Top Selling Safelink Phones At Walmart – Best Choice

Safelink is one of the best lifeline companies that provide free phones and service plans to eligible consumers. This great company operates under GSM network to ensure communication services are available and affordable to strained consumers. Walmart on the other hand is an American international retail company that sells a wide variety of items inclusive of phones. From Walmart, you can get variety of safelink phones that comes with affordable plans.

It is also renown to have the best family plans that allow you to bring you own phone or get a new GSM compatible phone as you enjoy data, text and call services with no renewable contract. Walmart provides free shipping services to their customers.

6 Best SafeLink Phones At Walmart

Walmart offers several safe-link phones raising confusion on the phone to buy. In this page, we have made it easier for you by analyzing the best 6 phones to consider.

1. Tracfone LG STYLO 4 Phone

This is one of the best safelink phones to find from Walmart. Operating  under 4G LTE network, this great phone comes with strong rear camera of 13MP and 5 MP front camera for quality images. It also features 6.2 inch screen and a resolution power of 1080 × 2160 pixels for bright clear image and font displays.

Tracfone LG STYLO 4 Phone - Safelink Phones at Walmart
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We rank it as one of the best because of its 16 GB internal memory capacity, 2 GB RAM and an extendable memory capacity for sufficient storage. It also runs on a high speed octa core processor for reliable speed operation.  Moreover, it has a long life battery of 3300 Mah that last up to 13 hours.

  • It has a powerful and lasting battery.
  • It allows memory extensibility for enough storage.
  • It produces quality images thanks to strong 13MP camera.
  • It is cheap and affordable.
  • It has a small RAM.

2. Tracfone Apple iPhone SE Phone

This is also a great phone to buy from Walmart. It is a great phone to consider because of its 12 MP quality camera that captures outstanding images. It also features 2 GB RAM and internal memory capacity that varies from 16GB, 32GB, 64 and 128GB.

iPhone SE - Safelink Phones at Walmart
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This great gadget operates on IOS 9.3.2 which is possible to upgrade to IOS 10. In addition, it has 1624 mAh strong battery for reliable power storage. It also has guaranteed security system that supports finger print scanner.

  • This phone operates under 4 G reliable networks.
  • It has a minimum internal storage capacity of 16 GB and a maximum of 128 GB allowing the user to choose the most effective.
  • It has a variety of colors of choose.
  • It is locked to tracfone/safelink wireless.

3. Apple iPhone 6S

From the great apple brand, this is another reliable safelink phone from Walmart. Fitted with 4.7 inch display, this device runs on IOS 9 that is upgradable to IOS 13.4. Although it’s not fitted with a memory card slot, it comes with sufficient internal storage capacity version that varies from 32 GB, 64 and 128 GB.

When it comes to capturing images, its 12 MP rear and 5 MP self camera compliments its efficiency. It also boasts of a screen resolution power of 750 × 1334 pixels for bright, clear and attractive image displays.

Apple iPhone 6S - Safelink Phones at Walmart
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The phone has reliable security/ privacy system that support both face detection and fingerprint scanner. Not to forget its fast processor and powerful 1715 Mah long lasting battery that extends to 24 hours talk time.

  • Reliable cameras.
  • Fast speed processor.
  • Sufficient storage.
  • It is only compatible with GSM network.

4. Tracfone Samsung Galaxy A10E

Its great features rank it as one of the best safelink phones from Walmart.  This amazing phone operates under 4 G LTE reliable speeds.  It features an internal memory capacity 32 GB and an extendable slot for additional 512 GB for enough storage.

Tracfone Samsung Galaxy A10E - Safelink Phones at Walmart
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It is also powered with 8 Mp rear camrera that is backed up by 5 mp front camera for quality image captures. It also runs on android 9.0 for faster and advanced operations. Not to forget its 5.8 inch screen with a resolution power of 720 ×  1560 pixels for bright displays and 3000 mAh battery for long lasting operation.

  • It operates on an advanced android system.
  • It has a micro SD slot for memory expandability.
  • It has a powerful battery.
  • It is fitted with 3.5 mm Jack for connecting headsets.
  • It comes with free SIM card.
  • Supports WIFI/ Bluetooth connectivity.
  • It is locked to tracfone services.

5. Samsung Galaxy S8

It is ranked among the best safelink phones from Walmart because of its array of very alluring features. Firstly, it is fitted with a non removable 3000 mAh LI-ION battery that supports wireless and fast charging. It also has 12 MP rears and dual 8 MP front cameras making it a photo expert phone.

Besides, it boast of 4 GB RAM, 64 GB internal memory and designed with micro SD slot for additional storage. Not to forget its 5.8 inch screen with a resolution power of 1440 × 2960 pixels to complement its display efficiency.

Samsung Galaxy S8
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It operates under  android 9.0 Pie,  has other complementary features like iris scanner, fingerprint scanner and comes in 7 variety of colors to select; midnight black, orchid grey, arctic silver, coral blue, maple gold, rose pink and burgundy red.

  • Powerful battery.
  • Extendable memory space.
  • Runs on extendable android system.
  • High quality front and back camera.
  • It’s costly to acquire.

6. TracFone Samsung Galaxy S7

It also qualifies one of the best safelink phones from Walmart. This great devise features 5.1 inch display that is backed with a screen resolution power of 1440’2560 pixels for pleasing displays. With this great gadget, you can capture clear photos thanks to its 12 MP rear and 5 mp front camera.

It also comes with two versions memory capacity; 32GB 4 GB RAM version and 64 GB 4 GB ram version. Amazing, right?

Samsung Galaxy S7
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Not enough, it has a micro SD space for additional memory and runs of android 8.0.  Moreover, the gadget is equipped with 3000MaH LI-ION battery allowing you more than ten hours talk time. Its charging system is advanced that most phones as it allow wireless charging.

  • It is easily available with wide selection of colors; black, white, gold, silver and pink gold.
  • Have special features like finger print scanner and proximity scanners.
  • Long lasting, wireless and fast charging battery.
  • Quality cameras.
  • Memory additional space.
  • Runs on upgradable android system.
  • Not affordable to all.

Frequently Asked Questions

# Can I Buy SafeLink Phone At Walmart?

Yes, this is possible.  This is because Walmart wireless service is compatible with GSM network phones. In other words, it is possible to buy GSM network phones from Walmart. As mentioned earlier, safelink operates under GSM network, making their phones available In Walmart.

# Can I Use Any TracFone With Safelink?

Popularly known, safelink is a subsidiary wireless company to the great tracfone prepaid cell phone provider. In simple words, tracfone wireless Is mother to safelink wireless. From this fact, there is a great misconception that you can use any tracfone with safelink.

You cannot use any tracfone with safelink. This is because it provides both CDMA and GSM phones. On the other hand, safelink is only compatible with GSM phones. That means, you cannot use tracFone CDMA phones with safelink.

My Take

Safelink offers great help to the less fortunate consumers in USA. It provides free or discounted phones which are easily available in their stores, online sites and other retails stores like Amazon, Luther sales and Walmart. Are you looking for best safelink phone from Walmart? We have listed and explained their pros and cons to help you make an appropriate decision.