How To Transfer Money From Checking Account To Prepaid Card Online

Online banking has made a big difference in our life. Transfer money from checking account to prepaid card online is one of the simple ways to make bank activities so easy and fast. With this process, one can function banking activities on hand like making and receiving payment. Additionally, one can spend with a prepaid card loaded from checking account. So in this article, we are going to learn how to transfer money from checking account to prepaid card online.

A checking account is a bank account available for depositing money and withdrawals anytime. This account is very liquid that makes sure regular transaction easily. One can access this account through checks, ATM and electronic debit card. Checking account is a smart choice when you are going to huge withdrawals and unlimited deposits. Checking account can be used to feed your need in a numerous way. It is easy for anybody on how to send money to another account, pay the online bill and withdraw money anytime for your need.

What is A Prepaid Card

A prepaid card is also a debit card and it is a form of bank card which is used to spend money. Unlike credit card not loaded far before, This card is to be loaded with money beforehand through cash, checks, direct deposit to make sure this card is ready to spend money for any transaction. You can spend how much money you have loaded on this card. It is also called pay as you go card. It is also important to know that this card can work with a merchant account that ensures receiving its payment network.

The Function of Prepaid Card

Commonly like a debit card, the prepaid card works in the same way. Generally for reloading money, one can make it usable with liquidity.

  • How To Load Money : There are different ways to add money to the card just like direct deposit which may be a traditional system. More importantly, one can ignore to go to the bank with the help of online banking. When one has a checking account, a prepaid debit card can be refilled with money from checking account. There is also online money transfer which has made bank so easy.
  • Access To ATM : The prepaid debit card also has access to an automated teller machine. One can withdraw money at any point by using the ATM. MoenyPass, Allpoint and branded networks provide this access to the cardholder.
  • Limit To Withdraw : Unlimited access to withdraw and reload money with a prepaid debit card may not be available. Some card ceases the cardholders to withdraw, reload and spend money for a day. They may fix up limit for a day.
  • Fees To considering : Surely when someone is going to activate a prepaid debit card, they have to pay activation fees, making test deposit and availing outside networks. There is also a monthly fee. Additionally, some cards may let you pay when you are purchasing an ATM transaction with the prepaid card.
  • More Payment Services : Check writing and online bill pay are common issues for life as people are buying daily needs from an online platform and making payments online. Luckily this card is fit to feed your need. More importantly, this card can be copied into one more according to the family members. All family members can use the copied prepaid debit card to spend money anywhere.

Transfer Money From Checking Account To Prepaid Card Online

The most important fact to know is to transfer money from checking account to prepaid card online. This can be the simple way one can transfer fund online using a checking account. This can take two or three days to send money to the prepaid card but this is a completely free transaction. On the other hand, one can get prepaid card with money on instantly but the people may be charged. For example, Walmart provides this service and fee may be up to $3.00.

Now we are going to know how one can transfer money from checking account to prepaid card only when it is all about the online system.

The requirement of Account Number And Routing Number

this is the simple and first step for transferring money online. Part of this process, you must require prepaid account number which is unique that makes sure the actual holder. Maybe you are transferring your fund from checking account to your prepaid card. So this can be as easy as you know your prepaid card number.

The second one that is required is the routing number. The routing number is your bank identity from where every transaction is being controlled and monitored, so you need to submit this number during the transferring process. From any service, you first log on into your service like NetSpend and opt for transfer money where you are to submit these account number and routing number

Add A Prepaid Card To Bank Account

When you are thinking of transferring fund from bank to prepaid card, This step is ready to help you. There are different banks who can offer this service like a transfer from bank account to prepaid card. For this, you may require another account in the bank integrated with a prepaid card. You have to log on to your bank account and you can find some ways that can direct you how to transfer money to prepaid card online. Also, you may require a bank account, account number, routing number which can be used as another account to accomplish this process. But the important fact is you have to add this prepaid card account to the bank.

Test Transaction

Transferring or a money transaction should be safe and accurate. Bank will verify another account set up without any fault. In that case, you have to transact two small deposit transfer to the prepaid card. You have to log into the bank account to send the expected amount of the test deposit. This process is to make sure you are sending money to the prepaid card.

Final Transfer of Money

you have already successfully setup with checking account to a prepaid card. The last step is you have to go to the bank’s website and make sure the amount you want to transfer to prepaid account. When you are transferring money with this process, you may have to wait for one or two business days. Different banks have different criteria in taking time. But generally, one or two days may be required to make money available to a prepaid card.

Prepaid Card

The Simple Way To Transfer Money With ACH Transfer

Now that we have different banks and different cards. We need to send money from checking account to prepaid debit card anytime and anywhere. This online process has made our life so easy to make sure receiving payments and sending money also. Transfer money from checking account to prepaid card online is the best option for those who mind to go to the bank for deposit and withdraw purposes.

