The Best Mint Mobile Plans & Phones

Mint Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator, meaning it operates under an existing mobile carrier, in this case, T – Mobile.  T – Mobile is a famous and preferred mobile network provider. For that reason, Mint mobile is equally preferred by many. Mint mobile is quite different from other carriers when it comes to plans and packages. It provides bulk data in packages of three months, six or twelve months.  This helps to cut and save on costs.

Mint Mobile Network Area Of Coverage

Mint operates under 2G, 3G, 4G, or 4G LTE network speed allowing customers to choose their favorite. Its mobile network coverage depends on the types of devices and mobile plans used. In most cases, its network coverage is affected by factors like buildings, terrains, and weather conditions. Luckily, you can optimize your network coverage by resetting and clearing your device memory at least ten minutes a week.

Mint mobile network covers states like Mississippi, Georgia, Lexington, Oklahoma, Kansas, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Minnesota, South Dakota, and Nebraska among others. Check out this link to know whether your area is covered and the data speed involved

Mint Mobile Plans And Pricing

Mint mobile plans cater to all your needs at cheap and affordable prices. They provide unlimited talk and texts allowing you to communicate with friends and family throughout the country. They also provide high-speed internet, free hotspot, and free SIM card. The plans are categorized into 3, 6, and 12 months.

Mint Mobile 3 Months Plans

# 15 $ Per Month Plan

This amazing plan has an affordable cost of 15$ per month. It comes with free mobile hotspot, unlimited national wide calls, text and free international call services to Canada and Mexico. It has 3G of 4G LTE internet speed with unlimited data usage. Additionally, it has BYOP program that allows you to bring your own phone and keep your previous number.

  • Unlimited calls, texts and data with free SIM card.
  • It offers free mobile tethering services with no additional fee.
  • This plan allows you to retain your phone and number.
  • It gives free seven days of trial.
  • 3G internet speed is on the lower side.

# 20 $ Per Month Plan

At only 20 $ per month, this plan works with 8GB Of 4G LTE speed, offers free SIM card, unlimited national calls, data, texts, free mobile tethering and free international calls to Canada and Mexico. It also allows you to keep your old number and phone through ‘bring your own phone’ program.

  • It is cheap and affordable.
  • It has free mobile tethering services.
  • Free international calls with no additional fee.
  • You can retain your old number or phone.
  • This plan is not available in every state.

# 25 $ Per Month Plan

This plan goes at 25$ per month and provides unlimited texts, calls and data at 12GB 4G LTE. Similar to other plans, it also provides free mobile tethering, free international calls and free SIM card. You can buy their locked phones or bring your own phone under BYOP program.

Mint Mobile 6 Months Plans

# 20$ Per Month Plan

For only 20$ per month, this plan provides free SIM kit, unlimited national calls, and texts. It also offers free mobile tethering and free international calls towards Mexico and Canada. It provides free unlimited data at a speed of 3GB 4G LTE.

  • Offers 7 days of free trial.
  • Provides unlimited national wide call, texts and data.
  • It has additional free international calls at no additional fee.
  • Provides free SIM kit.
  • It allows users to bring their own phones and retain old mobile numbers.
  • Internet speed is quite low.

# 25$ Per Month Plan

It has 8GB of 4G LTE internet speed with unlimited monthly data. It also provides free unlimited texts and call minutes all over the country. Not to forget free mobile hotspot, free SIM kit and free international calls to Mexico and Canada.

  • It allows you to bring your own phone.
  • It allows you retain your old number.
  • Offers free SIM card.
  • Free international calls.
  • Free national calls, texts and data at only 25$ per month.
  • Unsuitable for large rooms

# 35$ Per Month Plan

It provides a speed of 12GB 4G LTE at 35$ per month at a total price of 210$. In addition, it provides free mobile hotspots, free international calls, free SIM cards, and free seven days of trial. It also allows bringing your own phone and old mobile number.

Mint Mobile 12 Months Data Plans

  • 15$ Per Month Plan : At a speed of 3GB of 4G LTE, this plan provides free unlimited data, texts, and call minutes. It also provides free international calls to Mexico and Canada, free mobile hotspot, free SIM and brings your own phone for just 15$ per month.
  • 20$ Per Month Plan : For just 20$ per month and a total of 240$, this amazing plan offers 8GB of 4G LTE unlimited data, unlimited texts and unlimited calls. It also provides free international calls, free hot spots, free SIM and brings your own phone services.
  • 25$ Per Month Plan : At 25$ per month and a total of 300$, this plan provides free calls, texts, and data at 12GB of 4G LTE. Similarly, it provides free hotspots, free international calls, and brings your own phone program.

Mint Mobile Activation Process

To activate mint mobile SIM is one of the easiest processes you will ever come across.  Follow the following simple process;

  • Get Mobile compatible mobile phone and insert Mint SIM.
  • Get the same phone and visit for activation.
  • On the field provided, enter your SIM activation number that’s found behind SIM card holder.
  • Next step is: decide whether you want to get a new number or retain your previous number.
  • Enter valid billing information and click activate. That means your mint SIM is activated.

Best 4 Cell Phone With Mint Mobile Plans

Rather than bring your own phone, you can also buy a device from the Mint. This carrier has several phones available for purchase. Some of the phones available are:

1. LG G8 thinQ

LG G8 thinQ
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Boast of 128 GB internal storage, 6 GB RAM, 3500 mAh long life nonremovable battery, and 16 MP high-quality filtered camera.

