Trackr Bravo

The cars or bikes went out a little, came back and saw a car or bike was stolen. Now run to the police station, the police will take a lot of time looking for it, it’s your money and time is wasted. This condition may be released from a device and your smartphone. And this is the name of the device TrackR Bravo.

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Monthly Subscription fees can be found on the device. This device might put your bike or in the car. Mobile phones can help you find out where your bike or car. According to The Times of India reported, a California-based startup has created this little device, which works with the help of smartphones.

Trackr Bravo

The tracking device to see as a key ring. To use it “TrackR Bravo App” to install on your phone. Then the little device needs to be connected to the app. Now anywhere to leave cars or bikes. Even if you lose there is no problem, car or bike, can be found in your hand’s smartphone.

Not just cars or bikes; Anything or device you do not want to lose Never, please connect to the device, now, “TrackR Bravo” app that can be tracked, even if the lost. This usually works with the help of GPS tracker.

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