At last twitter, their own video streaming apps periscope are added 360 degree live video to promote benefits. Last 28/12/2016 the company release this feature said the technology site CNet. However, all users are now able to see the 360-degree live video but only published celebrity ‍and Some of the selected users like celebrities.

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From their own app, the organization’s 31 crores 70 lakhs users make it easy video broadcasting. After more than two weeks to announce the launch new feature, this feature brings Twitter. Already competitor the US company Instagram has launched live video facilities.

Twitter 360 Degree Video

Shortly for 180 crore users live 360-degree video to bring promotion services has announced plans the world biggest social network site Facebook. With him “We are entering a golden age of live video” said Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg.

On smartphone Twitter, 360-degree video services users can easily turn their phone or scroll down the screen can contain the whole scene. In the coming weeks, this feature will be available to more users said Twitter. this year their own video streaming service Vine with the closing, the company decided to leave it a camera app.