The 3 Best Straight Talk Mobile Hotspot Plans For Various User

The internet is apparently everywhere, however, picking the best internet service can be tricky. You need to know your internet usage and pick the right provider with stable internet. Although there are numerous providers available today, not all of them are great. Some will promise you what they can’t deliver. One of the best internet providers is Straight Talk. They offer you various Straight Talk mobile hotspot plans to enable you to enjoy the internet comfortably.

Straight Talk offers internet on the go for you without the need of subscribing or entering a contract with their mobile phone service. The hotspot enables you to connect to the internet through their high-speed data connection. With their on the go hotspot service, you can connect a variety of Wi-Fi enabled devices such as computers, tablets and phones.

However, Straight Talk provides various data plans that you can choose from, among them is the mobile hotspot services. Their hotspot service is further split into different plans depending on data usage. This gives you a chance to be near Wi-Fi spots anywhere you go. If you need internet access and you can’t find a nearby place offering Wi-Fi then Straight Talk mobile hotspot plans will suit you.

Straight Talk Mobile Hotspot Plans Data Plans

Straight Talk offers you up to 5 different mobile hotspot plans. These plans are designed to suit the internet usage of various users. This means that the prices vary depending on the amount of data you use. With plans starting as low as $15 for 1GB you can’t miss one that fits you. These plans are quite cheap as compared to similar mobile hotspot deals offered by other providers. There are also larger plans for heavy data users with lower per GB cost. However, it is important to understand that the data won’t be rolled over to the next cycle. This means that you should only buy what you need since the excess data remaining will go to waste.

Any data you purchase usually last for a period of 30 or 60 days. Just like other network operators offering the 60-day package, you qualify for a discount when you buy an extended package. So, if you will be using all the data then it will be wise to spend more upfront as it will enable you to save more money in the long run.

The small data plan is quite effective if you need a backup fast home internet connection or anyone who consumes less. The good thing is that you can change your plan depending on your usage since there are no contracts. To help you get started here are some of the best three Straight Talk mobile hotspots plans that you can choose from:

  • 1 GB at $15 every 30 days : This is the cheapest plans available for Straight Talk Mobile Hotspot. The plan is suitable for people who don’t consume massive amounts of data. So, if don’t play games online, stream movies or listen to music then this plan will suit you. The 1 GB data is enough for you to enjoy regular surfing and watching videos online occasionally. Considering that it is the cheapest plan, this package will suit you if you are on a tight budget.
  • 2 GB at $25 every 30 days : If you think the 1 GB will limit you a lot, then you can consider this 2 GB plan at $25 every 30 days. While the time period is just like the 1GB plan, you get to access an extra 1 GB but with additional payment. With this plan, you get to enjoy the internet with more freedom unlike with the first plan. You can watch considerably more videos on YouTube, or listen to music. However, this data is not a lot and might be over soon with heavy consumption. If you are planning on spending more time online with various high data consuming activities then you should consider a higher plan.
  • 4 GB at $40 every 60 days : When 1 GB is too small and 2GB still not enough then you can consider the 4 GB plan at $40 every 60 days. This plan enables you to access more data at an extended period. If your internet usage could vary from time to time then you should consider this plan since you will have a longer period before the data expires. Besides, you get to enjoy more freedom online unlike the 1 GB data plan.

Other Plans

While the above three data plans are quite affordable, you might want to consider other available data plans if you are a heavy data consumer. Some of the best plans available for you, if you think the 1GB, 2GB and the 4GB data plans are too small, are the 5GB and the 7GB plans. These plans are suitable for more than one user since they enable you to get more data at an extended period of 60 days.


Straight Talk provides you with various plans for a mobile hotspot with excellent network connectivity and no contracts. Considering that the mobile hotspot devices have a number of advantages over the typical hotspot you can tether using your phone, it is advisable to have one of these devices. You get to enjoy a better bandwidth and fast connection speed when you are travelling or in the countryside. All you need to do is to ensure that there is a decent network coverage where you are to avoid inconveniences due to poor connection.

This guide gives you some of the best straight talk mobile hotspot plans offered today. The plans will enable you to do common internet activities. Any of them will make a perfect choice especially if you are a single consumer. But if you are planning on sharing data with several devices then you should consider going for the higher plans. It is important to note that the internet speed could vary depending on the number of devices connected to your mobile hotspot. Additionally, the more you engage in data-intensive activities and the more devices are connected to your hotspot, the more data you’ll need and the higher the amount you’ll need to pay.