5 Best Online Store Credit Cards With Guaranteed Approval

It might not be safe to conclude that there are online store credit cards guaranteed approval. Well, this is because they simply don’t exist. For sure, there isn’t a single credit card company that can guarantee credit card approval for every person who fills in their application forms. This is basically because there are some minimum standard requirements that ought to be met by credit card applicants.

However, it is safe to state that there are credit cards companies with high chances of approval compared to others. Such companies provide almost instant credit card approval for bad credit no deposit, which be used in various purchases. To many people, especially those seeking furniture stores with easy credit approval, finding such credit card companies is a challenging task.

Online Store Credit Cards With Nearly Guaranteed Approval

Online store credit cards often are a great deal for those with bad credit. This is because they provide some rewards, and clients can organize for special financing as they build their credit scores. However, the main task becomes finding the best stores to apply for a credit card with bad credit.

That said, some companies offering online store credit cards guaranteed approval are outlined below.

General Store Cards for Bad Credit

Before contemplating the specific online store credit cards guaranteed approval to apply for a credit card with bad credit, think about broadening your options to the retail world. Well, the fact that you have bad credit doesn’t mean you are only limited to getting store credit cards. There are several secured credit cards, which form an open loop for building credit, and most are available without fees.

If the idea of making a deposit scares you, there are options for unsecured credit cards for people with bad credit. They also have flexible credit requirements that ease the process of opening an account. Among the available credit cards for bad credit for any store, include;

1. Total Visa Card

Though not an affordable option, the Total Visa Card is a good unsecured credit card for people with bad credit. Just like other unsecured credit cards, Total Visa doesn’t mandate that users should place a security deposit to qualify for the credit card. However, it charges fees that can be relatively high, which starts at $89 before the account is opened.

  • Reports monthly to credit bureaus : One of the benefits of taking a credit card with bad credit is that it opens up chances of rebuilding your credit score. This occurs when your credit card company submits its reports to the responsible credit bureaus. Total Visa Card submits monthly reports of your account information that can help you rebuild on your credit history.
  • A good option for bad credit : Total Visa Card comes in handy for emergency loans or those who need a low-cost method of building credit. Despite the high initial fees, limited spending power, and hefty interest packs, this is a plausible option to consider.
  • Card design options : Unlike other credit card providers who have standard credit card designs, the Total Visa Card allows customers to select their own card design from their wide array of gallery options. The options include dogs and cats, beach scenes, American flag, and flowers design.
  • Good option card for bad credit
  • Easy application
  • Submits monthly reports
  • Select your favorite card design
  • Expensive fees
  • Limited spending power

2. Milestone MasterCard

The Milestone MasterCard is another good option for individuals with bad credit looking to improve their credit standing and sort their financial emergencies as well. Being an unsecured credit card, getting a credit card doesn’t require security deposits and offers an initial $300 credit limit.

  • Among the best-unsecured credit cards for bad credit : Well, there isn’t any good credit card for bad credits. However, the Milestone MasterCard is comparably fair to all other cards. It is ideal for those who dearly need an emergency but won’t mind getting a high credit score as well. You can pre-check your qualification before making a hard inquiry, thus limits the possibility of spoiling your credit score.
  • Modest fees : Most unsecured credit cards for bad credit charge high initial fees. However, contrary to other competitors, Milestone MasterCard doesn’t charge one-time or monthly fees at all. It, however, charges annual fees ranging from $35 to $75 in the first year and can rise to $99 in subsequent years.

Note that the cost of Milestone MasterCard depends on individual credit assessment. For that, those with low risks receive low fees. However, all approved credit cardholders will pay the same APR.

  • Fairly charged fees
  • Inexpensive interest rates
  • Mobile access to the account any time
  • Protects users from fraud in case the card is stolen
  • Reports account history to credit bureaus
  • Limited spending power

Credit Cards from Online Store With Guaranteed Approval

According to recent statistics, more than $520 billion was spent through online shopping last year. Online shopping is increasingly becoming an everyday task with millions of people enjoying the convenience of this mode of shopping. This has resulted in a shift by banks to major retailers who take their operations online.

That said if you want to build credit as you shop from your preferred online retailer, getting a store credit card is a good idea. Note that only a few of the online-only retailers accept applications from individuals with bad credits. The few include;

3. Fingerhut Credit Card

Fingerhut started from a simple home catalog company to the current large online retailer specializing in closed-loop credits for shoppers with poor credits. You should consider getting a Fingerhut Credit Card even if you don’t plan to shop from their catalog as it can help build your credit score.

