How To Make Keller Williams Business Cards

Business cards are a present day staple. They are inexpensive, universal, and highly convenient. Although the principal function of a business card is to give out your details and business information making it easy for customers to contact you, the specifics of these print media have changed. For instance, not everyone would include their phone numbers on the cards back in the 18th century America. Therefore, if you need your Keller Williams business cards to be effective, it means staying up to date.

Therefore, you have to add other useful information for the current times, including a business website, social media platforms. This is because those contact details are increasing in relevance in the current digital age. Nonetheless, there is some information that is worth removing from this form of print media advertisement. For example, if you are doing personal trainer business cards, do you really have to include a fax number on it? Read on for useful information to put into perspective when designing your next Keller Williams business cards:

Legal Requirements: Keller Williams Business Cards

When it comes to the identity of realtors, each state has different regulations with which to comply. For instance, agents in California should have their business cards bearing individual DRE numbers. In other states, agents are supposed to indicate whether they are managing brokers or brokers on the business cards.

It is vital that you begin by confirming the legal requirements or compliance regulations in your state. This way, you ensure that you do not go against any legal obligation. However, professional designations are also important considerations for the business cards. This information should go alongside any other professional obligations you might have, like having your card highlight that, you are a real estate agent.

Keller Williams Business Cards Compliance Overview

When making your Keller Williams business cards you’ll want to keep this mandatory information in mind:

  1. DBA Logo
    • Keller Williams Realty International provides all DBA logos for custom market centers, which the company hosts on KWConnect.
    • All Keller Williams business cards must bear respective market centers’ DBA logos.
  2. DBA Name
    • It is expected that Keller Williams Realty International sanction all DBA names.
    • There are two configurations for the DBA name. DBA names containing more than twelve characters have a different configuration to those names with less than twelve characters.
    • In some states, you must include the word “REALTY”. In its absence, inclusion is at the discretion of the market center.
    • Alternative name configurations may apply but only in accordance with the local rules and regulations.
  3. Ownership Statemen
    • All business cards by Keller Williams Realty International must have the ownership statement stating that each of its offices has independent ownership and operations.
  4. Local Regulations
    • All agents must check with their local licensing authorities to make certain that:
    • All marketing materials meet the local authority’s requirements, which include the size or prominence of the market center’s DBA logo.

Besides the above mandatory requirements, Keller William Realty recommends the following formatting when designing their business cards:

  1. Fonts type: Helvetica Neue LT Std Font Family
  2. Colors of choice: Preferred KW Red (CMYK), or KW Red (Pantone 200), white, gray, and black
  3. Style
    • Color blocking is preferred to fashion out a modern graphic aspect
    • It is preferred the card to have no embellishments
    • It is preferred that the card bears no drop shadows
    • It is preferred no gradients on the card

Example: Oklahoma’s Keller Williams Elite Business Card Guidelines

With so many design companies in the market offering Keller Williams business cards, it is your responsibility to know the specifics of your state and advise them accordingly. For that reason, here is a perfect example of card for Oklahoma market center:


The mandatory requirements for Keller Williams business cards are marked in blue in this example. They include:

  1. The KW Elite logo can go on the back of this card is the personal logo is on the front.
  2. Office contact details: address and telephone number
  3. A disclaimer showing the independence of individual market center offices

In the event that a design company includes a filler break number, for example, 0123456789, delete that filler number line. It is not supposed to show on your business card.


In this sample, all recommendations are noted in green. They entail:

  1. The designation “REALTOR®” in all caps alongside a registration mark
  2. The agent’s branded email address, as well as their custom domain name
  3. The agent’s professional headshot, where the PNG format is recommended for a transparent background.

Whether you are making lawn care business cards or a realtor’s card, it is vital to note the difference between regulations and recommendations. The regulations are mandatory inclusions on all Keller Williams business cards. For the recommendations, however, you can always be flexible with the details and representation format.

Other Factors To Consider When Making Keller Williams Business Cards

It is essential to observe all compliance details when making your business cards. However, it is more important to ensure that the card you are designing will be effective in serving its purpose. For that reason, here are other crucial aspects to consider in fashioning out an effective, bespoke, and compliant business card:

1. Business Identity

It is highly necessary that you know whom you are working with. You’ll want to ascertain that information describing your designation is clearly indicated. It means emphasizing whether you are part of a larger group of realtors or an individual agent.

