Western Union Check Cashing Process

Western Union specializes in helping people send and receive money globally. To accomplish their mission, the company has set up over 500,000 stand-alone local stores. So, chances are, you might have one or two Western Union kiosk in your neighborhood. 

If you want to send money via Western Union, there are several ways you can do that. You can wire the money directly to an account in a participating bank or to a specific location for cash pick up. Money orders are also another way you can send your money via Western Union. Actually, most people prefer this method as it is the most secure money transfer method. It has several security features and also the money must be paid to the indicated recipient. 

Sometimes, you may want to get your money from a check. This prompts the question: does Western Union cash a check? The straight forward answer to this question is no. However, the company has established special check cashing program through standard banks. So, yes, you can cash a check at a Western Union kiosk but that doesn’t mean it’s one of their services. 

Requirements To Cash a Check at Western Union 

To carry out any transaction at a Western Union outlet requires rigorous authentication process. Therefore, to convert your check to cash, you must be able to proof your identity. Otherwise the transaction won’t take place. 

So, when going to cash your check, you should make sure you carry the following documents;

  • A legitimate check 
  • Your SSN 
  • Taxpayer Identification number 
  • Valid driver’s license or U.S passport 
  • A government issues photo ID 

Types of Checks You Can Cash at Western Union 

Even under the Cash checking program, not all checks you can cash at a western union. So, before heading there to convert your check to cash, you may want to confirm whether yours is legible. Checks accepted for cashing include;

  • Two party checks 
  • Tax refunds 
  • Cashier’s checks 
  • Draft checks 
  • Government checks 
  • Financial loan 
  • Handwritten checks 
  • Printed checks 

Now that we’ve seen the various checks you can cash at Western Union kiosks, which ones are rejected. There are several grounds under which your check may not be cashed on different states. Therefore, before attempting to cash, it’s imperative to contact your local check into cash kiosks and inquire the relevant rules imposed. Examples of checks that Western Union kiosks may not cash include;

  • Single party checks 
  • Outdated checks 
  • Some high value checks 

Cashing a Check at Western Union

Decided to cash a check at Western Union? First of all endure that you have all the required documents to proof your identity. Next, look for a Western Union local kiosk in your neighborhood and go there. If you have no idea where to find one, you can use the check into cash locator tool. This will help you to locate the nearest participating kiosks, their services as well as operating hours. 

Present your check to the attendants alongside your identifying documents. The representative will inquire your bio data like your name, address and your date of birth. This information is necessary to create your Check into Cash account. So make sure you provide your current information like the address and phone number when requested. 

Once you have an account, decide how to receive the cash. You can choose either credit card, prepaid card or both. Whichever method you choose, you should walk out there with your money or card.   

Western Union Fees for Cashing a Check 

Check into cash kiosks charge differently depending on your state and your check value. Mostly applied in percentage form, a check cashing fee doesn’t go beyond 5% of the amount you want to cash. At times, you may also have to pay an additional $2 fee for an enrollment card. Although, this is a one-time payment and once you pay it, you don’t need to worry about it. 

Other Methods of Transferring Money Through Western Union

Since Western Union isn’t very popular with checks, it allows people to send money through money orders. These are like prepaid checks. You purchase a money order equivalent to the money you give to the Western Union. 

When you send the Money Order, the recipient can directly cash it or deposit it into their bank account. However, you should be aware of the payable fee when buying a money order. This is not only with Western Union but all companies that sell money orders. Other Money Order vendors are United States Postal Service and commercial banks. All you need to do is shop around which one serves you best. That’s in terms of fees charged and the availability of the denomination you want.

Some vendors also regulate the Money Order Value. They impose restrictions on the money you can put onto a single Money Order. 

How to cash a money order 

Western Union is one of the major vendors of money orders. So, if you can access one, chances are they’ll cash it for you. Also, the ease of converting your money order depends on your needs. Like how do you want to receive the cash; is it through cash or prepaid card?

Something else worthy noting is that not every vendor sales Money orders can cash it. Therefore, you should do due diligence to make sure that you or the recipient won’t be stack with the money order. 

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

When do Check into Cash kiosks open?

Different Check into Cash kiosks operating hours differ from one to another. Mostly, these kiosks are situated inside big retail shops. So, their operating time depends on the main store. If you want to have a specific time, you may have to call prior to inquire about their operating schedule.

Does Western Union cash Checks themselves?

No. All the Western Union has done is to partner with Check into Cash program and offer the service. So, you can convert your Check into cash at a Western Union kiosk even though its not directly their function. 

Can I cash my check at Western Union kiosk without an ID?

Yes. However, you must have the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) and a government issued ID. The MTCN is a unique number that should verify your identity as the recipient. 

Can I cancel my money order and receive reimbursement?

Yes that is absolutely possible. All you need to do is go back to a US Postal service and explain your intentions. The representative should ask you to handover the money order and the receipt. Present your identification documents like a government issued photo ID. 

In the pay to order of section, fill in your name. This means you are authorizing the money to be paid to you. Then sign the back of the money order to confirm the transaction. 

How can I cash a personal check if I don’t have a bank account?

You don’t necessarily need to have a bank account to be paid through a personal check. There are several Checks into Cash kiosks that specialize in this work. Although, you must be willing to pay the fees charged. 

Alternatively, you can endorse the check to be paid to someone else. Just sign the check at the back and in the pay in order of field, write the name of the person you want. The money will be deposited in their account. Before endorsing a check, you may want to inquire whether their bank cashes endorsed checks. See more how to cash a check without a bank account.

What’s best between sending money via a check or money order?

Money orders are safer than checks in different angles. First of all, they are easy to replace in case they get lost. The case is different from a check. Additionally, a money order can only be paid to the undersigned payee.

How much does Western Union charge to cash a check?

First of all, the assumption that Western Union cashes checks is wrong. All the company does is facilitating you to cash your check. Otherwise the check into cash program isn’t their initiative. 

Final Recap

Found yourself with a check and you don’t have an account? Don’t worry. Western Union got a way to sort you out. Through Check into Cash program, you can drop by one of their kiosks and convert your check. The process is straightforward and should last you a few minutes to complete.

In this guide, we’ve highlighted everything you need to cash a check through Western Union. Most people like using reputable companies while dealing with finances. Whatever your reasons are, this guide should help you to cash your check without trouble.