Best Life Insurance For Seniors Over 70 No Medical Exam

With advancing age, most people assume that life insurance policies they have in place are sufficient for their entire life. However, there are better life insurance options for seniors. Similarly, a significant percentage of people don’t bother acquiring life insurance once they are 70 years and above. However, you or your loved one has a right to obtain life insurance for seniors over 70 no medical exam.

Generally, life insurance for individuals aged above 50 years can be expensive compared to policies of young persons, say 30 years. Nonetheless, there are plenty of life insurance options for seniors. This is hugely reliant on several factors. Just to mention, below are some of the common types of life insurance policies available.

Types of Life Insurance Policies

It is important to understand the various insurance types before settling on one. Besides, you should carefully select an insurance company to approach for your desired life insurance plan. You can begin by checking out reviews on colonial Penn life insurance to get a clue of what the best firms should offer.

Some of the common insurance types that such companies, including mutual of Omaha life insurance for seniors, offer to include the following:

Term Life Insurance

This type is available for a specified number of years – often given in periodic increments of five years. Compared to other types, term life insurance is affordable and thus an ideal option of life insurance for seniors over 70 no medical exam. Premiums payable remain consistent all throughout the entire period. Insurance companies calculate term life insurance rates by age, among other factors.

In case of death before the end of the policy, listed beneficiaries receive the death benefits valued with your policy. However, if you die after the lapse of your policy, there are no payable benefits to your beneficiaries. Some companies provide an option where policyholders can convert the term policy to whole life insurance at the end of the agreed term.

Whole Life Insurance

As the name suggests, this type lasts for a lifetime. Premiums payable are consistent all through, and benefits are paid to beneficiaries after the death of the policyholder. Perhaps what attracts most people to this type is the fact that it has a cash value, where users can borrow money against this policy.

Compared to term life and guaranteed universal life insurance policies, whole life policies are expensive but offers comprehensive coverage.

Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance

This type of life insurance is quite similar to whole life insurance only that premiums are more affordable. Besides, policyholders can choose when they want their coverage to end or as well opt for a continuation for the entire lifetime. Like whole term insurance, premiums paid are consistent. It is a good choice for seniors who want to leave their beneficiaries with a legacy or help pay for their final expenses.

Universal Life Insurance

Universal insurance is a lifetime policy, which accumulates into a cash value. The cash value is often made available based on how the investments made perform. Policyholders can borrow against the cash value, but outstanding loans will be deducted from the total benefits.

Universal life insurance policies are risky and expensive than other types of life insurance for seniors. Nonetheless, if the investments perform well, they can accumulate significant cash value. This makes it a good option for seniors looking to invest.

Final Expense Insurance

This is probably the best way to give the beneficiaries peace of mind. Death benefits from this policy can be used to sort all medical expenses and burial costs. Everybody qualifies to purchase final expense insurance regardless of the age or state of health.

Can Seniors Have Life Insurance Without A Medical Exam?

Getting life insurance for seniors over 70 without a medical exam is possible from the best senior life insurance firms. However, insurance experts don’t advise on getting no-exam coverage. This is because taking a medical exam can lead to cheap coverage and premiums. Without health information, insurance providers can overestimate and charge high premiums.

Best 4 Life Insurance Companies For Seniors Without Medical Exam

It is very crucial to keep your ultimate goal of having a life insurance policy in mind. This will guide you on which available policies and companies are beneficial for seniors. That said, check out the following best available life insurance companies for seniors:

1. Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance : Best Insurance For Customer Service

There are many reasons as to why you may settle for a specific insurance firm. Well, as for the Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company, most clients liked their highly rated customer service. Customer service determines the overall outlook and perception of a company. For starters, the company lists its local areas with detailed profiles and phone numbers for easier communication.

Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance for seniors over 70 no medical exam

The website also has an intuitive calculator that helps potential clients calculate and understand their death benefit totals. Easy policy management is the other thing that Omaha excels in.

Like other committed insurance firms, this company isn’t solely focused on profits but also wants policyholders to benefit from their investments. This is attributed by their lenient medical requirements for policyholders to take coverage.

On the drawbacks, Mutual of Omaha fails in the following;

  • Not an affordable insurance option – this insurance firm requires a relatively higher death benefit compared to our other insurance firms. For instance, guaranteed universal life cover starts on $50,000 compared to the common $25,000. This implies that policies are quite expensive, with hefty premiums.
  • Limited details about policies online – despite the excellent customer service, Mutual of Omaha provides very scanty information about its policies on their website. For instance, the company shows that it provides guaranteed universal life insurance, but gives a brief overview of how it works.
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Easy policy management
  • Non-strict medical exam
  • Not certainly affordable
  • Limited policy details online

2. New York Life Insurance: Best for Flexible Policies

If you want a term life insurance policy, New York Life Insurance should be your firm of choice. For starters, New York offers the least death benefits for Guaranteed Universal Life insurance policies. Besides the affordable entry points, you will also like the accessible insurance policies that suit those on a budget.

