Nokia 8

The rapid development of smartphones with updated features seems that once upon a time Nokia was a heavyweight in the phone niche as the Finnish company was not in the market for such smartphone that keep them on the track. But after it is owned by HMD, it is now coming on the track again with the Nokia 8 smartphone. The launching of Nokia 8 forecasts a business war with the forthcoming iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 of Android giants Apple and Samsung.

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Nokia has been a brand name for a pretty long time in a mobile niche but it has a very little share in the smart mobile phone niche where its two competitors- Apple and Samsung are accounting 70 per cents of the smart mobile niche will make the way tough for the Nokia 8 to establish Nokia as a smartphone leader.

Nokia 8

Nokia 8 is featured with a Quad HD display, which resolution is updated than that of iPhone 7 released by Apple last year. The dual-camera unit is the another feature based on lens technology delivered by the optical company Carl Zeiss, signed an agreement with Nokia this July to develop Nokia 8. Besides these, Nokia is going to introduce the ‘bothie’, a new type of selfie photography that will help the users to take snapshots both in front the camera and opposite side of the camera at a time may open a new dimension in photography concept as Juho Sarvikas, the HMD chief product officer said that the bothie concept will be a major differentiation for the Nokia 8 and can be revolutionary in the market places.

The features of forthcoming two releases by Apple and Samsung- iPhone 8 and Galaxy Note-8 is not disclosed clearly yet, but they used to users are expecting some revolutionary feature in them as these two android giants did for their previous android devices will be the foremost competitors of Nokia 8. The battle ground is ready.for the race.