Funding money with ACH ( automated clearing house ) has been so simple and available with the help of green dot prepaid debit card, RushCard, Walmart Money Card. These cards luckily enable people to transfer money with ACH transfer from checking or savings account. There are also different features like rewards and exclusive discounts provided by those services.

The following steps can be followed to transfer money:

  1. Sign up is needed to for a card offered by the card providers’ website where you have to submit some official identification numbers. After checking your information, you may wait for a short time and they will send a card by mail if everything is okay.
  2. When you will receive the card, you need to go online and submit information such as card number, PIN number from the area of website activation. When activation is confirmed, it is time to load the card with money from checking account.
  3. Also, you should land on the bank’s website and read the instruction for ACH transfer or online fund transfer. Information required is your checking account number, prepaid card number and amount that you want to transfer. Transfer can take time like two or three business days. Same day transfer is possible when you allow charging according to their instruction.

Some Popular List of Prepaid Cards With ACH Transfer

American Express Prepaid Card

American Express Prepaid card is popular in the whole nation in the USA. No matter you are online or offline, you can get expected service at any time. From adolescent to adult, this card is available to use. When you have a requirement to use worldwide, you can do that by using this card.

However, there is a minimum transfer limit which is $25 a day. On the other hand, the maximum transfer stands for $2,500. This card is integrated with phone or online to make sure your smooth banking transaction online. Loading this card is an important issue. Generally, five days is required to load this card from your checking account. This card is also usable at any ATM that may cost you $2.5 fee per transaction.


The RushCard prepaid visa is featured with payment of bills, purchases, withdraw from certain ATM. This card is useable from 13 years old to above but there may need to submit a parental consent form for an adolescent. There are two plans which are an unlimited plan that charges a monthly fee and another one is Pay As You Go. It means you will be charged with $1 for per purchase with no monthly fee.

However, it is so simple to Transfer money from checking account to prepaid card online with the help of ACH transfer. The limit will be $10,000 per transaction for ACH transfer and direct deposit. Luckily you don’t have to pay any charge to complete this transaction.

This card is a smart choice as there are direct deposit facilities, exclusive visa discount, mobile app, more secured and easy account management.

Walmart Money Card

For better understanding, you must be 18 years old to use Walmart MoneyCard. Additionally, this card is easy to get for any U.S citizen.  Transferring money is completely free. You just need to go banks online from banks website through an electronic funds transfer and accomplish the instruction to make sure reload to this card. The maximum transaction with this card is only $10,000. This is used to make payments where visa debit card debit master card is allowed.

Western Union NetSpend Mastercard

This card is available to any U.S citizen. However, Western Union and Netspend MasterCard are jointly feeding your need as a cardholder. Western Union is involved in this service and it can be added advantage from Western Union Money Transfer Company. You can use this card for the worldwide transaction so easy. To Transfer money from checking account to this prepaid card online will charge you on the basis of what service you want. You may need to transfer a big amount, less time and many more. However, direct deposit is the best option from Western Union NetSpend MasterCard. Adding money to NetSpend card is also so simple.

Card. com, Green Dot Prepaid Debit card is also leading card providing company which also have the same operating service. According to your need, you may choose anyone to make sure your banking activities are totally online based.

Banks To Offer Prepaid Card Online

When you are crazy to get prepaid which is optimized with online service, the first names that come are

  • BB&T Bank.
  • PNC Bank.
  • Chase Bank.
  • TD Bank.

These banks can help you get a prepaid card. But you want to get more convenient and smarter than before. For this, you should talk to the banks directly to make sure you are not going to face any hassle online transaction.

Transfer Money With A Card To Prepaid Card Online

Now that prepaid card is also an important part of our daily life to meet our needs. One can easily transfer money from checking account to the prepaid card online.

Why People Transferring Fund From Checking Account To Prepaid Card

A few years back, most of the checking account was completely free. But these checking account charged maintenance fee nearly $12 on monthly. However many people are rushing to a prepaid debit card to make sure the banking system easier than before with cheaper rate.

Prepaid card also has some security and consumer protection. For example, you load the prepaid card from checking account which may not be insured by the FDIC. If the card is stolen or lost somehow, the loaded money is also gone according to a financial expert.

They also suggest that you should have to check account to make sure you can transfer fund to a prepaid debit card. Being checking account a traditional system, there are still now customer friendly as one can get free withdrawals at branch ATM and avail rewards. Even some banks are ready to offer you checking account with free cost.

Closing Thoughts

With the evolution of technology, the bank has been upgraded and advanced. Bank institutions are providing more electronic service like transfer money from checking account to the prepaid card online which saves time and hassle. But frauds and dark eye are making people helpless. So with online banking, we also need to be careful to use our prepaid card to make sure the information we use is safe and secure.

Note To The Readers: This article has discussed the simple way of transferring money from checking account to the prepaid card online. One should not take it as a legal guide as the bank institution’s rules and process change very often. Before buying any prepaid card or checking account and their function, expert authority from the bank agent or financial lawyer is ready to help you provide with the required information.