2. Motorola Moto G7 Power

Motorola Moto G7 Power
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It features 64 GB internal memory, 4 GB RAM, 128 GB micro SD slot and 6.2-inch display screen, and a 1.8 GHz processor. It also features a sensitive fingerprint reader and a 3000 mAh long-life battery.

3. Motorola Moto G6

Motorola Moto G7 Power
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It has 32 GB internal memory and 3 GB RAM extendable microSD slot and 5.7 inch display.  It is also perfect for capturing moments thanks to its crystal clear camera.

4. LG Stylo 4

LG Stylo 4
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Its battery life is guaranteed. This is as a result of a strong 3300 mAh lithium battery that last for several hours with no need to recharge. It also features fingerprint sensors, 13 MP crystal clear camera, 32 GB internal memory, 3 GB RAM. Moreover, it operates under the latest android 8.1.

Types Of Phones Qualified For Mint Mobile Byop

1. Samsung Galaxy S10+

Samsung Galaxy S10+
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This amazing phone boasts of 4100 mAh long life battery, sensitive fingerprint protectors, 12 MP rear and 10 MP front cameras for amazing pictures and videos. It also features 128 MB internal memory, 6 GB and 5.8 inch HD screen for clarity and unstrained vision.

2. Google Pixel 3a

Google Pixel 3a
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This is another amazing Mint compatible phone. It has an extraordinary camera with night sight and portrait mode features that produces unique images. It also features 64 GB internal storage and long life battery that can last for seven days without recharge. Unfortunately, it has no slot for additional memory card storage.

3. Samsung Galaxy A50

Samsung Galaxy A50
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Features 64 GB internal storage, extendable memory slot up to 512 GB and 6.4 inch screen display designed slim enough to fit well in a pocked. Its camera is equally amazing. It captures flawless vibrant photos in courtesy of its clear 13 MP and 8 MP rear and front cameras respectively.

4. Moto G7

Moto G7
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Features 3000 mAh long life battery, 6.2 inch HD, 64 GB internal memory, and 4 GB RAM. It also features fingerprint and face sensors for privacy and security, 12 MP, 8 MP back and front cameras respectively.

How Mint Compares To Other Low Cost Carriers

Mint is incomparable to other carriers. This is because it has extremely cheap plans, all offering unlimited data, texts and calls. Let’s compare Mint mobile to other carriers in a table.

Mint mobile.Unlimited data15 $ in a month
Cricket mobile2 GB data30 $ in a month
Boost mobile.3 GB data35 $ in a month
Virgin mobile5 GB data35 $ in a month
Unreal mobile.3 GB data20 $ in a month

Everything You Need to Know About Mint Mobile

Advantages of Mint SIM

  • Mint mobile gives room to create free mobile hotspot.
  • Activating mint SIM is an easy process.
  • Mint SIM is compatible with several phones.
  • Mint offers unlimited texts, call minutes and data on a lower price.
  • It offers free international calls along Mexico and Canada.
  • It offers free SIM card.

Disadvantages of Mint SIM

  • Mint SIM requires a least three months contract.

Call And Text Performance

Mint mobile has the best call and text performance. Never have I heard any complaint regarding the poor call or text performance from Mint. However, to avoid inconveniences, you must check and ensure your residential locality is within mint network coverage areas.

Mint Mobile HotSpot

Mint mobile is exceptional from other carriers because it provides a free mobile hotspot for youtube, surfing, streaming, downloading, and watching videos at a first reliable speed.

Who Is Suitable For Mint Sim?

  • Non frequent international travelers : Mint mobile plans are extremely cheap within USA. However, their international services are quite expensive. I mean, using mint data outside American state is so expensive. Therefore, mint is best only when used within the states.
  • Bulky calls, texts and users : If you make a lot of texts and calls to friends and family, then Mint mobile is best for you. This is because mint provides unlimited text and call minutes at a cheap price.
  • Internet addicts : Are you an internet addict? Then Mint mobile is the best for you. This carrier provides high speed unlimited data to users at a cheap affordable price.
  • People with little income : Do you have little income and feel mobile plans will strain your expenses? Then consider Mint mobile. This is because its plan starts as low as 15$ per month. This is not much to spend.

Who Should Avoid Mint Sim?

  • Frequent travelers : Frequent travelers should avoid Mint SIM; this is because international data services are expensive.
  • Those who don’t love putting new SIM card in to the phone : If you don’t love putting new SIM card into your phone, then mint mobile is not the best for you.

Mint Mobile Customer Care Services

To buy mint service plans, you should visit their physical stores. Alternatively, you can visit their official website  to live chat their support for further guidance. You can also contact customer care at 800-683-7392 or send them an email through

Mint Mobile Customer’s Reviews

More often than not, customers leave positive reviews about this carrier. A large percentage has reviewed their saving cost. Their plans are cheap and help to save on my monthly expenses. There are also several positive reviews about nice customer care services

Unfortunately, there are few negative reviews. In this case, most customers have complained about low internet speed and poor coverage in some states. We, therefore, recommend Mint mobile to check on these complaints and work on them.

Final Thought

As seen, mint mobile provides fee data, free call minutes, free texts, free mobile hotspot, and free international calls within Mexico and Canada. Most importantly, you pay cheap monthly prices to acquire these features. This makes mint mobile one of the cheapest mobile service providers.