These features are not the all about of the 8th generation U-series because Intel has not leaked all the features yet. How will it affect the market? It has not been answered yet. On this point of view, the principal analyst with Moor Insights Patrick Moorhead said in a message, ‘To enterprises, gamers and enthusiasts, it won’t matter. Mainstream consumers are oblivious and really don’t pay attention to them, but want to know they have the ‘fresh fish.’