Samsung UFS Card

Friends Do you want to know about the world’s best fast memory card? Today I’m going to discuss with the Samsung UFS card , which is now the world’s most fast memory card. If you have a gadget that supports an external memory card, but you have to take the right decision before buying a memory card. But the biggest problem is the high-speed memory card to suit your needs to find. Maybe that was changing. So Samsung has recently opened a high-capacity memory, which new Universal Flash Storage (UFS) standard work on. Samsung has promised that the new memory card from the memory card of the day, more than 5 times faster. It’s a very interesting thing. But the question is how it can be so faster? Let’s get to know everything.

What Is Actually Samsung UFS Card?

UFS is the use of consumer electronics, a new flash storage standard. Friends This is a very modern technology, which eMMC (eMMC internal storage of devices such as smartphones and tablets, is used as), and SD Card. It is a smartphone, DSLR, etc. of devices are used as external storage, for the technology to replace, it has been made.

These are the new standard for all major technology companies such as Samsung, Toshiba, Micron, continues to support. If you’re using any flagship smartphone, however, the UFC 2 storage on your phone. This standard will be able to give you 850 MB / Sec read speed – which can give a good quality SSD 550 MB / Sec read speed. Friends, being able to think, how fast it?

Samsung UFS Card

Moreover, UFS storage, eMMC storage is much less than the loss of power. This technology, compared to the normal storage, about 10% less power required. Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S7, etc. UFS can be seen in the use of internal storage. And the first to come to market Samsung UFS card has created a triggered.

What Are The Benefits Of Samsung UFS Card?

Samsung UFS card based on old technology, UFS 1.0. Still, the UFS memory card can give you a lot of benefits that you will not ever get from normal SD card. Samsung has come up with the beginning of the large capacity memory cards. Samsung UFS card 32 GB – 256 GB are available, where the SD card is available maximum 128 GB. Also, the biggest advantage of the new UFS card is faster. 256 GB UFS cards read speed of 530 MB per second and write speed of 170 MB per second to give – which is available in today, from high-end SD card more than 5 times faster. The amazing Right speed it may be useful to, wherein less time a lot more data needs to be recorded. For example, while recording 4k, 360-degree video recording time, or DSLR together, a lot of row images taking the time. Moreover, this was a small piece of card with your mobile phone, drones and action cameras can be used easily.

This is due to a fast read speed of the card, in a moment of any size of the files will be able to copy to your computer (5 GB file copy takes 10 seconds!). Moreover, the media will play and thumbnail preview, much faster. Moreover, this card is going to bring a lot of benefits for mobile phones. Due to the external memory card will not faster that you may have seen on the iPhone and the Nexus phone is never to use an external memory card. The slow external memory card is not fit to hold any app. Moreover, your phone can make a terrible performance. However, Samsung UFS card has been internal storage to the equivalent capacity – there’s more to experience less power loss – and now for the apps installed on external storage can not be made of any performance problems.

Since this technology is still in the lab, so it’s not going to say more clearly that they are going to keep much of their promise. However, Samsung S 6, S 7, think about these devices, then about the idea of the Samsung UFS card can be easy. Because the larger size of files to read and write, this technology is better than not thinking of anything else now. Samsung their device, using the UFS storage, the eMMC storage the use of the concept has been able to change.

What Is The Samsung UFS Card Difficulty?

UFS memory card is still not going to say when it will come in the market – and this is the biggest problem at the moment is no device currently does not support UFS memory card. Moreover, Samsung’s new device if they think of Note 7 smartphone to support this card, it is still the smartphone world will not be able to bring any substantial difference. The UFS memory card support, of course, many more companies will come forward.

Another problem is the memory card in a different pin configuration has been made – for which your smartphone will have a totally different card slot. So if your current phone the UFS memory card to use, you have been thinking, then forget it. However, Samsung said that they are going to upgrade a card slot through which the UFS memory card slot and micro SD card can contain.