How To Get Wells Fargo Contactless Debit Card

Most people have appreciated the concept of plastic money. This is the reason why they normally apply for different debit cards from various financial institutions in order to enjoy more convenience. With a debit card, you will be able to swipe and then make a payment or even purchase a product or service. However, technology has improved the nature of debit cards, and as a result, we now have contactless credit cards. In April 2019, Wells Fargo announced that it will launch contactless debit cards that will allow customers to complete their transactions faster than ever. In this article, we shall take a closer look at Wells Fargo contactless debit card, how one can obtain it, and other related areas.

What Is Wells Fargo Contactless Debit Card?

Simply put, the card mentioned above is a debit card offered by Wells Fargo that comes with a contactless technology that helps different users to purchase and make payments in a faster way. All you need to do is to tap the debit card against a compatible card reader. Unlike other debit cards, you will not require to swipe whenever you want to check out.

Once you tap or hold your contactless card near a compatible card reader, the terminal will connect with your Wells Fargo bank account automatically, and the purchase or payment will be completed within a few seconds.

How Do I Get The Wells Fargo Contactless Debit Card?

As we speak, new and existing customers can now get the Wells Fargo contactless debit card. If you are a new customer, you just need to visit the Wells Fargo branch near you and then request for the card.

On the other hand, existing customers can now request for this card by calling the number present on the back of their current debit cards. By calling that number, they can ask for a replacement card, and it will be delivered to them within a few days.

How Does The Wells Fargo Contactless Debit Card Work?

To start with, contactless debit cards usually use radio frequency identification technology, commonly known as RFID. With this technology in place, the card is able to communicate with the card reader at various outlets whenever the card is held near the reader. The Wells Fargo contactless debit card is no exception as it uses the same technology to work.

Besides this, the card usually comes with an EMV chip and the debit card number, security code, expiration date, and a magnetic stripe. The good news is that these features usually offer the user a variety of options to consider whenever he or she is performing a transaction. In case the store does not have a contactless reader, you can still use the chip reader or swipe the card, and you will be good to go.

Once you hold the Wells Fargo contactless debit card near the contactless reader, the machine will securely authenticate the card’s information. After that, the point-of-sale of your preferred merchant will send the transaction to the card issuer. Since the card issuer is Wells Fargo, the institution will analyze the transaction before it approves it.

Although this may seem tedious, the whole process happens within seconds. In fact, using Wells Fargo contactless debit card has proved to be faster when it comes to making purchases compared to inserting a card or even using cash.

How Do I Use The Wells Fargo Contactless Debit Card?

The process of using the Wells Fargo contactless debit card is generally easy and straightforward. Here are the steps that you should follow:

  • Look at your card, and you will see 4 curved lines that appear on your card. This is commonly referred to as the contactless symbol. If your card has this symbol, check the contactless-enabled card reader at your preferred merchant terminal. Ideally, the contactless card reader should have this symbol as well.
  • If you need to make any payment, just hold the card close to the contactless symbol on the card reader.
  • Details about the transaction will be sent to Wells Fargo, and if the card issuer approves it, you will receive a confirmation on the go. You can expect to hear a beep and see a green light on the reader showing that the transaction has been approved. Remember that the entire process takes place in a matter of seconds.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Wells Fargo Contactless Debit Card?

Wells Fargo contactless debit card comes with a myriad of benefits that will mesmerize you. These include:

1. It is easy to use

When it comes to making payments, Wells Fargo contactless debit card has revolutionized a number of things. Unlike other cards, this one is easy to use. All you need to do is to tap the card where you see the contact symbol, and you will be good to go. Since the transaction takes place fast, it is more convenient to use compared to other debit cards.

2. Safe transactions

Whether you choose to insert, tap, or even use the magnetic stripe to complete your transaction, be sure that everything will be secure from the word go. This can be attributed to the fact that the card comes with zero liability protection and a 24/7 fraud monitoring feature.

Since this card comes with zero liability protection, be sure that you will not be held responsible for any unauthorized card transaction. However, you have to report such incidences promptly so that your account can be frozen temporarily to avert further fraud.

3. It is accepted in many areas

Besides using this card at the supermarket, you can use it to pay for food in a hotel or a restaurant. Also, you can use it to buy drugs at a chemist. Other places where you can use a Wells Fargo contactless debit card include grocery stores, pharmacies, and so much more. If you have to use the transit system in your country, this card can be used to make payments on the go.

4. No carrying money in bulk

Earlier on, most people used to carry money in bulk anytime that they had to buy different items at different retail stores. However, with the advent of debit cards such as Wells Fargo contactless debit card, be sure that this will be a thing of the past. As long as your card is loaded, you will be able to use it to make payments, buy different products and services, and so much more. Generally, the convenience that comes with this card is unmatched.


Can I tap my Wells Fargo contactless debit card at any ATM?

Yes. As we speak, you can now tap your Wells Fargo contactless debit card at any Wells Fargo ATM. Better still, you can insert this card at any Wells Fargo and even non-Wells Fargo ATMs. However, your ATM outlet of choice must display either a Visa or Plus logos.

Am I allowed to use my Wells Fargo at locations whose terminals are not contactless-enabled?

Yes. The good news is that you can now use this card even at merchant terminals that are not contactless-enabled. This is because this card comes with other features such as a magnetic stripe and a chip. Therefore, all you need to do is to insert this card into a chip-enabled terminal and then make a payment or purchase different goods and services. In case, the terminal is not chip-enabled, you can use the card’s magnetic stripe and still complete your transaction.

Do I need to sign for my purchase?

Not really. However, different merchants usually have different requirements. At some point, you may be asked to sign or even enter your PIN so as to complete the entire purchasing process. Once your purchase has been completed, you will be able to see a green light on the merchant’s terminal. You can even be prompted to do a few things before the entire process is complete. Therefore, the need to sign will largely depend on your merchant of choice.

Will my card number, expiration date or 3-digit code change when I get the new Wells Fargo contactless card?

Wells, once you get your new contactless card, there are some numbers that may be slightly different. For instance, if you replace your current debit card that was about to expire, the card number will not change. However, the expiration date and the security code will be different. In case your card was reported as stolen or lost, the card number, security code, and the expiration date may change.

How do I report a stolen or lost Wells Fargo contactless debit card?

In case your card has been stolen or is lost, it is imperative that you contact Wells Fargo customer care right away. If you had a personal debit card, you can contact the customer care on 1-800-869-3557.In case you lose a business debit card, you can call the customer care at 1-800-255-5935. The customer care will guide you on how you can apply for a replacement card so that you can carry on with life as usual.

Final Words

Gone and never to come are those days that people used to carry cash in bulk whenever they had to go for shopping. Nowadays, there are contactless debit cards that have revolutionized the way people do business. To put into perspective, the Well Fargo contactless debit card has proved to be a lifesaver as it is easy to use, secure and fast. Apply for this card now, and you will enjoy all the benefits that we have listed above. The Wells Fargo contactless debit card is truly incredible.