Total Visa Unsecured Credit Card Without Any Deposit

A low or bad credit score is a bane to many people. You find yourself stuck in a financial situation hard to get yourself out. You can’t get the best credit cards or even personal loans. Such state forces you to go for bad credit cards. That translates to enduring high interest charges and fees. Alternatively, people opt for secured credit cards. These are better and attract a bit of bonuses unlike the unsecured ones. You can easily win cash backs and other favors.

Total Visa unsecured credit card is one of those cards with burdensome charges. So, unless your credit score is the worst, this shouldn’t be an option. However, this card has got its advantages. For instance, it can be a great leeway to a better credit history. In this review, we answer probably your most contentious questions about Total Visa unsecured credit card. We will also help you on when or what should prompt your choice of this card.

Why People Choose Total Visa Unsecured Credit Card

No security deposits

In most cases, credit cards meant for people with bad credit score demand a security. This is an amount of money you pay to the provider as a security for the card. And worse your credit limit is equal or less than your deposit. Therefore, if you can’t afford such amount, you can’t get your credit card of choice. Total Visa unsecure credit card doesn’t demand that. So, you can get it even with zero deposit.

Can help rebuild your credit history

Total Visa unsecured credit card reports to three major credit bureaus. These include Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. This is a good chance to get your credit score on an upward trajectory. It is not the case with all bad credit cards though. So, besides all the flaws with the Total Visa unsecured credit card, this isn’t one of them.

Easy to access

When you apply for Total Visa unsecured credit card it’s very hard to miss. Reason being it doesn’t have any specific credit score requirement. So, almost everyone who applies for it will be approved. Also, it is available in all states except Wisconsin and NewYork.

Drawbacks of Total Visa Unsecured Credit Card

High fees

The high charges associated with Total Visa unsecured credit card makes it very expensive. To join, you must pay a one-time program fee that amounts to $89. Additionally, there is an annual fee of $75. Considering you are taking a credit card to bail yourself out of a crisis, these charges are too high. And that’s not the end.

After the elapse of the first year, a monthly service fee of $6.25 is introduced. And the annual charges drop to $48. So, after the first year, you end up paying more than $100 in fees.

Low credit limit

After you are approved for Total Visa unsecured credit card, the initial limit is $300. Additionally, the $75 annual fee is deducted from the credit limit. That lowers your credit limit to $225. This credit limit has to remain so for a period not less than 12 billing cycles. Only then your account can be considered for an increase. And even then, you have to pay an increment fee of $20. The low initial credit limit is one of the serious drawbacks you face with this credit card.

High APR

Total Visa credit card charges very high APR. Worse, it imposes the charges on all cardholders regardless of their credit history. So, you may want to consider other unsecured credit cards with lower APR.

Limited in its use: The Total Visa unsecured credit card has some serious limitations in its use. Some of these are so disadvantageous and greatly affects how to use it. For example, you can’t use the card outside the United States. Also, it’s not viable for use in automated fuel pumps. You need freedom to use your credit cards the way you want. These limitations and restrictions are of bad taste.

Is the total Visa credit card legit?

Yes. Total Visa credit card is legit just like any other credit cards meant for people with bad credit history. It’s a great option for people with bad credit and who don’t want to pay the deposit money for secured cards.

What are the easiest unsecured credit cards to get?

There are a number of unsecured credit cards you can opt for other than Total visa credit card. These cards don’t require any deposit and you can get them with a fair or even bad credit score. Also, their application and approval ratings are equally easy. These include:

Indigo Mastercard

Looking for the most tolerant credit card? Indigo Mastercard from Utah Celtic bank is one of them. Even with a prior incidence of bankruptcy, you get approved for this card. It’s among the easiest cards to qualify for and get without messing up your already low credit score. It also reports to all major credit bureaus every month. That means, you can be faithful in your payments to boost or rebuilt your credit.

The Indigo is also one of the most flexible cards. It allows you to choose your favorable card designs from their large pool. On top of that, you receive a Mastercard fraud protection. So, you don’t have to panic in the event your card is stolen or lost.

NASCARCredit Card from One Bank

This is an awesome unsecured card with interesting features. Just like the Total Visa, it can help you to improve your credit history. However, it has some better offers like the 1% cashbacks on eligible purchases. Also, the annual fee ranges $0 to $99 which means sometimes you may end up paying nothing.

Another thing worth mentioning is its variable APR. Depending on your credit history and time, you pay between 17.99% – 23.99%.

Surge Mastercard

The features accompanying this card will tempt anyone with a bad credit score. Besides the good credit terms, it offers $0 fraud liability. This ensures that your card is safe even in the risky streets of hackers and crackers. Even though its initial credit limit is a bit low, if you pay your bills on time within six months, you are assured of new limits. The ability to manage its operations online and via mobile app is strength. Therefore, you can view balances, make payments and manage the payments.

You also have the option to buy the credit protection for the card. This feature waives the credit card debt in the event you die before final pay. It provides a good opportunity to track your credit score without any struggle.

Petal 2 Visa

Another excellent credit card for people with nil to bad credit score. Petal 2 visa offers cash back rewards with high credit limit. It also reports to the entire three-credit bureau giving you a chance to build or rebuild your credit. If you want an alternative to Total visa for higher credit limit, this is a good choice. You also won’t have to pay any deposit at sign up.


People with less than perfect credit score have a refuge here. Milestone Mastercard is a flexible credit card that will never fail you. It’s a very easy card to qualify for with a few steps. Another strength associated with Milestone is the ability to prequalify you for another card. This happens in the event they cannot match you to its cards.

Milestone Mastercard also tends to have some burdensome charges. For instance, it imposes foreign transaction fee and annual standing changes. But, unlike the Total Visa unsecured card, it doesn’t have a monthly maintenance fee. The other charges include the over limit transaction, cash advances and late fines. The card also has very robust mobile app that you can use to manage it.

What is the minimum credit score for an unsecured credit card?

The credit score for unsecured credit cards ranges 300 to 650. Although, different credit cards have different credit score demands. The higher your credit scores the higher your chances of approval. A good credit score also attracts better deals and lowered interests and fees.

How long does it take to receive a total Visa card?

The Total Visa card processing takes between 7 to 10 working days. Only in very rare instances will it take 14 days. As long as you make the payment on time, you should have it within two weeks in your mail.

Final recap

While Total Visa unsecured credit card may not be the best credit card at times it’s the only option. Unless you have no alternative, it’s good to avoid this card by all means. It not only bares many expensive charges but its fines are also huge. So, if you happen to settle for it, you must be much disciplined to evade penalties.

Instead of shouldering the non-refundable expensive charges of Total visa, you can get a secured credit card. This can help you to save a couple of dollars that you would have otherwise lost. Even if you don’t want to pay the deposit, at the end of the day, you end up paying more money. Considering all the accompanying charges and restrictions on how to use the card, this card should be your last option.

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