7 Best Ventless Gas fireplace inserts

The old days of firing woods and the hassle to maintain the flame and heat is no longer exist today. Now you have the ventless gas fireplace that delivers maximum required heat and makes your room warm quickly. If someone gets inside your room and he is freezing like a helpless from the outside harsh cold, then he will suddenly get relief from the fireplace heat. On the other hand, it gives you no difficulty with maintenance as the traditional fireplace often gives us a hard time. Furthermore, you can get a cozy room 24/7, and don’t see the electricity bills become skyrocket.

Top 7 Best Ventless gas fireplace inserts

The ventless fireplace insert looks cool and it comes with adjustable settings, this is why it can bring more heat into the room. Nowadays, they are not fixed in some specific designs, and they are in versatile types. To know this, you come to the right place where we will discuss the top 7 ventless gas fireplace inserts.

1. Regal Flame 23″

When you are in search of a homely gas log insert that comes from a reliable company and energy efficient then you put the Regal Flame 23″ at the top place. This electric fireplace possesses a realistic flame and is followed by LED technology, as a result, it emits the most authentic flame that resembles real firing. It is powered by 750 to 1500W in order to produce 5900 BTUs. With the variation of heat settings, it is fit for different cold temperatures, and so you will find HI, MED, and LOW heat settings.

Regal Flame 23
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Aside from the heat settings, the regal is perfect in delivering the true burning wood color, and having the built-in timer mode will automatically shut off the unit. This is a perfect choice to adjust to your homely atmosphere, and it can set in anywhere at your home. It is super functional in your bedroom, living room or dining room.

Key Features

  • Regal Flame 26″ is a perfect match for the area of 450 sq.feet
  • It is powered by the 750 to 1500W power what produce up to 5,900 BTUs
  • It is safe and it has multiple adjustable temperature modes so one can easily set it at the right mode
  • The built-in timer helps for the automatic shut down from half an hour to 7.5 hours
  • The flat vent design looks bigger and perfect for home decor

2. Regal Flame Broadway 35″

Regal Flame Broadway 35″ is a pebble ventless gas fireplace logs and thus it is far better than the wood fireplace. The specialty of it is to set lies behind sustainable glossy tempered glass along with the matte black frame. Now you can enjoy smoke and vent-free air and feel warm in the harsh cold night. Like most other fireplace logs, it has three adjustable heat settings, and you can set it from Low to Med and then Hi. So you can set it according to your level of heating preferences.

Regal Flame Broadway 35
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And, when you are ready to bring this at home then you will find it minimum difficult to install it on the wall. This is a wide and big wall-mounted fireplace and so weighs approximately 26.5 pounds. You will find a mountable bracket that makes the process easy to install. It is more than functional than the ordinary fireplace and perfect home decor regardless of the bedroom, living room, or dining room.

Key Features

  • The 35″ wide coverage with the pebble ventless gas fireplace logs makes it admiring>
  • It comes with the durable glossy tempered glass with the matte black frame
  • It has a preset three adjustable heat settings, so you can turn from low to med and then hi
  • Easy to install to the wall mounting, and weighs 26.5 pounds

3. Regal Flame Ashford Black 50″

The Ashford Black is the most stunning fireplace of the Regal team, and it is the perfect match for the living room, where the whole family sits beside and enjoy the warm atmosphere in the coldest day of the year. And, why do we say it is stunning beauty? Because the Black texture with the showcasing realistic firing is the main charm here, it looks more than natural compared to the other Regals fireplace. The heat settings are similar to other regal members do have which are three pre-set settings.

Regal Flame Ashford Black 50
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This one is not lightweight as you need to admire the size that is 50″ however, installing it would be easy as it is compatible with the wall-mounted installation. All you need to do is to follow the step by the step installation process. The reason to bring it at home is because of its huge capacity to bring warmth to your big room, after that it is odorless and smoke-free. If you don’t like the wall mounting feature, then you can set it on the TV stand too.

Key Features

  • Regal Flame Ashford Black 50″ comes with a great shape of black design that covers the area of 400 sq.ft
  • It has three precise heat settings, and so one can control it from low to med and then Hi temperature
  • It covers 50 inches of the wall, weighs 46 pounds, but easy for the wall mounting installation
  • A built-in timer helps to automatic shut off starting from half an hour to 7.5 hours

4. Regal Flame 26″

Regal Flame 26 Inch Curved Ventless would be perfect for the gathering of your 5 to 6 family members. This is not that big or not small, and thus perfect for the average size of the room. Like the other Regal members, it also comes with LED technology, and easily heat up fast using the 750 to 1,500W. If your room coverage is limited to 450 sq. feet then this would be perfect.

