Twitter Account Suspended

The company CEO Jack Dorsey of Twitter for some time to suspend the accounts of his company. It was suspended due to the internal error, is to be announced later. According to CNN, after the closing of the account is suspected accounts have been hacked, or it is automatically stopped in the context of many users complaint. However, after getting the account back Dorsey tweeted, his account Suspended the incident was an “internal error”.

The statement the CEO of Twitter, many Twitter users have been angry. They want to know how many regular user accounts has been suspended due to a fault. What exactly or how the account was suspended temporarily, about the details, did not give any information on Twitter. After getting back to the account, it was informed that some of the previous states taking the time to come.

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In addition, on the account after coming online, Dorsey followers number 39 million, down 145 is shown. Later, however, it again reached 38 million. This year, Twitter is going through a bad time. Since the beginning of the year shares prices has dropped, 20 percent. In the meantime, Dorsey account suspended, the company has created a new criticism.