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Medical billing and coding play a central role in our modern health care industry. Both practices are closely related which is most important for the reimbursement cycle and especially used for communication among the health care providers, insurance companies, and the patients. Due to the growing needs of better healthcare, the demand for medical billing and coding technicians is increasing accordingly. The technicians or professionals of this field are most crucial to the institution and their health information management. With the training or degrees of medical billing and coding, the students or professionals can run the hospital successfully.

The health information professionals or technicians can earn a preferable salary with just an associated degree only. For these growing needs, the number of online education programs has appeared to fulfill the demand for health information professionals. Some online institutions provide free medical billing and coding courses. Online medical billing and coding program prepare students for playing the vital rule in the healthcare billing process management and gives an excellent career in the increasing field of health care where technology, management, and medicine come together. Also, the great news is that some online schools offer medical billing and coding program with financial aid (Cambridge College of Healthcare and Technology).

However, in this guide, we will provide complete information on Free Medical Billing and Coding Online Courses with some good options for an online school.

What Is Medical Billing and Coding?

Medical Billing

Medical billing is the arrangement of invoices that are given to the patients and insurance companies. It summarizes the medical records and evaluates the diagnoses and procedures related to the patients. They act as a middleman among providers, patients, and payers. The health care providers cannot receive reimburse that the procedure they performed without medical billers.

Medical Coding

Medical coding translates the medical reports in a shortcode that is typically used in the healthcare industry. It helps to summarize the reports with efficient or user friendly code and these sets of codes help coders to describe the condition of patients, also advise the patients that what medical procedure should be performed according to their conditions.

The 5 Best Medical Billing and Coding Online Free Course Providers

Choose a career or job as a medical coding and billing sector is an important way to help the health community. Every hospital needs skilled and dependable professionals who can provide the right claims to insurance companies for their payment. There are a number of advanced online courses that provide medical billing and coding classes online, that help you to get the certificate of medical billing and coding in a little frame.

Medical Billing And Coding Online Courses Free

However, are you searching for medical billing and coding online courses free? It is possible and you will get free. The idea of free courses online instant good especially for the students those who have no budget but want to go with medical billing and coding career. There are a number of online providers who offer medical billing and coding courses or training free. These are as follows:

1. Southern Careers Institute

Southern Careers Institute helps students to prepare for long term success by delivering their employer-tailored programs. Their medical billing training program covers the first certification cost. But you have to hold additional certification for receiving the proper preparation trough this free medical training or courses.

2. provides the basic concept of medical billing and coding efficiently and in a practical way. The online course material includes medical billing and coding topics with around 1 hour of total video. They have some free mini courses online that are organized by general documents of medical billing and coding, also provide a long and a short video presentation with their course material.

3. Quizlet

Quizlet is the world’s largest online teacher and student community. They help students to prepare as a highly-skilled masters based on the subject they are learning. You will able to find an incredible amount of medical billing and coding lessons free, study guides, and tests from a different variety of teachers and students(Get free; Medical billing study sets and Medical coding study sets).


These sites have some free resources page that can help you to learn medical billing and coding.

  • Medical Billing Terms page

This page provides medical billing terms that are designed for understanding the terminology of medical billing

  • Medical Billing and Coding Careers Guide

Provide 15 pages of medical billing and coding overview to those who consider the career as a medical biller and coder.

  • Medical Billing Insurance Claim Flowchart

Another free medical tool explained how the healthcare claim process performs and how to work insurance claims billing by their flowchart.


This site especially provides video lectures for each form of medical billing and coding. By learning their lecture you might capable to know how to start your own billing and coding practice.

6. New York Institute of Career Development (NYICD)

The institute provides a higher level of support to the students than other medical billing and coding schools. Here the student will able to enroll and start the courses at any time. Just log in and immediately take the first set of online course material. The school will be covered by the price of the study materials and the exam.

The 10 Best Online Medical Billing and Coding Programs in 2020

Due to the growing demand for medical biller and coder, there are a number of online education program has emerged with their lucrative courses to meet the demand of health professions. You can go with any of them if you need them. Some colleges have a physical campus hopefully, you can get medical billing and coding college near you.

  1. Southwest Wisconsin Technical College
  2. Keiser University – Ft Lauderdale
  3. Minnesota State Community and Technical College
  4. Pennsylvania Institute of Technology
  5. Northwest Technical College
  6. Minnesota State College Southeast
  7. Laramie County Community College
  8. Indian Hills Community College
  9. Highland Community College
  10. Cowley College

Medical billing and coding certification requirements

If you want to work as a medical biller and coder, you should really hold a CBCS certification (Certified Billing and Coding Specialist certification). Medical billing and coding certification will give you a definite benefit to reach the goals.  There are different organizations that provide certification

For example, American Health Information Management Associations provide different types of medical coding certification and these certifications are CCS-Certified Coding Specialist, CCA (Certified Coding Associate) and CCS-P Certified Coding Specialist-Physician-based credentials. For the CCA exam they require a high school diploma or equivalent educational background, at least six months of experience applying coding at a healthcare organization, need another formal coding training and AHIMA membership with an application fee.

On the other hand, the American Medical Billing Association offers medical billing certification course where they need AMBA membership to qualify for CMRS (Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialist certification) exam. The certified members have to submit 15 CEUs on their CMRS anniversary date and 50% of the required annual CEU must come from AMBA training, local chapter meetings, an annual conference, and a pre-approved CEU list.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does medical billing and coding online school cost?

Actually, there is no clear cut answer of how much does medical billing and coding online school cost, it totally depends on the schools, their duration of the study, and other requirements. Normally you need at least $749 to get your certification. Most of the local trade schools and programs offer their minimum cost $1,000 to $2,500 for attendance.

Can I teach myself Medical billing and coding?

Yes, it is possible to teach yourself medical billing and coding by getting online course material. But keep in mind; most of the health care center accepts applicants with an associated degree in medical billing and coding.

Can you get a coding job without certification?

Yes, you can get, in fact, there is no mandatory certificate or formal education is required for getting a coding job. But for a better career, you should get any certification associated with medical billing and coding.

Is medical coding a stressful job?

Sometimes it depends on the health care center and their crowd. But it is not always stressful, if you think you are fully qualified and understand all the items of billing then whatever the crowd, definitely the job will not get stress to you.

How can I become a medical coder fast?

There are number of an organization who offers a variety of certification program associated with medical coding. Just meet their requirements and sit for the exam by completing the course. After getting the certification you will become a medical coder fast definitely.


Therefore, if you want to build your career as a medical biller and coder, definitely you should learn about medical billing and coding. In this case, you can do a self-study by getting free online materials as many online institutes give the opportunity to free training. So, this is all about from our side, and thank you for having with us.