Regal Flame 26
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You don’t need to worry about setting up the temperature perfectly as the multiple heat settings performed well and versatile. Furthermore, this fireplace would be safe and sound enough even you have naughty kids at your home. Unlike the regular fireplace, the dampers are not opened and so it doesn’t give you the unsafe condition. Besides, it has a timer setting, and you can set the timer and feel free to go asleep, and then after a certain period later it will automatically shut off.

Key Features

  • Regal Flame 26″ is a perfect match for the area of 450 sq.feet
  • It is operated by the 750 to 1500W power what produce up to 5,900 BTUs
  • It is safe and it has multiple adjustable temperature modes
  • The built-in timer helps to automatic shut off starting from 30 minutes and up to 7.5 hours
  • Easy to install and bring realistic flame so great for the home ambiance

5. Regal Flame Venice 32″

Regal Flame Venice 32″ is the perfect fireplace for the 450 sq.ft room coverage. The main attention that stands out from others is with the recessed wall mounting installation, that decorates your room in the most elegant way. It fits with your wall like a TV screen, and due to have the ethanol, you don’t even need to run the gas lines, firewood logs, or the electricity for the electric fireplaces.

Regal Flame Venice 32
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Now let’s come to the heat procurement, it can rise up to 6000 BTUs, and thus the flame can dance and reach the height up to 14″ in height. The flame seems realistic and resembles many types starting from the candles, hurricane candle holders, and gel fireplace fuel with many others. Finally, let’s tell you how it works, and it is run by the 1.5-liter adjustable burner which is completely smoke and odor-free.

Key Features

  • Regal Flame Venice 32″ comes with the recessed wall mounting installation system
  • It has more burning and heating efficiency provided by ethanol fire pit fireplace technology
  • It is perfect for the room that covers 450 sq.ft
  • The fire looks original, looks great with flame dancing that sore the height of 14″
  • The 1.5 ltr adjustable burner made of high-quality stainless steel and completely vent free

6. Duluth Forge Vent Free Dual Fuel

Duluth Forge Vent Free Dual Fuel is made in the USA, and adopted better technology for that you can easily operate it using remote control assistance. This ventless system is for the big size room where you can gather with lots of friends together, so it covers up to 1,350 sq.ft of area. The main focus of this is to have the 2600 BTUs performance with the dual-fuel technology, so it comes with immersive heating. You have the flexibility to either use natural gas or the liquid propane system.

Duluth Forge Vent Free Dual Fuel
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After the remote control feature, the second charming feature is the thermostat heat controlling for that, you can enjoy more customizable controlling compared to the regular electric fireplace. The bigger room actually requires more heat settings, hence having this thermostat feature is the perfect add-on. When it comes to the realistic fire, this one is the best one, as it is not designed by the machine rather it has 5 realistic hand-painted ceramic fiber logs, which makes it be the best realistic fireplace ever.

Key Features

  • It comes with the dual-fuel technology whereas, you will find the dual ventless gas burner
  • Easy to operate even from the distance level, as it comes with the remote control functions
  • Looks flame as realistic as the real wood firing due to the 5 realistic hand-painted ceramic fiber logs
  • Easily adjustable to the natural or propane gas, and has 26000 BTUs for the 1,350 sq.ft of room

7. Regal Flame 10 Piece Set of Ceramic

The Regal flame 10 piece set of ceramic wood large gas fireplace logs is for your indoor and outdoor heating experience. The ceramic pieces look very realistic to the wooden pieces and are perfect for all types of fireplaces. You will get this as a direct vent heating, natural gas, zero clearance, and overall standard fire pits. This is perfect for your home as you don’t even think about the residue like ashes, and most importantly it is safe and sound.

Regal Flame 10 Piece Set of Ceramic
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You can set it on the firepits and see how well it burns, furthermore, you can equip either the propane or the natural gas logs, no matter it brings the same experience to you. Unlike the traditional or the regular fireplace, it takes heat much but burns less fuel for that it saves a lot. Another good thing is it is user-friendly for that, you can experience the heat whether inside or outside of your home.

Key Features

  • It comes with the 10 pieces of the ceramic set that look really like the wooden pieces
  • All the ceramic pieces comes with the different sizes so it resembles the original wooden firepit
  • It is perfect for all types of the fireplace which brings a great versatility
  • Safe and sound from the toxic fumes and burn efficiently

What’s the difference between a Vented and Ventless fireplace insert?