Talking of the affordable entry points, New York Life Insurance is among the few firms that offer life insurance for seniors over 70 no medical exam. However, seniors with pre-existing health issues can be denied or allowed coverage based on the state of their health conditions.

New York Life Insurance for seniors over 70 no medical exam

A common feature that makes most insurance firms outstanding is the “Living Benefits Rider” option. New York Life doesn’t expressly offer Accelerated Death Benefit, but with this feature, policyholders can have up to $250,000 of a death benefit during the lifetime. Having such an amount can help cater for medical bills as a result of terminal illnesses, which alleviates financial burdens to the policyholder or family.

  • Flexible total death benefits
  • Living benefits rider option
  • Partners with AARP
  • No-medical exam feature
  • Basic FAQs

3. American National Life Insurance – Best Insurance for wide range of coverage

You can fend your life insurance from American Life Insurance for its affordable rates. Starting at $25,000 death benefits, this firm offers a relatively affordable entry point with low premiums. This means that those with limited needs, such as funeral costs can purchase this moderate policy.

That aside, American National Life Insurance offers a wide array of protection against several illnesses. Besides the accelerated death benefit rider option, policyholders can enjoy protection from chronic and terminal illnesses at no additional cost. There are also clear coverage options from the company. They are upfront in indicating who can enjoy coverage and requirements to benefit from such.

American National Life Insurance for seniors over 70 no medical exam

The only problem with the American National Life Insurance Company is that they limit the age of insurance issue. They only sell their policies to those aged below 80, which is quite restrictive. They also have strict medical checks, with minimal tolerance towards smokers.

  • Affordable rates
  • Wide coverage options
  • Comprehensive benefits
  • Limited issue age
  • Strict medical checks

4. Lincoln Financial Life Insurance – Best Insurance for large death benefits

If you enjoy decent customer service and others insurance firm isn’t good for you, the Lincoln Financial Insurance can be your new insurance home. Their support systems are rated above average, meaning that you shouldn’t find any problems relating to their customer service.

Lincoln Financial Life Insurance

For sure, Mutual of Omaha Insurance rakes up quite high entry points but isn’t close to what Lincoln states. For instance, the financial death benefits start from $100,000, which translates to high premiums. However, the only benefit with having such a high death benefit is that they offer a cash value accumulation. With high premiums, more money will be available for your cash-value account.

  • Good customer service
  • Cash value accumulation
  • Expensive entry point

How to Find the Best Life Insurance Company for Seniors Over 70

Before identifying one company to trust with your insurance, there are several things to look into. Among them include;

  • Company’s Financial Stability : Simply put, insurance companies are as good as their ability to pay claims. Therefore, before taking a cover with one firm, ensure that you consult on its financial stability. This is a sure way of ensuring that it will hold up to its end of the bargain. Otherwise, you will end up losing both your premiums and claims if you insure your life with an unstable company.
  • Age Requirements : Age factor is an important aspect when selecting an insurance company for seniors. Most companies support the guaranteed universal life insurance through to 85 years if the policyholder agrees to do a medical exam. However, for holders of such age, taking an exam could mean losing the cover, especially for those with serious health conditions.
  • Available Policy Sizes : A good insurance policy is one that accommodates your budget yet fits your death benefit needs. Seniors need to explore widely if the policy size accommodates their ultimate needs. Note that the policy size directly determines the premiums payable. A more expensive policy translates to hefty premiums and vice versa.

For instance, if you want to accumulate funds that will cater for end-of-life or funeral expenses should find a policy not exceeding $20,000. On the other hand, those hoping to leave an inheritance legacy can opt for a policy worth thousands of dollars.

Does Health and Age Affect Life Insurance for Seniors Over 70?

Age and health certainly affect everyone’s life insurance policies options. However, seniors over 70 years have additional limitations. With advancing age, there are short term policies available with expensive premiums for all types of life insurance. Most policies require that the policyholder undertakes a medical underwriting before taking the coverage.

Simply put, the options for life insurance increasingly become limited with advanced age. Most companies stop offering 30-year term life policies for those aged above 50. Similarly, most companies don’t offer 20-year policies to individuals aged more than 60, and those above 70s will rarely get more than 10 years of term policies.

Health Also Affects Premiums

Getting an insurance company that offers policies with no medical exam is rare. However, the state of the policyholder’s health affects the premiums and general policy guides. Basic health issues such as being overweight may affect how the company determines the rate class.

Nonetheless, you shouldn’t assume that the condition of your health will be a hindrance to getting an insurance policy from these companies. Bear in mind that some medical conditions, however, affect the underwritten policy from insurance companies. If you have any serious medical condition, get various quotations from different companies to find one that is considered fair to your situation.

The Bottom Line

There is no single life insurance for seniors over 70 considered to be the best. However, seniors should concentrate on finding life insurance that better suits their condition both financially and with health circumstances. That said, you shouldn’t settle on the first life insurance provider you come across.

Submit your applications to various insurance firms ad weigh from the various individualized quotes from different companies. Get in touch with a few to find one that you are comfortable with.