2. Contact Information

It can be tricky to determine which contact details should go on your Keller Williams business card. In any case, there are plenty of ways to get in touch today. Typically, you will be looking at:

  • Fax
  • Office phone
  • Email
  • Cell phone
  • Tweet
  • Facebook message
  • Web contact form

It does not make sense to include all possible options. Therefore, you will be looking to choose about two or three methods providing the best fit for you. Whenever possible, including a cell phone number and a website is a good rule of thumb. Further, the next best bet is including a contact method, which you frequently check and respond to.

3. Design Aspects

Is a photo necessary for your Keller Williams business card? This is often the big when designing these business cards. In fact, it is usually a debated topic in the real estate industry. The sample above titles the headshot under recommended inclusions because Keller Williams Realty doesn’t have it as a mandatory requirement.

Therefore, we cannot tell you what to choose. However, whatever choice you go with, be sure to select from the wide-ranging attractive business card designs available in the market.

Creativity and Strategy For Keller Williams Business Cards

Knowing how business cards work is an essential part of being a real estate agent. This is because it can go a long way towards making your venture successful. Besides, when you use a well-designed branding strategy like the Keller Williams business cards yields wonders for your business. This is particularly, when you are after making an impactful first impression to potential clients.

Business cards are an intrinsic part of your hand out to the target audience to enhance repeated business by them whenever the need arises. It is therefore, vital that this print media strategy is far from being ordinary to make sure they do not go straight with the rest of the garbage. In fact, people are always visual. They will want to retain colorful and attractive items.

However, it does not mean that your business card looks too fancy. The right template designs, as well as an accurate choice of color scheme are vital elements in fashioning out an elegant realtor business card. Fortunately, Keller Williams comes in handy to help you produce high quality bespoke calling cards with strong wow factor. As a result, these business cards aren’t just creative, they however, place smart emphasis on the critical details you want your customers to capture and recall.

Whatever cool designs you have in mind, therefore, real estate business cards that comply with Keller Williams formatting styles can help you create a lasting positive impression in your clients’ minds.

There are over hundreds of pre-designed templates to choose from on the internet. Moreover, design companies can further tailor those templates to suit your style. Be sure to do your homework before contacting the print media design firm of choice, to get your Keller Williams tailored business cards started.

Keller Williams Business Cards An Affordable Marketing Strategy

The value of high-quality business cards is well known to business professionals. They find these cards useful in business development and networking. Properly designed business cards like the Keller Williams business cards will add character to your professional real estate business. As such, you may not have to invest more money carve out your business marketing strategy.

Although you want to hand out business cards to your target audience, chances are they are taking stock of plenty other business cards too. If you do not want your business cards going to the middle of the pile, it means having them stand out and clearly presenting key information to the audience. Doing this will ensure that you spend little to get maximum returns on the business cards.

How To Become Part Of Keller Williams Realty Program

The Keller Williams Realty Landmark’s Approved Vendor Program is an exclusive opportunity to make sure your company joins the Keller Williams team. Being the third largest residential realtor firm in the US, there are many benefits to being an approved vendor with Keller Williams Realty.

Applying for the Keller Williams vendor program involves a due diligence process. Your company needs to have been in operation for at least three years. In addition, your franchise should have good credit. Having excellent business references and being able to serve Keller Williams associates at the local basis are equally important in the due diligence procedure.

Simply, your company must meet the minimum requirements to be part of the program. If you feel your business meets their minimum requirements, you can CLICK HERE to contact Keller Williams directly about applying to become an approved vendor. However, as a verified vendor, you will get the chance to:

  • Interact with a local audience of over 250 Keller Williams associates
  • Reach 5,000 plus customers that Keller Williams deals with every year
  • Connect your website directly to the Keller Williams Realty Landmark Intranet
  • Get a license to include the Keller Williams trademarks in your promotional products
  • Attend Keller Williams office events and functions
  • Access the company intranet trademark logos, contact rosters, designs, colors, and plenty more.

The Bottom Line

Being new in the real estate sector comes with so many challenges. Keller Williams business cards offer you the tools you require to flourish in the competitive real estate industry. In addition, you can get access to professional mentors who will teach you the current ways of the trade. Well-crafted business cards will sure win you customers. However, you need a strong foundation in the industry to keep your customers and business going.

The Keller Williams Realty has a strong remote culture. With JIRA workflow, working remotely can really be fun. Apart from nicely done business cards and other marketing materials, getting access to industry optimized classes and training is another benefit to bank on this program. Everyone wants to see you winning and achieving your goals, and being part of a bold program can help you with those goals.

The rule of thumb in becoming successful is the real estate world is by joining a team of agents. You want to learn more from the network’s listing inventory, systems, and overall support. Doing this ensures that you jumpstart your real estate career towards long-term success.

More Contact Information

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  • Fax: 718-475-2986
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