Whenever people are looking for a fireplace for the first time, the common question is about what’s the differences between the vented and vent-free fireplace logs. Let’s put them on the table and bring out the differences one by one below

  • Operation: The main difference is with the operation of these two. The vent-free one does not require to have a gas option or having the gas line, whereas, the vented fireplace required this to run the system. Besides, the logs are not interchangeable from one mode to the other. When you will have the vented fireplace, you will see it the operation is quite similar to the real wood firing, whereas the ventless is more sophisticated and minimize the hard time to deal with the whole operation.
  • Closed and opened mode of Damper: With Vented gas logs the damper keeps open fully at the wood-burning place, and it keeps turn to either horizontal or vertical form and the outside pipe leads to the chimney. On the flip side, the ventless damper closely shut off and there is no ventilation required that will run through the walls or roof. For that easy process, it is more affordable compared to the vented.
  • Appearance and heat retention: Due to the opening condition of the damper, the vented gas logs look more realistic compared to the ventless system. As it provides with the real flame with coals and thus it looks great. However the heat it disperses mostly runs to the chimney and it takes more effort from burning the wood or coal. In the ventless system, the air and heat remain trapped inside and do not go to the outside line, for that it produces more heat using the minimum electric effort.
  • Efficiency: A ventless fireplace is more efficient than the vented one, as it burns less gas and provides more heat. Normally, while using the vented system you may need half to two-thirds of more gas compared to the vented one. Furthermore, the ventless not only takes less gas or power but also it brings more heat and make the homely environment cozier
  • Customize or manufacturing: When it comes to the customization or manufacturing of the fireplace at home by yourself then there is no choice with the vent free system. The process is so tough to create by oneself. On the other hand, the Vented system is quite traditional and classic and it is easy to build or customize.

When and why you should use Ventless fireplace insert?

Until now, you have already known some of the differences that relate to the vented and ventless fireplace. The differences show the morning and tell you that you will get more beneficiaries while bringing on the ventless fireplace.

Let’s give you more details on why you should use the ventless fireplace insert instead of the vented one:

  • Save more money: Ventless system burns more units but burns less cash. So when you are looking for saving more money than that time you should opt for the ventless system. The price may not set the main differences, but when you will set the ventless system it won’t come with the piped ventilation system, which does not need to bring an expert hand, thus cost less.
  • Takes less effort while installation: You don’t even need to care about venting through the ceiling or wall as you opted for the ventless fireplace. So, you are not only, on the safe side bearing the expense but also, faceless hassle while installing them. So when it is time to install the ventless fireplace, you can think about wall mounting without any need for ventilation. Now think about the relocation of your address, it is pretty hard to cut out the gas line and the system with the vented one, whereas the ventless makes easier the process.
  • Add more moisture: The reason we recommend the vent free system in your indoors is for adding more moisture. Keep in mind that, the glass seals off the classic/old vented fireplace, as a result, the vapor production through combustion won’t come out into the indoor. On the flip side, when it is about water vaporization, this won’t be used up throughout combustion. Hence, any sort of created moisture easily moves around the home. It will also particularly give you the advantage in winter, so you can get more humidity.
  • Safe and sound: The vent-free system is safe and sound as it does not affect the air quality and keep the atmosphere perfect. On the other side, using the chimney with the ventless system is somewhat unsafe as the smoke may return to the home and cause any medical risk. Also, wood smoke consists of such particles that are responsible for pollution. Furthermore, causes many troubles to our respiratory system. It is a very rare case that the ventless system outburst with fire, as the system itself secures you to keep safe and sound.
  • Heating efficiency: The main reason to have the ventless system is to have heat efficiency. It is not only provided with the scorching temperature during heavy-cold days but also eliminates the loss of heat that may go up at the chimney with the vented system. Furthermore, the level of heating efficiency also depends on the room size or shapes, hence you can not blame any fireplace as one of them is for the specific room coverage.

Therefore, when you have a large size of the living room and you bring the wrong fireplace that won’t suit that area, then we suppose, the flaw is yours, not the fireplace. So coming out from this rule of thumb, every fireplace should come with different modes of heat settings. For example, the common settings are three formations like low to med temperature and then high-temperature settings. Last but not least, the best deal would be the thermostat heat adjustability, and due to these settings, the fireplace can easily be set to the best level of temperature for your room.

Final Verdict

Ventless gas fireplace inserts come with many variations based on the size and features. Here we share you with some of the ventless gas logs, and all are preferable to the different shapes of room and people. We can’t shoot one single recommendation for all of you, that comes perfectly with all types of room coverage with the preferences. Hence, it is your high time to make a move, whilst our job is to draw a conclusion here.