  • Minimal fees : The Fingerhut Credit Card is unique compared to other unsecured credit cards for individuals with bad credit. For starters, it doesn’t charge annual, monthly, or one-time fees at all. This makes the $1.61 interest rate per year cheap compared to other average credit cards.
  • A good way to rebuild credit : With the low cost of acquisition and nearly guaranteed approval for people with bad credit, this is a great option for those who want an inexpensive way of rebuilding credit scores. As mentioned, applicants must not shop on the platform to make a positive impact on their credit standings.
  • Affordable interest rates
  • No monthly, annual or one-time fees
  • Shopping isn’t a must
  • Guaranteed approval
  • Doesn’t provide emergency loans

4. Amazon Store Card

The Amazon Store Card is a good choice for Amazon Prime Members as they are bound to enjoy a lot of benefits from the credit card. The company offers both secured and unsecured credit cards depending on the credit score of the applicants. Upon acceptance of the application, applicants will have access to $149 worth of Amazon purchases.

Besides, there are special financing options that have deferred interests. However, the trick is paying up the financed purchases before the end of the period to avoid paying charged interest on the full purchase.

  • $10 Signup Gift : Probably the only guaranteed reward from Amazon Credit Card is the $10 Signup Gift that is automatically loaded into the applicants’ account once the application is approved. You are fortunate that you can use this amount to purchase several items from Amazon.
  • 5% Cash Back : Receiving 5% for every purchase saves a lot of money, especially for frequent shoppers. The only limitation is that only prime members enjoy this reward. With this caveat, you need to spend at least $99 to join this subscriber list. That aside, note that the purchases paid under promotional financing offer terms cannot earn such rewards.
  • No annual fees : The fact that there are no annual fees makes the Amazon Credit Card a good option as it reduces payable fees. Since the card is free to use, it makes it a cost-effective option for those who want to rebuild their credit standings. Those who enjoy rewards can sign up for the Prime membership.
  • No annual fees
  • Cashback for prime members
  • Assured signup gift
  • Relatively high APR
  • No rewards for regular cardholders

5. Overstock Store Credit Card

If you are an avid Overstock.com customer and looking for ways to get additional rewards for your expenditure, consider the Overstock Store Credit Card. To begin, Overstock provides two card options, which include the Overstock MasterCard and Overstock Store Credit Card. From simple finance terms, you will need a good credit to be approved for Overstock MasterCard while Overstock Store Credit Card requires a fair credit for approval.

  • Low initial discount : The Overstock Store Credit Card gives applicants access to $30 back in rewards o their first purchases of more than $300 without financing. Though not the biggest first-purchase bonus from store credit cards, it is definitely worth recognizing.
  • Dangerous financing : Overstock Store Credit Card gives users a 0% introductory rate for new purchases between the first 6 to 24 months, depending on the amount spent. The offer also includes a deferred feature interest.
  • No annual fees : Unlike other popular credit card options, the Overstock Store Credit Card has no annual payable fees, saving applicants approximately $18.61 yearly.
  • 10% off the first purchases
  • Special financing available
  • No annual fees
  • Special promos for members
  • High-interest rates
  • High fees for late and returned payments

Tips to Improve Online Store Credit Card Approval Rates

As you improve on your credit score, so does the odds of approval for your credit card increases. You will also have access to more credit options that people with bad credit may not enjoy. For instance, improving your credit from bad to fair increases the chances of getting credit cards from several stores. To improve the odds of getting a guaranteed approval, observe the following.

Apply for a secured credit card

Secured credit cards have high approval offs. This is purely because they require that applicants deposit a refundable security deposit that will serve as the credit base. With the secured deposit, the insurer will be free from unpaid balance, making the card easy to get. Secured cards also provide as much credit score building as unsecured cards.

Pay your bills on time

Your bills payment history is a great contributor to your credit score. Interestingly, this is a controllable factor. Therefore, make sure that you make timely payments of scheduled bills to improve your credit score.

Maintain a low utilization

Even with a credit card, keep your expenditure low. Spending less than 30% of your credit balance will improve your credit score. ‘

Boost income and savings

Credit card issuers can deny individuals cards if they find out they can’t pay their bills. However, a higher income increases the limit on unsecured credit cards as the issuer will be comfortable with getting card payments. That said, find a higher-paying job, make investments to make a slight difference.

Pay debt

Debt is among the common reasons why people end up with bad credit history. Therefore, managing debt is a significant way of getting back to good books. Financial institutions will hesitate to approve your account for credit if your debt is considerably high. Paying up pending loans and debts can help boost your credit score.

The Bottom Line

The current store credit cards trace its roots back to the centuries when shopkeepers extended credit accounts to their customers. Contemporary credit cards are not far from what our ancestors were doing, especially for closed-loop lines that allow users to make purchases with the card from specific brands.

The slight difference is that modern store credit cards add some extra perks such as special financing options, exclusive offers, and purchase rewards. These extras mean a lot for frequent shoppers, especially those that enjoy high reward rates of up to 5%.

That aside, you should always use your store credit cards prudently. For sure, some cards come with lots of benefits but have underlying high-interest rates and restrictions. Nonetheless, they are a good option for those who have bad credit and looking to rebuild credit in their favorite stores. The only drawback is that they don’t offer emergency loans like other conventional credit cards.